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    Book Review

    Book review is an evaluation and a critical analysis on boo’s meaning, quality, and significance. Its focus is on the authority, purpose, and content of the book. It has to be understood that a book review is quite different from a summary of the book or a report on it. The book review is a reaction after reading the book, which presents an analysis of the book’s strengths and weaknesses. It must have a mention of the intent of the author, and then conduct an evaluation as to how well, in your opinion, has the author been able to achieve the purpose. There should be evidence given for supporting the view that you put forward.

    Book review does not follow a path, which can be termed as right. In general, book reviews are pinion of an individual and it depends on the reviewer how he wants to present it. A book review ranges from 00 words to any length on the basis of the book review’s purpose.

    Following are some of the suggestions that can be used to write an effective book review.

    • There should be a statement that mentions the details of the book such as, title of the book, its author, ISBN, price, etc.
    • The purpose of the author in writing the book should be stated. Most often, the purpose can be found in the preface of the book or the opening section.
    • The thesis and the theme of the book should be stated. State the theme and the thesis of the book. Theme is actually the topic or the subject that the book revolves around. It does not refer to the title of the book and may not be explicitly stated. Thesis is the generalisation by the author, of the theme, the philosophical conclusion about the book, or the proposal that the author wants to prove. This should be mentioned without use of figurative language and preferably in a single sentence.
    • The development method should be explained. This method is the manner in which the author holds on to the thesis. Your remarks should be illustrated with explicit quotations and references. Most often, the methods that are used are narration, description, argument, or exposition. 5. The book should be evaluated with regards to interest, objectivity, accuracy, importance, usefulness, and thoroughness to the audience that it targets. It should be shown if the main arguments of the author are true.
    • You should make an attempt to trace additional information about the various works done previously by the author, and reputation, influences, qualifications, and biographical details of the author. All of these details would assist in establishing the authority of the author.
    • The back matter that is printed should also be checked for index accuracy. Here, the foot notes and end notes should also be evaluated.
    • Now, the summary, and analysis, of the book should be presented in the content. You should make a mention of your conclusions after reading the book.
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