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Are you Eligible for Student Finance?

Are you Eligible for Student Finance?
cal LiveWebTutors cal 04 Jan, 2020

Are you looking for moving to Australia to study? Do you have enough funds to relocate to Australia? If you do not have enough funds to reach Australia and study, then do not worry. Do you know, that you can brighten up your future with Australian study through student finance? If you are a good scorer,  Assignment Help skillful, and knowledgeable, you can raise demand for student finance. Student Finance is basically a kind of loan that is given to the student so that they can study wherever they want.

When a student completes their studies and gets a job. From their salaries, they can pay the amount of the loan accordingly with interest. Student Loan is really helpful to let the students make their future in the stream they want. If you want to take a loan for an Australian study, read the demonstrated details below.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for a loan, you must:

  • Have a high school diploma or its equivalent
  • Have an excellent academic record or make satisfactory academic progress if currently enrolled.
  • Be a citizen, eligible permanent resident, or non-citizen of the United States.
  • Should live in Australia
  • There must be no restrictions in Australia on how long you can stay


  • You, or a close relative, live in Australia and have been granted humanitarian protection or recognized as a refugee
  • You are staying in Australia as a stateless person, having lived legally in Australia for three years before your course.

Courses That Are Eligible for School Finance Are:

  • First degree
  • Certificate of Higher Education
  • Higher National Diploma (HND)
  • Foundation degree
  • Diploma of Higher Education
  • Higher National Certificate (HNC)
  • Postgrad Certificate of Education (PGCE)
  • Integrated Master's degree
  • Initial Teacher Training (ITT/ITE)
  • A pre-registration postgraduate healthcare course (English-resident students)

Some Important Eligibility Requirements to Qualify for Financial Aid:

Check basic eligibility requirements for financial aid - Be an Australian citizen and have a valid Social Security number or if you have got a high school diploma. As a student, be accepted or enrolled in an eligible degree or certificate program. You must clarify that - You do not hold any federal student loans currently in default, or have planned to repay loans in default. On a federal student grant, any funds should not be owned by you. You agree to use federal student aid exclusively for educational expenses.

For More than one college, you will not receive a Federal Pell Grant for the same period. Maintain satisfactory academic progress - Earn a minimum GPA, receive a certain percentage of attempted credits, and stay on track to complete your degree within a specified time frame. Demonstrate financial need - Federal Pell Grants range up to $6,195, Federal work-study (this subsidizes eligible students’ wages at part-time jobs with federal funds, and Work-study aid does not need to be used as the student chooses), Subsidized Direct loans (they are rapid but subsidized by the government)

If you are not eligible for student finance, you have to do the following steps for eligibility:

Step 1 - Sound Research of Course and University

The quality of education is good in Australia, but a student must go through each university separately to find out about its national and global ranking, faculty and specialization, etc. before finalizing the institution.

Courses that fall in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) category have higher employment prospects than those which fall under arts and humanities. Still, these courses are also costlier than the courses falling under arts and humanities so a student must go through the fee structure of the course that he needs to choose.

Students who are from non-English speaking countries like India are required to provide proof of their fluency in English, and this can be met by taking IELTS (International English Language Testing System) exam. Twelve years of regular schooling is also required as proof. If a student wants to apply for Post Graduate courses, he/she must have a graduate degree from a university in India or Abroad.

Step 2 - Apply for Admission

Admission forms seek detailed information about the student which can be filled and submitted online and also should include personal details such as the father’s or mother’s name, date of birth, address, gender, marital status, etc. Documents must support the information. Furnishing wrongful or misleading information could lead to disqualification.

SOP (statement of purpose) is a future-oriented and self-evaluating essay of about 1000 words expected to highlight academic and professional background

LOR (letters of recommendation) - 2 to 3 such letters are needed from students that depend on the college or university which are written by the mentors, teachers, or faculty members of the educational institution that the student was previously associated with.

