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Latest PISA Results: Australia Vs the World

Latest PISA Results: Australia Vs the World
cal LiveWebTutors cal 11 Sep, 2018

In the year 2000, PISA, or Programme for International Student Assessment was started. With the help of this survey, one will be able to understand whether the student is ready for their life after education or not. The data provided by the students as per their skills and knowledge will be collected and will be under the scrutiny of the professionals in the business. The students will be inspected in the domain of math, science, and reading, every three years. Australia also takes part in this survey respectively and here we will be discussing how good their performance in PISA is!

Importance Of PISA in Australia

As per our professional assignment writing service experts, PISA is certainly a great step in the enhancement of the education system of Australia. The program gives Australia a common framework with which it can check the performance of Australian universities and institutes globally.

With the help of PISA, Australia gets a lot of important information regarding new policies with which they can focus more on the areas of development and the areas which need to be worked upon. Thus, this program literally shows the way to Australia so that they can improve immensely in the domain of education.

Students in Australia get to see where they stand globally when compared to other students. With PISA they will get an idea of how good they are while dealing with real-life circumstances and scenarios. The educational institutes will get to know where they need to work to make it better for students to perform well and get better results.

Furthermore, it gives a great opportunity for Australia to get to know how it stands globally with its own performance. The comparison is certainly a great way to check the progress and give you a good idea of what needs to be done to make the performance better in the coming time. They will be able to assess the measures which need to be taken to make the education system better.

Percentage of Success For Australia

More than 750 Australian schools and 14000 students participated in this program. And the results from the last few years have not been good for Australia with the number of participants they had. When it comes to results it was literally very low when compared to other students around the world. In science, Australia ranked 10th in the year 2015, and in the rest of the subjects, they scored 12th in reading and 20th in Math. In the year 2012, the scores were even poorer. So, it shows that they are moving up but still, it's not up to the mark.

OCED scores

Mathematical Literacy

The mean score of OCED was 490 

Here Australia scored 510 whereas the average score was 439 which means the performance was good. Around 61 percent of students were rewarded with National Proficient Standard. This literally shows that there is still a number of students who need to be taken care of in a proper way.

Reading Literacy

With an average score of 493, Australia’s OCED score was 503. The performance was ok and but this certainly shows the performance also requires a big improvement to gain a global status.

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