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Tips To Get Your Dream Job After Graduation

Tips To Get Your Dream Job After Graduation
cal LiveWebTutors cal 06 Aug, 2020

Effective Tips for Landing Your Dream Job After Graduation

Getting a dream job right after you step out of college, appears too good to be true, right? Isn’t it the most cherished dream that we all wish could come true? Well, what if we say that yes, you can live your dream of landing your dream job as soon as you graduate, exciting, right? Graduation is an accomplished degree and one can certainly head start their career right after stepping out of college. All we need is a fool-proof plan which will help strategize our journey to success. Most of the students struggle to obtain a job, even after graduation and this is mainly because they dive in to job market without any prior preparation or a strategy and thus often have to face disappointment.

If you want to make your dream of getting the perfect job right after your graduation come true then start right away. And let us help you take that first foundational step towards an accomplished success. Considering all the difficulties, confusions, hardships that students have to face for landing with the right job, we have curated a specific list of some important tips that will help you in building your flourishing career from your college days itself.

These tips are offered to you by some of the professional career experts who understand what a successful career demands and thus share their insights on building a strong portfolio for yourself.

Let us begin that aspiring journey with some useful tips.

Exploring the Crucial Tips Shared by the Professionals:

We all need a shortcut to success, right? But is there actually a shortcut? Well, for accomplishing sustainable success, there are no apparent shortcuts. Our hard work and dedication are the only partners which will help us in this challenging yet rewarding journey. However, we all need some directions and guidance to navigate our path to that success and the tips that we are sharing with you today are those directions that will certainly lead you to the astonishing successful path. Therefore, without wasting any more time, let us begin this exciting journey:

Explore Yourself by Analyzing Your Strengths and Weaknesses:

The most important and foundational phase of beginning one’s career is to be fully aware of one’s potential, the weaknesses, and of course the strengths. Hence before beginning to build those dream castles, bring yourself back to reality and thoroughly assess yourself. Analyze what your strong areas are. For instance, you can begin by assessing your academic performance. Analyze which subject or area are you good at. But remember, being good at a particular area or subject does not mean that you enjoy doing it or are passionate about it.

Thus while assessing your strong areas, think from the perspective of your passion. Look for a field that you are sure you will be enjoying along with career growth. This phase is extremely important as it will help you in exploring your niche and thus will help you to build your career in the right direction.

Explore With an Open Mind:

While exploring the distinct career paths, it is advised to keep a flexible approach toward different career options. Do not explore with some pre-conceived notions about a particular field. Having assumptions about a particular field limits your analytical thinking and you start thinking in a narrow sense. Therefore, always keep an open mind and explore each and every promising career. Look at what different fields have to offer, what are the growth trajectories of a particular field, is a particular field resonates with your passion or not, whether will you enjoy working in a particular area, and much more.

A comprehensive knowledge and awareness about some of the prominent fields, help one in analyzing different options and thus enable the person to choose the best from others. Most of the students fail to land a job because they themselves are not aware of the possible opportunities which a particular field has to offer. Thus keep your options open and proceed in a flexible manner.

Search For a Job that Hones your Skills and Allows you to Grow as Well:

Once you narrow down your choices and are confident about what you are looking for, now is the time to delve in to specifications. While assessing a job offer or any work opportunity, ask yourself the following three questions:

  • Is this what I want to do?
  • Will it allow me to learn and grow?
  • Will it help me gain satisfaction?

If the answer to all the above crucial questions is yes then you are good to go. Remember, a compromised career is doomed for destiny. Hence do not settle for anything less than you deserve. Step out, analyze, think about your future prospects, and then make the call on whether this profile suits you or not. Always look for a job that will keep you internally motivated, the one that will push you to achieve more. Therefore, choose a job that suits both your passion and skills.

Start Accumulating Experiences from an Early Stage:

Experience is the core ingredient in the recipe for a successful career. The more the experience, the more negotiating power you get. Therefore, right from your college days, start gaining experience. Gaining experience does not mean that you have to indulge yourself in the full-time conventional working system. It means that begin by gaining exposure to small gigs, learn from the experience, and thus move forward passionately. For instance, if someone is aspiring to be a writer, then the person can begin by writing for their college magazine or newsletter. Then they can widen their horizon by undertaking some internships at different publishing houses or media outlets. This way, they will get to know the craft and the challenges and pros associated with the particular field as a career option. Hence, work on gaining experiences from the early stages as it will help you to deal with the challenges more efficiently.

Set A Long Term Goal For yourself:

The most cliché question that many recruiters ask you while hiring is ‘where do you see yourself in the next five years,’ and you think to yourself that you have to answer the same boring question again. But have you ever thought about why this particular question crops up in various interviews? Well, this is because the recruiters want to assess whether you are really sure about this particular field or if is this some intermediate option. This also brings us to the conclusion that setting a long-term goal is the best help that you can do for yourself.

Thus, before beginning your journey, ask yourself – ‘where would I like to end up in a few years?’ If the answer matches up to your choice of job then you can proceed with confidence.

Build a Strong Web of Networks For yourself:

In this digital era, having strong networks and connections is key to land with one’s dream job. Therefore, make yourself visible on various social media platforms and job portals. Interact with the professionals from your desired field as it will help you in getting to know more about the particular field. Establish good connections with your peers as it will help you in developing a circle of your own and thus would help you to keep in touch with latest proceedings and changes in the respective field. Therefore, use your communication and socializing skills and develop an enhanced network related to your field of dreams.

Make your Skills Visible:

Make your presence felt. Follow this motto and success will certainly follow you. In this highly digitalized era, where most of the hiring is happening over the internet, making yourself and your skills visible is of utmost importance. Share your work and your passion openly through different channels and mediums. Assess which platform attracts more recruiters or employers and thus makes the most of that opportunity. Begin by keeping an updated copy of your resume ready all the time. Share your thoughts, your work, and your accomplishments through those channels and prove your capabilities to the prospect employer.

Never Lose Hope:

The most important factor that will decide your success in this challenging journey is your attitude. Keep your attitude positive and everything will sail smoothly. The crucial thing here is not to lose hope. Yes, all days are not rosy; there will be days where you will face rejections and disappointment but remember all this is a crucial part of the journey. You will never be able to enjoy or acknowledge the sweet taste of success until you have tasted a bitter failure. Thus, brace your failures, learn from them and never quit trying. And one day you will see your destiny right in front of you.

The above are some of the important tips that the experts have shared with you to help you build a career which is satisfying, sustainable, rewarding, and motivating. If you are not finding your job as a burden then you are certainly doing the right thing. Thus choose the right career with the right approach.

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