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You Need To Know Everything about Metals and Electricity

You Need To Know Everything about Metals and Electricity
cal LiveWebTutors cal 14 Jun, 2019

The wires used on daily basis are exclusively made of copper these days. If you are thinking about why then, we will help you with it! It is because it falls into the category of a good conductor of electricity. Yes, copper is a metal and it will have a lot of movable charged particles which are acknowledged as electrons. So whenever there is an electrical charge applied to it, the movement of the electrons allows electricity to move through it.

There are many exceptions in the list and one of them is certainly the insulators. They do not have the required amount of electrons flow but still help one with the respective use of electricity. If you are confused, do not worry as we here in this blog will help you know everything related to metals and electricity. If it still remains unclear, you can always knock on our doors and connect with our assignment help professionals to get a complete understanding of the different concepts related to it.


You might have a question in mind thinking about is there any relationship between electricity and metal! There are many students asking this kind of query professionals. The electrons which are available in the metals make it quite easier for electricity to pass through the atoms. And this is the reason why pure metals are acknowledged to provide the best conductivity to electricity. But, if there is any kind of impurities present in the respective metal, they tend to restrict the electricity as the flow of electrons makes it difficult to conduct. And this is the prime reason why alloys are considered to be very poor conductors of electricity.

Think about the cooking appliances which have been taken into consideration for daily work. All cooking utensils are generally made of copper as it is the best way to conduct electricity faster. And this is the reason they are expensive to purchase.

The Reasons Why Metals Conduct Electricity:

As stated above, the reason behind this is the movement of the electrons or also acknowledged as electrically charged particles. These electrons are exclusively present in the outer shell of the atoms of metals. They can move around freely and thus allows the passage of electricity with ease.

As and when the electricity is enforced on metal, the electrons there will avail the energy and let the electricity to pass with ease. The threshold energy that the electrons get allows them the freedom to move and this exclusively makes it easier for electricity to pass free. The electrons move against each other just like billiard balls and then as and when they move, they pass the charge which allows electricity to move freely.

When there is no resistance at all, this is when the metals are considered to conduct the maximum amount of electricity. And these are generally the pure form of metals in the form of copper, gold, and silver.

So, hopefully, now it is clear to you why metals are good conductors of electricity and what is the prime reason behind it!

Are All Metals A Good Conductor Of Electricity?

When it comes to electrical conductivity, it is important for the respective material to have the ability to conserve its energy. They must have electrons that can help them with the transmission of electricity. So, if the electrons are having the energy to move freely and transmit the electricity charges then, the respective material has to be a good conductor of electricity. And this has been noticed that most metals are good conductor of electricity but there are a few which still lacks this attribute strongly. All of them are called conductors but there are many who are very poor in this list of metals.

Below mentioned are a few of the least conductive metals, take a look:

  • Stainless steel
  • Lead
  • Platinum
  • Carbon
  • And more

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