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8 Tips to Write a Business Email

8 Tips to Write a Business Email
cal LiveWebTutors cal 25 Feb, 2019

Email is a system of creating, sending, and receiving a large amount of information in digital form. In the world of digitalization, companies are using email as a professional communication tool. It is used for hiring new employees and communicating with the existing employees. In the initial stages, the email was associated with the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) mechanism. But now, it is based on the store-and-forward model. According to this model, the information can be sent or received by the users on their computer terminals.

Here are some of the tips that you should consider in writing a business Email-

Tip #1 Discuss only public matters:-

The business emails end up passing to the entire company and all over the internet, in some cases. While writing the email, you should discuss public issues, rather than discussing your personal ones as no one is interested in reading them. You should also give time to decide if you are writing for a bulletin board or company letterhead and then, write according.

Tip #2 Think your subject line wisely:-

You may be unaware of the importance of the subject line in business emails. The subject line must be eye-catching to the readers as it gives a preview of the email. People give priority to email reading on the basis of the subject line. You should devote sufficient time to think about the subject line that motivates the readers to read the entire message. It should give reason to the recipient to read your mail.

Tip #3 Proofread the entire email:-

Proofreading is a critical activity that you should develop before sending an email as errors can sound you incompetent or unprofessional. You should add the recipient's name, once you have written the entire message and proofread it. You can also show the draft of your email to the associated person to find the errors in the email. In the beginning, this activity may frustrate you. But, you will develop this habit after practicing it for a few months.

Tip #4 Keep it organized and simple:-

The way you present your email is important as they are read by everyone. To effectively convey your message, you should use bullet points. This helps the recipients to determine the overall purpose of the email. Moreover, ask one main question rather than asking too many questions. This helps in making the email more organized and the question can be easily digestible to the recipients.

Tip #5 Include your signature:-

The signature allows the recipients to know about you at the professional level. In the signature, you should information such as company name, your title, contact information, website, social media, etc. No matter whether you are writing from your phone or computer, the signature should match on both devices.

Tip #6 Personalize each interaction:-

Avoid using the words like ‘Dear client’ as it may create an image in the mind of the recipient that you are sending the mail in mass or you do not know the exact person to whom you have to approach. So, make sure that your email is constructed specifically for the recipient whom you are trying to approach. You should also consider the communication style of the recipient at the time of writing the email. 

Tip #7 Show restraint or respect:-

Although business emails are not private, you should ask the sender before sharing a personal message. For example, if someone asks for help in the email, then you should forward it to a person who can help in it. To send information to a large group, make use of BCC instead of CC as the name of the persons included in the BCC does not appear in the message i.e. they are hidden.

Tip #8 Follow up:-

You look for timely responses to all the emails you send. But, when people get a large number of emails each day, they get lost in those emails. As per the rule, you should send the follow-up message twenty-four hours after sending the mail. Try to follow this rule. However, in an extreme case, you can send the follow-up message within twenty-four hours.

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