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Reasonable Cities for Student in Australia

Reasonable Cities for Student in Australia
cal LiveWebTutors cal 30 Dec, 2019

Australia is one of the best and safest places to study. There are plenty of reasons, which can prove Australia for being the best one to study in. Great weather, diversity in culture, high methodologies and technologies in the education field, a safe environment, and many other things make Australia the best place to study. The only problem to study in Australia is the price tags. In the documentation, the applicant has to show a good source of income and evidence of parents and spouse as a support system.

Countless students have a dream to study in Australia. But the price tag is the only reason to drop out of the plan. Due to the higher expenses of Australia, a few types of research made. The research is Assignment help based on finding the best and cheapest student cities in Australia. In the research, there are a few cities located in Australia for the student to study within their estimated amounts. There are 100s of cities in Australia; it is a little hard to identify these ranked cheapest student cities.

The cities mentioned right down below are supposed to be the most affordable student cities after considering factors like tuition fees, living cost,s and necessary expenses.

So, let us get started with the exploration of these top-notch cheapest student cities in Australia:


Melbourne is not only the most competitive city but also the ranking city in overall Australia. Melbourne is the 105th-ranked city for its affordable prices. Even the average tuition fee in Melbourne is too manageable for local or international undergraduate students. It is counted as a mid-range city. No doubt, Melbourne is an affordable option for students. Contrary, it is suitable for highly standardized students. Have you heard about the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT)? Rent with this university is expensive enough.

One has to pay near about 200 to 300$ AU per week. Besides this, the amount is estimated for shared accommodation. The cost in Suburbs such as Bundoora or Brunswick is just half as compared to the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. There is only one disadvantage while studying in Melbourne, transportation. An individual need to pay higher prices for transportation.


Of all the cheapest student cities in Australia, Brisbane is one of the best ones to study for those who cannot afford higher prices. For undergraduate students, Brisbane is perfect for study. Even, the universities and colleges of Brisbane also have more top technology and methodology. According to the expenses of the Queensland University of Technology, per week cost is estimated at around 100 to 150 $ Au, which is quite affordable. 


Adelaide is situated in South Australia. Among all the cheapest student cities in Australia, Adelaide comes at third position. The average tuition fee for Adelaide is quite affordable in comparison to all other cities. As compared to Sydney and Melbourne, Adelaide is more economical in all types of expenses. In many types of research, the cost of Adelaide is found to be lower at 49%. Near around 100 to 150 $ AU is enough per week. 


Canberra is considered the second most affordable city in Australia. To study in Australia at an affordable price, Canberra is one of the best cities to choose from. In the affordable cities all around the world, Canberra is in the 94th position. The average cost for the tuition fee in Canberra is around 22400 $ US. In comparison to any other city for tuition fees, Canberra is affordable. In Canberra, the Australian National University is situated.

Gold Coast 

In the rankings of being the cheapest student cities, Gold Coast comes at the first position. In comparison to Sydney, the prices are lower by 40% in the Gold coast. In the public universities of Gold Coast, the fee is more economical. In Australia, Griffith University ranked first for affordability. The campus has seen significant growth and development. Logan is Griffith University's community-focused campus.


When it comes to talking about the least affordable city, Sydney comes first in mind. The expenses of Sydney do make students seem off at. Sydney is considered the second most desirable city for every student to live and study. The city is known for changing the lifestyle of students too. Sydney is best in its safety measures, pollution control, and corruption. Plus, Sydney is perfect for students to study in a safe environment.  

The value of the scholarships and awards may cover:

  • full tuition fees
  • a stipend
  • Introductory Academic Program
  • Establishment allowance
  • Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) and other expenses

Benefits to study in well-developed cheapest student cities in Australia:

  • Cities have a well-developed education system with very low rates providing a large number of opportunities for all the students. Here are a few reasons to study in this premier education hub
  • Academic Excellence: Australian National University or the University of Melbourne is the top-ranking education hub of the world. The country helps the students to develop a global perspective on things and offers them a vast wealth of courses. They are the top-notch universities along with the internationally recognized public school system forming its comprehensive education system. 
  • Pocket-Friendly Education: The tuition fees, as well as the cost of living in the country, is quite affordable. The options of scholarships, student grants and loans, and bursaries are also available to provide relevant financial assistance to the aspirants. Working part-time helps the students to arrange the cost of living on their own.
  • Easy Accessibility: The island nation is well connected to all regions of the world via sea, air, and telecommunications. The productive, integrated transport system of the country includes comfortable and affordable taxis, Mass Rapid Transit lines, and air-conditioned buses. Students also get a concession while traveling on MRT lines and public buses. 
  • Business Hub: The developed infrastructure, political stability, and open business policy are what make the country a global business hub. International students are offered the benefits of limitless career opportunities and networking possibilities. 
  • New and lively lifestyle: The country is always bustling with attractions and activities because of its multicultural population. A large number of Eurasians living together celebrate one thing or the other, offering an exciting campus life to international students. Your interest can be sports, drama, or astronomy of the country will have something to accommodate all.
  • Low crime rates - The crime rates are so low in Australia; even the police do not carry guns with them. The policemen only take batons with them when they are on duty.  
  • Income is better - Since the population is less, the human resource is treated in the right manner. The average hourly income in Australia is about $ 17 per hour.

Documents Required:

  • Offer letter from the university (You need to compulsorily have an offer letter from the university you've applied to)
  • A valid passport (Make sure that your passport is valid for at least three months beyond your duration of stay)
  • Duly filled student visa application forms
  • Payment receipt of the application fee and the issuance fee
  • Passport-sized photographs
  • Proof of funds (Bank statements, fixed deposit receipts, or bank loan sanction letter)
  • Transcripts, degrees, diplomas, or certificates from your previous institutes
  • Scores of language proficiency tests IELTS (As required by the university)
  • Latest medical report

NOTE: You might need to submit some additional documents at the time of your visa interview, so it is advised to keep them ready. These documents are mostly required to prove your academic and financial claims made in the application. You will have to assure the immigration department that you are responsible enough to stay with a valid Student Pass at all times. The medical reports submitted with the documents should not be older than three months from the issued date. Failure to fulfilling the medical requirements will lead to the rejection of your application to get the Student Pass. 

If your native language is not English, you would have to provide an official English translation of those records. Proof of previous educational qualifications, School leaving certificate and Degree, or provisional degree. Check on the applications of scholarships in participating countries and Opening and Closing dates. Refer to the scholarship eligibility criteria and your country’s priority areas of study. Choose the RMIT program from the priority areas of study; you would like to study. Complete your scholarship application.

So, it reflects the university's commitment to research and postgraduate study also it has the best teaching methods as well as well-qualified & trained teachers. In Australia, there are ample opportunities one can avail of from the destination. Australia is a developed country with variations in cultures and a high standard of education at cheap rates. It is, indeed, a growing destination with the way to a new lifestyle. In Australia, the students can easily and comfortably move to another institute from their previous ones. In the case of innovations and technology, Australia comes at the top. The crime rates are also low in Australia.

Hope so, with the help of the details mentioned above about the cheapest student cities, and studying benefits, you will make a graceful future.

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