Supporting Documents - These documents include school leaving certificates, scanned copies of degree certificates, certificates of the project undertaken, mark-sheets, mark-sheets, diplomas, work experience certificates, etc.

Step 3 - Get a Loan by “Student Cover” 

It provides both unsecured and secured education loans to students going abroad to countries like Australia for higher studies. And, for more than one college you will not receive a Federal Pell Grant for the same period.

Benefits of Studying in Australia after Student financial eligibility:

  • The country has a well-developed education system providing a large number of opportunities for all students. Here are a few reasons to study in this premier education hub
  • Academic Excellence: Universities in Australia are the top-ranking education hub in the world. The country helps the students to develop a global perspective on things and offers them a vast wealth of courses. They are a top-notch university along with the internationally recognized public school system forming its comprehensive education system.
  • Pocket-Friendly Education: The tuition fees, as well as the cost of living in the country, are quite affordable. The options of scholarships, student grants and loans, and bursaries are also available to provide relevant financial assistance to the aspirants. Working part-time helps the students to arrange the cost of living on their own.
  • Easy Accessibility: The island nation is well connected to all regions of the world via sea, air, and telecommunications. The productive integrated transport system of the country includes comfortable and affordable taxis, Mass Rapid Transit lines, and air-conditioned buses. Students also get a concession while traveling on MRT lines and public buses.
  • Business Hub: The developed infrastructure, political stability, and open business policy are what make the country a global business hub. International students are offered the benefits of limitless career opportunities and networking possibilities.
  • New and lively lifestyle: The country is always bustling with attractions and activities because of its multicultural population. A large number of Eurasians living together celebrate one thing or the other offering an exciting campus life to the international students. Your interest can be sports, drama, or astronomy the country will have something to accommodate all.
  • The country also features impressive architecture, world-leading museums, and an on-the-pulse theatre and comedy scene. Additionally, the country offers a myriad of ultra-cool restaurants, clubs, and shopping districts, as well as a healthy love of sports. Also, it is a popular study destination because of its excellent quality of living, diverse and abundant student community, and high concentration of world-class universities.
  • Low crime rates - The crime rates are so low in Australia even the police do not carry guns with them. The policemen only take batons with them when they are on duty.
  • Income is better - Since the population is less, the human resource is treated in the right manner. The average hourly income in Australia is about $ 17 per hour.

Documents Required after Student Finance Eligibility

Offer letter from the university (You need to compulsorily have an offer letter from the university you've applied to), A valid passport (Make sure that your passport is valid for at least three months beyond your duration of stay), Duly filled student visa application forms, Payment receipt of the application fee and the issuance fee, Passport-sized photographs, Proof of funds (Bank statements, fixed deposit receipts, or bank loan sanction letter), Transcripts, degrees, diplomas, or certificates from your previous institutes, Scores of language proficiency tests IELTS (As required by the university), Latest medical report

NOTE: You might need to submit some additional documents at the time of your visa interview, so it is advised to keep them ready. These documents are mostly required to prove your academic and financial claims made in the application. You will have to assure the immigration department that you are responsible enough to stay with a valid Student Pass at all times. The medical reports submitted with the documents should not be older than three months from the issued date.

Failure to fulfilling the medical requirements will lead to the rejection of your application to get the Student Pass. If your native language is not English, you would have to provide an official English translation of those records. Proof of previous educational qualifications School leaving certificate and Degree or provisional degree.

So, getting eligible for Student Finance for universities of Australia is very beneficial as it reflects the university's commitment to research and postgraduate study also it has the best teaching methods as well as well-qualified & trained teachers. In Australia, there are ample opportunities one can avail of from the destination. My Assignment helps a developed country with variations in cultures and a high standard of education.

It is, indeed, a growing destination with the way to a new lifestyle. In Australia, students, there are also chances to get a scholarship from the government which can help them to reduce the cost of their international study. In Australia, students can easily and comfortably move to another institute from their previous ones. In the case of innovations and technology, Australia comes at the top. And also, the crime rates are so low in Australia.

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