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Impact of Russian-Ukrainian Conflict on International Students

Impact of Russian-Ukrainian Conflict on International Students
cal LiveWebTutors cal 11 Mar, 2022

International students in search of better education and job opportunities decide to consider other nations as their destinations. However, there can be instances where the students might get into a different situation affecting their career and education in the foreign nation. Many times college students have suffered in global conflict. The most recent event is the crisis of Russia and Ukraine.

A conflict that is occurring thousands of miles away from the colleges of the US is affecting the future and career of the students studying in US colleges. These students are belonging particularly to the nations of Russia and Ukraine. The students of these two nations studying in US colleges have fallen in the middle of the crisis with the different colleges cutting their ties with Russian Universities and companies.

Strength of Foreign Students in US Colleges and Universities

Students from Ukraine and Russia: According to the data provided by the Institute of International Education, there are almost 4800 Russian students along with 1700 Ukrainian students who are involved with US universities and colleges in the academic year of 2020- 21.

Strength of Foreign Students in Us Colleges and Universities

Students from the different nations in the US: There are students from other nations as well who have been attending the US college and Universities in the 2020- 21 academic year. There are around 167,000 students from India, 317,000 from China, and 12,800 students from the nation of Nigeria.

Why Is the US a Popular Educational Hub for International Students?

High-quality Education:  The United States is standing among the top countries for the destination of international students with its high quality of higher education. It has been noted that around 50% of the top 50 universities around the globe are located in the US only.

Access to job opportunities: The students get good assurance concerning their job opportunities with degrees from US colleges and universities. Most companies consider graduates and other students from US colleges and universities as a candidate having an international mindset and problem-solving attitude.

Diversity and delivery of different programs: Another reason for the high strength of foreign students in US college universities is the offering of several programs in different disciplines. The students can opt straight from the degree of engineering to the study of business in this nation.

Excellent support facilities: The universities and colleges of the US have made the transition smoothly for the students with the inclusion of a number of support facilities. This includes the different workshops, training, orientations, and English language practice courses for assisting in the preparation of the classes for foreign students.

Flexible academic environment: The students choosing to study abroad have always the fear of the academic environment. The US universities and colleges are offering a flexible academic environment with continuous development.

Consequences of Russian- Ukraine Crisis on Russian and Ukraine Students in US Colleges

The inability of students to return to their home country: Many of the scholars and students who were studying in the US colleges are not able to return to their home country because of the war.

Consequences of Russian- Ukraine Crisis on Russian and Ukraine Students in Us Colleges

Financial issues: Many students and scholarships are even forced to face the sudden change in their financial situation. These students are seeking accommodations for undertaking their studies in the nation of United States.

Fear of the war and its impact: The different Russian and Ukrainian students studying in the US college and Universities are in constant fear of being kicked out of the nation with this war on the table.

Rounds of argument for the protection of these students: There is a heated argument concerning the protection and punishment of these innocent student for the actions taken by their governments. There are different democrats who have been opposing or supporting the protection of these innocent students

Previous history of global conflict: The previous instances of global conflict are another significant concern for these students. During the time of World War 2, Japanese American college students were confined along with their families on the West Coast.

Breaking of the tie of MIT with the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology: This conflict between Russia and Ukraine has led to the ending of the partnership existing between the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology on 25 February 2022. This has been done as criticism of the military action of the Russian government against Ukraine. This is a clear reflection of the rejection of the actions of the Russian government towards Ukraine.

There is an urgent need of stopping the senseless aggression and violation occurring in the regions of Russia and Ukraine. It has put the future of several Russian and Ukrainian students studying even in the US at stake and must be resolved by the respective governments.

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