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How is Australian Education System Different than that of the Rest of the World

How is Australian Education System Different than that of the Rest of the World
LiveWebTutors 18 Dec, 2019

Australia, in recent years, has garnered the tag of ‘education hub of the world’. Many scholars and researchers, across the globe, are eyeing Australia as a one-stop destination to acquire higher education. The continent-nation has struck all the right chords in order to develop itself in to a multi-pronged educational services provider along with offering a multiethnic and vibrant cultural society to its students’ diaspora. 

The question that now remains is what goes into making Australia a success story when it comes to being a leading educational destination for students from faraway lands. We have curated some of the most enthralling characteristics of Australian Education System that makes it stand apart from the rest.

A Stand Apart Educational Framework

Australia is known for providing excellent opportunities to students and research scholars from around the world. Australia delivers at par excellence and quality across all levels of education. To ensure this, the Australian government has put in place a robust educational framework called Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF).

AQF serves as a testament to the quality of education offered by Australia and is one unique feature which highlights Australia among other countries. AQF covers each and every aspect of higher education offered in Australia, right from secondary level of education to the tertiary level (higher education along with vocational studies). AQF is a well-designed, 10-level system that serves a link between schools, universities and vocational colleges in Australia. AQF ensures smooth fluidity in one’s education and helps student navigate freely from one level of qualification to another. It even makes transition of students from institute to another in a hassle-free manner.

To supplement and strengthen AQF, the Australian government has also put in place the Australian Quality Training Framework. It ensures quality education is being imparted across various levels of education and makes certain that all the recognized educational institutions are adhering to the prescribed level of quality to be maintained all the time.

Innovation with Uncompromised Excellence

One thing that makes Australia a hot destination among students is its unending zeal to achieve excellence in a particular field through innovation. Australian education system believes in evolving and adapting with the changing nature of technology. It also encourages its students and teachers to follow the same. The education system in Australia promotes one to use innovative ideas and methodology. To give students and teachers a boost, the government has invested heavily in providing them world-class laboratories, innovation centers, resource clusters and well-equipped libraries.

Safety a Priority

Australian education is well-recognized worldwide. It is also well-accepted among leading job providers. And all these make Australia a dream destination for students from across the globe. In order to encourage and attract international students, Australia has made itself open and safe, welcoming them with wide open arms.

Thus the Australian government has put in a special safety provision called Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) Act. This act has a specially designed framework to protect the rights of international students, studying in Australia. The framework puts the onus of responsibility on to the respective institution to provide safety and security to its students in every way possible.

Australia also has an active Visa approval system in place. It ensures smooth execution of formalities in order to enable a student to acquire visa within the time limit. It works efficiently to remove any obstacle that a student might face.


While choosing a country for higher education, the cost factor plays a crucial role. And thus again Australia wins the bet. Australia makes its feasible for students from varied background to make their dream of quality education come true. Australia has built such an environment for the educational institutions to thrive that they are able to provide par excellence education opportunities for all the aspiring students, well relatively competitive prices.

The cost of living is also one factor that students find appealing in order to choose Australia as their destination for education. Australian universities also provide flexible academic programs which enable students to make decent living and even pursue their education alongside. Most of the universities in Australia have scholarship programs for international students who maintain an excellent track record in academics.

All these factors combined, make an appealing case to students to choose Australia as their destination over other counties.

Excellent Job Opportunities

The Australian Education System opens the doors of endless opportunities for students. The quality of education offered in Australia is well-recognized all over the world. Job providers have always instilled their trust and confidence in the candidates qualified from Australia. The quality of knowledge and skills that a student possess during his/her stint in Australia, makes him/her a desirable candidate for any job profile that he/she may seek. Australia offers education in multiple disciplines, thereby creating a workforce that is essentially skilled for various industries and thus is also a hot destination for recruiters from all over the world.

Multi-cultural Society

The most important thing that attracts not only students but also expatriates from other countries to look out for Australia is its multi-ethnicity and diverse culture. People from various cultural and regional background feel welcome in Australia. Its diverse and accepting nature makes people feel safe and secure and thus instills a confidence to choose Australia.

The laws in place also protect international students and professionals by preventing any discrimination. The Australian community is also quiet welcoming towards students and people from different corners of the world. All these welcoming factors make Australia a safe option for students and professionals to make their dreams happen.

These are some of the factors that make Australia and its educational system exceptional. The quality of education and opportunities that Australia offers in unparalleled. Many students are choosing Australia as their educational destination over the US and the UK. The wide variety and innovative methodologies adopted by Australian system makes it quiet lucrative for students to make Australia their final destination. A warm, excellent, welcoming, inclusive environment is all it takes to make Australia stand apart from others in the world of education.

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