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    Dissertation Methodology

    A dissertation’s methodology subdivision is a section that needs a lot of analysis and thought. A graduate school’s academic focus is tremendously regarding methodology that means that this section brings a lot of pressure with it specifically by the higher scholars, who evaluate your dissertation. Generally, the methodology section aims at explaining the methodical tools that are required to be put to use while conducting research and writing the dissertation for providing answers to the research question.

    The below mentioned steps can help in being able to write the methodology section effectively.


    It is always a good practice to do the initial homework. The methodology sections of several other dissertations are available to us and it is advisable to read them though for obtaining a basic idea of what all should be included in the methodology section, how should it appear, and the way it is formatted. For this, you can take help from your professor, who can recommend Ask certain dissertations to be read by you, in that way making sure that the methodology that you integrate in your dissertation does not go astray from what is expected.


    The dissertation’s research topic should be defined expressly, and should demonstrate the entire purpose and scope of the dissertation completely. A methodology section that is poor and not up to mark is mostly an indication that the research question is not nicely thought out, is curtailed, not specific, and/or excessively nonfigurative. The section of methodology suggests the instruments that would be used for providing answers to the research question. Therefore, in case there in non-clarity in the questions of research, it is not possible that the suitability of the section of methodology can be arrived at.


    The ideal methods that can e used for analysing the research question should be decided. Here, it needs to be concluded that which kind of analysis you want to use - quantitative analysis, qualitative analysis, or both. The writing of the methodology section highly depends on this decision. The method that you choose depends upon your abilities and preferences, as well as the appropriateness of specific approach to your argument in discussion. You are required to rationalize the reason that you decided to use a particular kind of data. In most of times, the quantitative data is useful in case you want to find out the way that common types of behaviour, like, illegal use of drugs. The qualitative data is mostly used in case you are targeting to trace the reason that people indulge in this type of behaviour.


    Once you have decided on the type of methodology to be used, you should outline the section of methodology and revisit it once again after the complete outline is in place. Here, you should check again if the methodology that has been selected by you is able to answer to the research question and suits the kind of research that you intend to carry out. It is also recommended that you take an opinion from other scholars to be sure.


    Once you are sure that you gave selected the proper research methodology, the methodology section should be written clearly, concisely, and with active voice sentences, preferably.

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