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How To Write a Dissertation During Covid

How To Write a Dissertation During Covid
cal LiveWebTutors cal 13 Aug, 2021

“There’s not much good to find in a destructive pandemic, but here’s one potentially positive outcome: Covid-19 may bring graduate schools to a long-needed reckoning with the Dissertation Help requirement.

The coronavirus has effectively blown up the academic job market. Many doctoral students feel a crisis of purpose: Should they bother to keep writing?

If you’re a graduate student working on your dissertation or a faculty adviser guiding a student, welcome to this unfortunate reality.”

How to Go About Your Dissertation?

“Writing a dissertation is a big challenge even under normal circumstances.  Right now, however, we are all living through the COVID-19 pandemic, which brings a lot of uncertainty to the forefront.  

Chapter One: Introduction

The introduction locates the context of your research. You should provide the background of your study including the professional or practice setting. This will also help set up the rationale and professional relevance of your research. The introduction should also state your research questions or hypothesis and aims and objectives. Lastly, the introduction normally contains an outline of the doctoral thesis, so the reader knows how the thesis is structured/what to expect.

Chapter Two: Literature Review

This should be a comprehensive review of the literature in relation to the research questions or hypothesis. This literature may include theoretical, conceptual, or empirical information. The review should not be descriptive in nature but it needs to be a critical review.

Often there are competing schools of thought or findings that may seem contradictory in nature; it is important to show an understanding of the current state of knowledge, acknowledge the complexity of debates, and situate your research into this. The literature should provide a rationale for your research question(s) or hypothesis building up the story of your research. It may even answer some questions about, for instance, resilience, flexibility, or precarity.

Chapter Three: Methodology

The purpose of this chapter is to tell the reader how your study was conducted and the rationale for the decisions made. From this, readers should be able to make a judgment about the quality and robustness of your study. Research does not always go to plan, for example, if you can’t access participants as originally planned, you may need to rethink or revise the entire project. A part of any doctoral process is being able to make decisions and adapt to changing situations. It is important to document and reflect on decisions and the decision-making processes. Your methodology chapter usually includes your research design and epistemological position and links these to research questions, positioning of the researcher, sampling and recruitment, development of data collection tools, data collection procedures and reflections, ethical issues, and data analysis.

Chapter Four: Data Analysis / Findings

Presentation of statistical or qualitative analysis linking back to your research question(s). an important point to note is that sometimes results and discussion are written together or other times as separate chapters.

Chapter Five: Discussion

The purpose of the discussion which may be a separate chapter or as with most interpretive studies, part of your data analysis/findings chapter is to provide an interpretation and explanation of your results. This would in most circumstances explicitly answer your research question(s). Exploring how your findings fit with their wider literature e.g. do they support the existing literature or say something different, and why? The new dimensions or contributions your thesis provides to knowledge and practice and their implications will be argued here.

Chapter Six: Results

This chapter deals with the study of the dissertation you conducted in the above heads. It is a detailed discussion about the methodology and the sample study which you conducted in your dissertation and the end result is being discussed in this head. This head shall only deal with factual information and nothing hypothetical.

Chapter Seven: Recommendations

This chapter deals with the information which you want to provide the reader in regard to the specific topic. Since the entire dissertation is based on a secondary source of information, there is a possibility that you somehow agree or disagree with the results you found in that context. This chapter deals with that to share your opinion regarding the dissertation you did and what is your stand on that.

Chapter Eight: References

This chapter is the last part of any dissertation. This chapter is giving recognition and references to all the scholars, researchers, research agencies, people, and others from whose help you were able to complete your dissertation. There are a plethora of referencing styles under which this chapter is formed. There is APA 6th and 7th edition, Harvard referencing, Oscola referencing, AGLC referencing, Chicago referencing, and others. You need to choose one form of referencing style and follow that throughout your dissertation. 

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