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    Research Summary

    The summary of the dissertation is the research summary and is an essential aspect of the dissertation. It may appear at the beginning or towards the end of the dissertation to provide the readers with the succinct and to the point outline and rundown of the research conducted by you whilst also offering a persuasive reason for creating their interest so that they continue to read the dissertation for finding out the details. It is important that you are well versed with the essential components of a dissertation summary for it to be written well.

    Summaries have to provide the main points of the dissertation and include all the sections such as research questions, methodologies, findings, and the conclusion. It has to be taken care that the summary of dissertation is not too short that the reader is unable to understand the details and that it is not too long and comprehensive that the reader does not require to read the full dissertation. Many a times it becomes difficult to balance this perspective because drawing a line is a difficult decision. However, it should be read twice or thrice so that the writer of the dissertation is able to decide the extent to which the summary is providing information. The intent is to make the summary so attractive with the main points that are derived, that the reader is forced to learn the details of the dissertation.

    The first sentence of the summary must be presented with an appealing reason as to why should the reader continue to read. This can be attained by mentioning the main argument of research or gap in the existing research, which you are aiming to be corrected or studied through your dissertation study. You should not make use of gimmicky or flowery phrases in the sentence of introduction as not all would be able to understand it. It is still possible to grasp interest of your readers if you use straightforward and simple language.

    After this introductory sentence, the thesis statement of your dissertation should be mentioned. While stating this you should make use of exact words and it can be assumed here by you that the people reading the dissertation recognize the domain of study and that they have the required awareness to be able to follow your premise.

    Following this should be the summary of the research methodologies that are used n the research. It should also specify the main outcomes of the research and the contributions that the study carried out by you would make to the field of research. The technical jargon should be evaded or limited and there should be no quotes cited in the summary.

    Overall, you should make sure that the summary includes the main information pertaining to your detailed dissertation. The summaries should always be written after completing the research and the dissertation writing so that you are aware of all the aspects of the study to be able to write effective summary of research.

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