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LiveWebTutors 06 Oct, 2014

The first day of school holds so much of promises and excitement for most of the kids. All the teachers, subjects, friends and clothes are new. Some of the kids are very excited on the first day of the school but some don’t have the courage to even go to school. But what’s exciting for some kids can be dreadful for the others. The parent of the ward is the only one who knows this problem as they are connected with them whole – heartedly. The children sometime say that they hate school but the parents must try to convince them and aware them regarding the importance of education in their life. There are many problems that a child will face while some gentle questioning, but once you find out what the problem is, you can help your child to find a solution.

 (1)    SCHEDULE THING: After the relatively lazy days of summer, it will hard for a child to wake up early in the morning. In the summers the children are free to do their homework and are involved in other activities they choose but when school reopens it becomes hard for them to manage their schedule that at which time they will do what. The parents can help their child by making their daily schedule. But make sure that your child also takes part in extracurricular activities on daily basis. Sometimes kids can feel overwhelmed thinking about all their responsibilities and mapping them out can help.

 (2)    SCHOOLWORK THING: Some children don’t have a clue that what’s going on in their subjects whether its mathematics or science. Their brain is drained in the summers and feels lost already. They are not able to focus on their studies since all their schedule gets disturbed after long vacations. The parents must take an overview of the syllabus and try to plan the study material and time for their child. They must dedicate only that much of time which will be required by each subject and don’t get too stressed. Your child can also take help from the tutors which can also help them with their problems. The best time to take the help from the tutor is when your child completely gets lost with his or her work.     

(3)    TEACHER THING: New teachers in the new school seems to daunt to the child as sometimes the behavior of the teacher and the child doesn’t match with each other and the problem is created without any reason. Moving from elementary school to middle school is particularly challenging, since all of a sudden they have to navigate six teachers. The parents can tell the teachers about the weakness of their child so the teachers can handle them at the time of classes. Of course, that might just be the style, so also discuss how learning to interact with different personalities can be the key to success in their future years of school and career. The parents must try to teach your child to learn the rules and regulations of the school. If you do so the teachers who seemed to be hard have become a future inspiration and role model.

 (4)    FRIEND THING: Whether your child is starting the new school or going school after the vacations but they don’t forget their best buddies at this time. They feel disconnected with them for a few days. While going to school you become familiar in seeing some particular faces and in the vacations you don’t see something like this. Or maybe your child is looking for a new friend. You must try to talk with your friend’s everyday which will help you to be connected with your friends. They can give you advices and will be with you for your whole life.    

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