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A Guide to the Australian Education System

A Guide to the Australian Education System
cal LiveWebTutors cal 08 Nov, 2019

Planning to study in Australia?

Let us know about the Australian Education System.

The Australian Education System is one of the best in the world. It has many well-structured and prestigious institutes imparting education to the students. Every year, thousands of students try to get admission to one of these reputed colleges in Australia.

Being a student, you might be having some expectations regarding the quality of education you would get in an institute.

Let us discuss some of the advantages you get while studying in any of the institutes in Australia:

  • All the students are treated equally. No discrimination is made between them based on either their citizenship or their financial background.
  • Every student is recognized for their hard work.
  • These institutes have the best teachers who are well capable of delivering the best education to the students.
  • Studying from the renowned institutes in Australia can get you placed in the best companies around the world. 

The framework of the education system in Australia:

The entire education system of Australia runs under a given framework. This framework is known as the Australian Regulation Framework. It covers the entire stages of the education system of Australia starting from the Primary Education stage until the Territory Education stage. It also encompasses rules and regulations governing the vocational training institutes in Australia.

All the institutes run under the common governance of this framework. Thus, students can easily get themselves transferred from one institute to another without facing much of a problem.

Regulation of the education system:

The entire education system of Australia is regulated under the Australian curriculum and the regulatory authority. The education system of Australia has a separate governing body governing it under the Ministry. All the schools and colleges of Australia have to impart education to the students under this ministry.

The education system in Australia is centuries old. It contributes a major portion to the entire GDP of the country. However, it is being designed in such a way that every citizen of Australia as well as students coming from a foreign country can easily afford it.

The Australian education system is divided into several stages.

Let us discuss all these stages:

In Australia, it is mandatory to provide education to every student aged between 6-16 years. After that, it is upon them to pursue any career they want.

Within this age, they pass through several stages. These stages are:

Primary Education:

Students start getting educated from the age of 6. The first step of their education starts with getting admitted into the primary stage. The primary stage is all about preparing the students to get ready for their schooling. In this stage, students attend the kinder garden schools. They are being taught to understand the alphabet and numbers.

Secondary Education:

After completing their primary education, students get admitted to the secondary stage of education. In this stage, they are being taught how to speak and write sentences. Very basic math is also introduced in this stage of learning. This stage of their education continues for about 3-4 years. In this stage of education, students get trained in subjects such as English, Math and General Knowledge.

Senior Education:

This stage is a part of secondary education. Students enter this stage as seniors. This stage deals with classes 11 and 12.

Territory Education:

After pursuing their senior education, students enter a stage of their territory education. In this stage, they enter colleges and universities where they can choose the subject in which they want to pursue their careers. They can go for engineering or medical or finance or arts.

Students have to appear for an exam before they are allowed to choose a particular career. They have to score the minimum marks required to pursue their career in their desired field.

Students wanting to pursue much higher education can also pursue their Ph.D. in these institutes.

Vocational Training:

Apart from their regular academic courses, Australia has also implemented measures for training the students in attaining vocational skills. These skills consist of learning how to stitch clothes, repairing electronic goods, and other hospitality services.

The vocational training institutes run under a given framework of the government. The fees charged by these institutes are very less. Some of the institutes are even made to run as NGOs.

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