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Best Ideas on How to Write a Summary Essay with Example

Best Ideas on How to Write a Summary Essay with Example
cal LiveWebTutors cal 26 Oct, 2018

Students who want to learn how to write a summary essay, this is the article for you. Before choosing a research topic ask these questions to yourself. If you are comfortable with the topic, is the topic easy or is the topic subject too specialized? Topic choice can break you or make you; this is because your attitude on the topic will greatly influence the time and effort you contributed to conducting the research. Having carefully picked the topic, always take guidance from online assignment help, Essay Writing Help, and assignment help before carrying on with the research.

Various suggestions to keep in mind:-

Gather information-

After choosing the topic, the next important thing in how to write a summary essay is to quickly embark on gathering information. You may gather information from the internet. Of preference, sites belonging to educational institutions are of the most benefit as the information given tends to be reliable and accurate.

Books, encyclopedias, and newspapers are also useful in gathering information. You may also seek help from knowledgeable people in society who know how to write a summary essay. They should also be knowledgeable in the field. Whilst gathering information, spare some time to put down relevant information for referring purposes.

A good outline is extremely important for a summary essay-

A good outline is the most important step to know when learning how to write a summary essay. The points covered in the outline should flow logically from one to another, that is, when jotting down the information the notes should be organized. The gathered information should be jotted down in accordance with the outline. Check for the accuracy of the research data ensuring that it is correct and up-to-date. Then start with the first topic. With the outline, write down a proposition. The essay will be based largely on maintaining the arguments. To follow is the tentative outline.

A tentative outline constitutes an introduction that states your thesis and the purpose of the research. You must state your approach to the topic, that is, if you are reviewing a book or analyzing a problem. This is an integral point for anyone who knows how to write a summary. Expound briefly on the major points which are to be covered in the summary, giving a reason why readers should take an interest in the topic.


Next is the body of the research. Here, with the guidelines in the introduction, you may now widely present your arguments to support the thesis of the statement. One should start with a strong argument, followed by a stronger argument, and finally, finish off with the strongest point. Then make a summary of the arguments and read through the draft, doing a thorough revision of the paper and doing the needful editing. Do this often and you'll be the one teaching others how to write an essay.

Using examples-

Examples are so important for a summary essay, so do not hesitate to quote examples. On the other hand, you could use a case study so as to make your topic completely hot, crispy, and new for the readers. Use headings, subheadings, bullets, and numbering where it becomes mandatory. Include the latest facts, figures, and information since they are so much crucial. For example, if your topic is terrorism then you should include the number of causalities, injuries, and deaths in your topic.

Be fluent, persistent, and rational otherwise, you will be given fewer marks. Most importantly, try to be synchronized as much as you can since it is the backbone of essay writing. For example, your every word, sentence, line, heading, subheading, etc. must be matched with the above-mentioned content logically. If not, then your topic will be called an unsynchronized essay. So, try to be rational, logical, and convenient, as you will be graded very highly than the whole lot eventually.

Tips to keep in mind:-

  • Use your own words and one should always write in the third person.
  • Paraphrase the statements as much as you can. This would avoid plagiarism.
  • Always remember that this is a summary and one should include their own opinions.
  • Proofread your summary. This would help in checking the spelling, grammatical, and formatting errors.
  • Use phrases. This would link your sentences together and it would help to produce a smooth flow of ideas.
  • Organize your points and make an outline of your summary. Always write about the topic and don’t diverge from it.
  • Include the main points and important details. This would help in describing the main part of your summary.
  • Put all the points in a logical order.
  • Do not forget that it is a summary and not an article.
  • Write like a reporter by addressing who, when, and where.
  • After everything and having the main points summarized, do not forget about the conclusion paragraph. This would add a good impression to the reader.

Last but not least; try to become cohesive as much as you can since it is the most fundamental element of a summary essay. Do not confuse things at all. Despite this, try to be logical and creative while writing. Also do not include irrelevant material, headings, subheadings, etc. in your summary as they will do nothing regarding your ranking at all. If you follow these tips, then you will be surely able to create and produce a memorable summary essay for the readers forever.

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