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How to Effectively Find Idea on Dissertation

How to Effectively Find Idea on Dissertation
LiveWebTutors 07 Jul, 2016

Finding the topic of dissertation is the most significant steps in writing a dissertation. This is so because the entire research will be based on this topic. At times, it so happens that the students get stuck with the dissertation in between since they are unable to find enough research material as well as a further way of moving on to completing a dissertation. Therefore, this article rings you certain aspects to be kept in mind and followed while you are working on choosing a dissertation topic.


 Dissertation Tips


1-Find an Interesting Topic

It is vital that the topic that you choose is one that you find interesting to research upon, together with it being appealing enough to the expected readers of the dissertation. This will help you two folds. One – you will be able to research and write the dissertation without experiencing monotony and two – the reads would like to know in detail about the research and hence would read through your work with interest.


2-Scalable topic

One should not be too ambitious while the selection of topic. You need to be realistic enough that you will be able to research on the selected topic and that it will be possible within the deadline that you have for completion. It is not suggested to choose a very complex topic that leaves you in a state of confusion while writing your dissertation.

3- Critical Aspect

It is always welcome that the dissertation writers bring a critical thought to the table of the readers. Just writing on a known topic, might not interest people. Your actual talent as a dissertation writer would be noticed if your topic demonstrates a critical aspect that no one has thought about previously or has not been able to represent a clear view upon.


4- Put in Order

For all the topics that are of interest to you, gather some data and resources and put them in order in separate folders. This will present you with a clear view on the extent of information that is available to you on which topic and will make your choice easier. It is wise to choose the topic that has the potential of you being able to access a good amount of information.

5-Do Homework First

Before finalizing on a topic, it is necessary that you prepare an outline of the few topics. This step is necessary to be assured that you are able to find appropriate methodology and theory on the topic and that they match appropriately. Only the finest match should be considered s this is the heart f the thesis and you should have absolute clarity on this.

6- Appropriateness  Dissertation Tips

This one is a broad term and includes several aspects of your dissertation. Primarily, the topic should go with the level of your study. Secondly, it should give you some time to relax, it should not be close ended research question, and lastly, you should find it right to be written about and topics should not be chosen under anyone’s influence.


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