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Moview Review

A movie review is the presentation of your opinion regarding a movie. It is fundamentally a piece of perspective on a movie, which you have watched and you express your opinion about. Together with the viewpoint, certain movie facts are also told to the readers. Review writing is one of the best ways of articulating your judgment. The man rationale behind writing of a movie review is to assist the reader to determine if they would like to buy, rent, or watch the movie.

The movie review must provide sufficient details regarding the movie, which helps the reader to be able to establish informed decision. However, it should be carefully drafted so that there are no essentials shared with the reader, like, plot or suspense in the movie. The following measures would help you in writing a good movie review.

  • Watching the movie
    This step is quite obvious. However, you should watch a movie in an environment that you are aware of and is free of hustle and bustle. An unfamiliar place would only distract you. It is advisable that you watch the movie at least twice because second time watch would assist you in absorbing quite a lot of detail regarding the movie. Here, you should also take some notes.
  • Share your opinion
    The perspective of the movie should be given as per your opinion. This is of significant importance since the person reviewing the movie could state the factors of the movie that liked or detested. However, it is important that the review is completely impartial. It should allow the people reading it to be able to think by themselves if they would like or not like the movie.
  • Understand your audience
    The movie review should be written considering the likely readers. You will be required to have a different approach for a movie review written for children as compared with a review to be written for a movie club. You should make sure that the review presented by you includes the factors, which matter to the audience.
  • Outline
    You should provide the outline of the movie, and make sure that the fundamental information is not revealed. For example, in case you think that the readers will be surprised by some segment of the movie, just mention that there is a surprise but do not mention what actually is the surprise.
  • Star Cast
    The details of the people starring in the movie, especially the ones in the main lead, should be shared. You can also mention here the extent to which you think that they acted.
  • Structure
    Make a mention of your thoughts about the flow of the movie – was it predictable or new.
  • Lighting and Cinematography
    You should provide details regarding the effectiveness of the sot and direction of the movie.
  • Music
    The movie review should explain if the film includes its own scores or incorporated songs of some other artists.
  • Read again
    You should make sure that you re-read the movie review to check for any mistakes and correct them.

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