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Which Organizing Personality describes you the best? 

Everyone organizes themselves with their personality, and they all are different. Some of them are of sweet and calm nature, and some have angry and destructive characters. But this does not work for every student as they change their personality based on their mood. Some of the students are moody, and some are choosy, which significantly affects others. Here are the types of organizing characters we see, and for parents, we have added school organization tips that will help you keep track of your child’s work during back-to-school and beyond!

 The Separator: Each class has its notebook, folders for hand-outs and papers, and a separate book for homework assignments. Make a calendar to keep the entire track in it. This system is best for students who need to focus on one task at a time and know exactly where to look to see what has to be done next. The parents must create an online family calendar and match their child’s schedule to know when big projects are coming or if the choir practice conflicts with a family outing.

 The Collector: It can be a big five-subject spiral notebook with a section for each class or a binder with subject dividers – but this kind of student likes to keep everything in one place and at their fingertips. The children who have the quality of collecting also don’t like dirty and misplaced things as they develop the habit of discipline. The parents must help the child create a homework space with inspiration from their role models or from their elders who are good at studies.

The Color Coder: The student never met a highlighter they didn’t like! Notes and passages are set apart in different colours, and sometimes they may even use coloured pens for each subject. There are many types of stationeries products available in the market, and they may even have a corresponding colour folder, sticker or notebook to go with the notes. The parents can use these products to their advantage. If they buy these pens or stickers for their child, they will study with great inspiration and fun.

The Techie: You won’t find this student with any pen and paper. The students know the better use of the technology by making notes on these electronic products and wisely using them. The kids mostly use laptops and tablets for making notes, and now they are cheaper than everyone can afford them and use the latest technology for studying. The parents can give a surprise to their child with a budget-friendly tablet. But make sure that your ward’s school district allows kids to BYOD (bring your device).

 The One without a System: Some students haven’t thought out their organizational plan of attack and tend to go with the flow. The danger is that assignments and due dates can either get lost or fall through the cracks. Not having a system can make procrastination easy and makes late-night cram sessions a much higher possibility. It helps your child to be organized! The best way for keeping the assignment is to maintain a notebook or planner to record them. The parents must help their child to get homework done by setting aside a specific homework time and place and sticking to it. By this, you will never get bad grades in your examination. And if you think that you need additional help to do your assignments, you can also contact us for Online Assignment Help 

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