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A simplified insight into IEEEE citation format

A simplified insight into IEEEE citation format
cal LiveWebTutors cal 27 Jul, 2020

If you are studying Electronics and Electrical engineering, you may have already heard about the IEEE style citation for writing your projects. But, what is the IEEE citation? And how to use it? In case you need some online assignment help regarding writing an in-text citation style, it is the right article for you. Here you will find essential guidance about IEEE citations and how to use them.

IEEE is the Institute Of Electrical and Electronics Engineers that has a significant role in the education of these forces and how the two sections of engineering can be used to help human civilization. It is a prestigious institution and offers support to professionals and students alike. IEEE has a unique referencing style for technical academic publications. It has set rules and guidelines for citation and referencing format.

Read the article till the end to know more.

In-text citation

Academic writings, mainly technical and scientific papers, often involve citations and references. It is because academic essays usually draw inspiration and basic knowledge from any previous publication. If a writer fails to cite the reference source, then he/she can run into trouble for plagiarism. Therefore, the citation is a must. It also allows the reader to understand the depth of the author’s work and other related subjects.

  • In the IEEE citation style, the in-text citation is pretty simple. You need to mention the reference in its numeric serial number within eclosed brackets at the end of the sentence. The writer needs to add a space before the bracket, and the punctuation comes after the bracket ends. For example,

The water expressed his views on the future of electrical engineering [reference numeric].

  • If you want to highlight a specific page as your reference, then you need to follow the format of [reference number in numerical, page. Numeric]
  • If you want to highlight a particular illustration or picture or diagram in your writing, then the format as per IEEE is- [ page no., Fig. x]. Here “x” stands for the figure or Illustration number.
  • In the IEEE format, every in-text citation is individual and separate. If there is more than one reference then you need to use the format-

[a], [r], [b], [c],[d]- [k], where s,r,b,c,d,k all denote the reference serial number.

  • If you want to use a page range for in-text citation, you need to mention the page range with a "-". That is[reference serial no., page. x-y].

Citing authors

 In some situations, you might need to cite the name of the author in your writings. It is the main point that compels students to seek essay writing help.  The IEEE has a simple set of rules in this matter. The rules are as follows-

  • In this referencing style, you do not need to mention the author's full name; only the last name of the author needs to be said. Additionally, you need to cite the reference of the same author in the format of an in-text citation.
  • For the second mention of the same author, you do not need to mention that again. You can start the sentence with” In," followed by the in-text citation, and complete your writing.
  • If you need to mention more than one writer, then you can use” et al." after the first author's last name, followed by the in-text citation format of the reference serial number. You need to mention the reference with an in-text citation at the end of this sentence.

Please note that it is better to write facts from the reference in paraphrased form for a unique style. The paraphrasing keeps your content unique and also gives proper reference to the original author. If you feel you need help with paraphrasing, you can use a tool for it. You will find a reliable paraphrasing tool online where you can paraphrase a section of the paragraph to get some unique writing. The device is also great for changing the tone of your book.

Reference Style: General Rules

IEEE referencing style has set rules regarding the reference list and author reference. It is quite easy, and you will be able to understand it after reading this article.

  • In the case of the author name, you need to use the following format:
    • First initial, complete last name.
  • You need to mention the title of the reference(book or article or electronic resource) in quotation marks.
  • At last, you need to mention the title of the leading publication in Italics.

There are some additional formatting rules that you need to follow:

  • You need to mention the citation number in brackets after each reference and resource.
  • You have to make a reference list as per the sequence you have used in your writing.
  • You should place the brackets after the space.
  • There should be one space within a reference and two spaces between two individual references.

Writing an academic or scholarly paper involves a lot of research and numerous references. Hence, you may have to invest a lot of time in designing a reference sheet as per the guideline. It can be tedious, and you can make errors during the process. If you want to shed the hard work, you can use a reference generator for your convenience. You can easily choose multiple types of resources and design your reference list with this reference generator. The tools allow you to complete the work within seconds, and you also do not need to wait for a long time.

Reference style for ebooks

 You may use ebooks as your reference for your essays and assignments. You need to mention these ebooks in your article. Otherwise, you will run into unintentional plagiarism, and your writing will lose its value. Therefore, never forget to mention any type of ebooks you gave used for reference. For the ebooks, the format you need to follow is-

[ref. n]<space><space> 1st letter of first name. Full last name, name of the source, edition no, name of the main book, publication year. [E-book] Available source URL)

Reference style for journals

 Often online articles and journals also come in handy in writing engineering homework. But you also need to mention these journals along with the writer’s name for a proper project.

The format is-

[ref. no]<space><space>1st letter of 1st name. last name, “article name”, article book name/journal name, volume and number, Month, year. [online serial no.]. Available url]

Printed documents

 Printed documents are widely used for scholarly writing. You need to mention these references in a prescribed manner to follow the IEEE style.

In the case of one author;

[ref. No.]<><>initial of the first name. Initial of middle name. Full last name,  name of the book. Place: name of the publisher, publication year

If there is more than one author, you need to mention all the names that should be written with and distinguish them. You need to specify the name of the authors in the sequence used in their original work. Otherwise, your referencing style will not be proper.

General rules

 There are some general rules that you need to follow.

  1. The IEEE citation or IEE referencing style often comes with variants. Hence, you need to ask your institution for the option they follow. You should follow the instructed modification to make your work legal. Additionally, you also need to give proper importance to the abstract and conclusion. You can ask your institution for guidance in this matter
  2. In the case of academic writing, the grammar is also essential. You need to use proper grammar and punctuation in your writing. The ideal paper should be free from any type of grammatical errors. Therefore, you need to check the syntax of your book with the help of an online grammar-checking tool. You will be able to detect and correct any grammatical mistakes with the help of these tools.
  3. Always check your academic writing with a plagiarism checker tool after you have completed it. You should you a proper device that supports the IEEE referencing style for the best result.

It is the complete guide to the IEEE referencing style. Here you will get the basic knowledge before starting your academic work, and you will also get some valuable tips on using tools for your writing to make it more presentable.

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