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    Presentation of dissertation

    Presentation of dissertation is an important factor that should be given attention to. Well written presentations gain an advantage of appeal if they are well presented as well. Presentation is staging your prepared dissertation. Such presentations are of significance since they speak for you as a researcher. These presentations help you academically and socially for performing well.

    There are several factors that should be considered while making presentation. Some of the most crucial are mentioned below-

    Avoid a lot of Information Attempting to give all the information in a presentation of short duration is one of the biggest mistakes that is made in the presentation. Here, it is important that the most important information is provided to the audience and the less important ones are provided in a short summary. To understand when you are providing more information than what is needed, you need to stop when you feel that you are getting confused with further statements. It may also lead to your disinterest as well as disinterest by the audience.

    Avoid Just Theory Managing the theory well in the presentation is very important. Insufficient theory could make the presentation frivolous; and surplus of theory may make the presentation to become too boring. The best approach is to maintain the theory explanation succinct and concise; however, you should address the questions in the question time if anyone needs elaboration.

    The Reason behind the Presentation Many a times, while attempting to make the presentation attractive and all-inclusive, we tend to provide a vast array of information, because of which we lose the direction of the main argument. It is important to remember the main reason of the presentation all through the presentation time so as to direct everything spoken towards the main argument of the dissertation.

    Copy of the Main Text It is not advisable to read from your main paper while conducting your presentation. Many a times, we tend to make this mistake. But, we need to understand that language to be used in writing and in speaking is required to be different to be expressive. It is important that the text and explanation for presentation is written in a manner that appeals most to the audience and relates to them directly. Also, it has to have language that includes the first and the second person in mention so that the audience feel connected.

    Question time You should always keep a question time towards the end of the presentation and this should be told to the audience in the beginning. This is helpful because people would wait for this time to query on your presentation and there is least disturbance in between However, it is necessary that you are well versed with the subject if you offer this time as you should be able to offer answers of the relevant questions. Giving effectual answers would reflect on your academic skill and knowledge, which is one of the basis of judgement of the effectiveness of your research.

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