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How Much Does it Cost to Study in Australia?

How Much Does it Cost to Study in Australia?
LiveWebTutors 30 Dec, 2019

Being the land of some of the most renowned Universities in the World, Australia is a sought-after study-destination. All the International students dreaming to study here would certainly want to know how much it costs to take education in Australia. The country hosted 624,000 international students in the year 2017, 13 percent more than the year before and the number has soared up again in 2018-19. If you are longing to study in Australia, given here is a complete idea of how much it would cost to you.

Best things are pricey and the same holds good for studying in Australia. Yes! It may sound a little troubling to you but Australia is one of the most expensive studying destinations. As per an authentic source, for studying in Australia, students need AU $20,290 each year as a living cost alone and the tuition fee that students need to incur varies considerably and depends on where and what students have chosen to study.

Tuition Fees for the International Students:

As mentioned, tuition fee varies according to the course and institutions that students choose to study. International students pursuing graduation have to shell out AU $30, 840 or 22,170 US dollars per year whereas the course fee is AU $31,596 or $22,700 US$ for the ones pursuing post-graduation.

According to the official government site for the international students, tuition fee for the International graduate students who wish to study in Australia is as follows.

  1. Master’s Degree: AU$20,000 or US $ 14,400- $37,000 or US $ 26,000
  2. Doctoral Degree: AU$14,000 US $ 10,060- $37,000 or US $ 26,000

*These figures do not include high-end degrees like MBBS or Engineering degrees.

It is important that the tuition fee in Australian Universities is calculated per unit and not per year. Each unit is under a fee-band and most of the students study in combination of units from the different bands and hence fee differs for everyone.

There are some top-ranked universities and institutions in Australia that publish their official fee estimates including the top-ranked University of Australia known as ANU or Australian National University. The annual cost for an International undergraduate who wish to study in ANU begins with AU$36,400 or US$26,150 and goes up to AU $43,680 depending on the Bachelor’s program that he/she chooses. Those who wish to pursue MBBS or Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Medicine have to shell out AU$43,680.

For the graduate degrees, fee starts from AU$36,480 or US$26,200 and goes up to AU $45,600 or 32,760 US dollars. PhD programs are pricey. They start from AU$41,280 or US$29,650 and go up. If you want to pursue Doctorate of Medicine and Surgery degree from ANU you should be ready to shell out AU$80,136 or 57,800 US $.

Other costs to consider:

Student Services and Amenities fee is yet another cost fee to consider. This is the cost which non-academic and went up to AU $298 or US $214 in 2018. However, the good news is that not all Universities in Australia take this fee so you can check out any unexpected expenditures beforehand along with the tuition fee costs.

Tuition Fee for the Domestic Students

The good news is that it does not cost much to study in Australia if you are a domestic student. If you have applied for Commonwealth supported place successfully then you are really privileged as your education is subsidized by the Government.

Commonwealth supported places are available for all the domestic students studying at all the public universities in the country but not in the self-sponsored private institutions.

Your tuition would be governed by where and what you want to study.

Australian Government has set the limit of minimum and maximum for each band. For 2018-19 it is AU$0-6,444 for Band 1, 9185AU$ for the Band 2 and for the Band 3 it is AU$10,754.

You need to take out the tuition fee cost which you have to incur. You have to find out which subjects and units are covered by each band and how many credits you would get. You can use online calculator to know the precise amount.

Tuition fee for the domestic graduates can be worked out similarly. There are some institutions in Australia that publish yearly fee estimates for graduate students. For instance, the Melbourne University has enlisted prices for the domestic students for 2019. The fee for domestic students begins from AU$19008 per year for MA streams like Masters of Psychiatry and goes up to AU $57,088 for MBBS or Engineering degree courses. The university offers some commonwealth assisted graduate programs that cost way lesser. You can check this with the institution you want to apply for.

HELP is a financial aid for domestic students. If they are eligible for HELP or Higher Education Loan Program, they can go for it. HELP Loans are categorized into five different types and are available to the Australian citizens that are the permanent Visa holders. Domestic students can make use of HECS-HELP scheme that enables the domestic students eligible for commonwealth fund to pay their contribution amount. FEE-HELP covers tuition fee of the students. OS-HELP covers the overseas study expenses; SA-HELP pays for the amenities fee for the students. 

VET student loans support the student and pay their training and vocational fee.


Australian Awards are the international fellowships and scholarships that are sponsored by the Government of Australia. These awards are given to the Australian citizens and to the eligible ones from other countries like Americas, Caribbean, Middle East and the Pacific Asia.

For postgraduate students and research level students there is Australia Awards Endeavour. Out of the four different type of fellowships or funding schemes meant for the International students is Short-term research fellowship for the postgraduates and the graduates in which maximum award of AU$24,500 for studies of up to six months can be awarded another one for the professional development which is about AU$18,500 given for 4 months and one is for any sort of job-oriented vocation training which is meant for acquiring diploma or any sort of similar degree and the amount offered is up to 6,500 Australian dollars /semester for  two and half years.

For International Graduate Students

International students who wish to get benefitted from funding for a full-time Master’s program or for a PhD program can go in for EPS or Endeavour Postgraduate Scholarship that can offer AU$15,000 per semester for up to two years for the Master’s programs and up to four years for the PhD and other research programs.

You need to apply early for the Australian fellowships and Scholarships if you want to be a beneficiary. International students have to shell out a hefty fee and hence they can go in for funding programs to ease their financial burden.

If you have graduated from United Kingdom, you can choose to apply for Northcote Graduate Scholarship from the Britain-Australia Society. The society funds for the travelling of students, back their entire tuition fee and other sorts of charges. The body also provides allowance for up-to three years when you study. All the postgraduate and undergraduate students can check out whether the Universities they wish to apply for offer fellowships and scholarships to the international students or not.

Student Visa Costs Involved:

At present, fee for the Student Visa (Subclass 500) is AU$575 which is tantamount to 414 US dollars. To apply for Student Visa, you would need to organise OSHC or Overseas Student Health Cover for yourself and for the ones who want to live with you in Australia. It has to be valid as long as you period of stay in Australia. Always make sure to choose the service of Government approved Visa service provider.

Nevertheless, however costly is the education in Australia, it’s worth every penny because the education system builds excellent pass outs, who are ready for a successful career.

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