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Reaction paper

Reaction paper is on where the writer responds to one a text read by them. These are called as response paper. Such papers are written from the point of view of first person. This means that phrases with use of “I” must be used in the review. For writing a reaction paper, you read the text and then give your impressions and individual reaction to it.

For a good reaction paper, reaction does not only mean that you are required to just appreciate the strengths or condemn the weaknesses of the given text. Over and above this, an appropriate justification of your reaction should be given. Here, it is required to give the reasons and answer the question, ‘why’.

Here are some of the guidelines for being able to write an effective reaction/response paper.

Creating an outline is greatly desirable before you commence to actually write the reaction paper. Outline helps in determining in advance about the reactions that you have in relation to the text. This also gives you a chance to find out the justifications required by you as well as for listing the supporting theories.

After the outline is completed, you should ensure that you go through the outline once again, before starting to write down the paper. This is so because it will help you incorporate the points that you would have missed otherwise.

The reaction paper should be started with a succinct introduction, which incorporates a short summary of the text that you are required to review. In general parlance, a minimum of three to four sentences should be written for this. It is important to mention the author as well as title of the work in the introductory part. Towards the end of the introduction, the thesis statement should be written.

Following paragraph must include the first reaction that you want to state. This reaction should be written in a few words, if possible in a single sentence. Then you should mention the reason of such reaction or why you have such perception. It is also required that you provide supporting evidences from the text to justify your perception and your point of view.

The above method of mentioning a reaction and then explaining it with justification and evidence should be followed in the subsequent paragraphs for all the reaction that you wish to mention.

After you have stated all of the reactions, you should end the reaction paper with a conclusion. It is important that the thesis and the reactions are mentioned in brief in the conclusion.

The above guidelines would help you to be able to write an effective research paper. The most important part of a reaction paper is the reactions that you present in relation to the text or the provided material. Make sure that you have derived all the reactions logically and that you have evidence to give to prove your perception. There should be a flow in the conclusion section and it should relate to all the reactions and thesis statement

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