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10 Apps That the Students Should Have

10 Apps That the Students Should Have
LiveWebTutors 15 May, 2017

In today’s digital world and advanced education technology, mobile apps have become the order of the day. Without these apps, a kind of void is left in the learning process. Here are 10 mobile apps that have achieved great success and use with students of this age.

1. This app is meant for college students for studying efficiently. As they have to manage lined-up assignments, exams and never-ending series of deadlines with part-time jobs, is one app which consolidates all related news in one feed for you. It becomes easier to keep an eye on everything happening in your line of interest. Just an intelligent app to manage your daily routine and task-burden. Feedly mobile app is available for iOS (iPhone, iPad), and Android devices. The application runs on the same code for all devices. The mobile app acts as a browser on its own, so it can redirects to a link inside the app itself, as opposed to opening a separate Internet browser.

2. Timeful: It is one of the smartest time management apps with intelligent coding. Timeful (iOS) is different because it not only helps you to manage your list of activities, calendar and time schedule at one place but also learns about your routines and tells you when you must schedule a new task. It keeps a note of when you are most productive and when you are lazy. Over time, you gradually become less reliant on it and learn time management. Timeful requires iOS 7 or later versions. Though not a universal app, it will run scaled on any iDevice. The company is also working to launch a web-based version so that you can interact with your calendar from any place.

3. Scribd: Scribd is one of world’s online biggest libraries with access to millions of books and documents. You can curate and organize the notes, data, statistics, and books as per the topic of your interest to have customized library too. Share your library with your friends and make every one enriched with knowledge. In October 2013, Scribd officially launched its unlimited subscription service for e-books which gave its users unlimited access to Scribd’s digital library of books for a monthly fee.

4. CliffsNotes: Originally called Cliff's Notes, gives access to literary and other works in pamphlet form or online. On CliffsNotes you can get summaries of every book in the world. For Literature students, Cliffnotes has all the information related to every character, plot or themes in these books and novels. Listen to the audio versions of the books which you can hear while on a walk or travelling around in a bus or metro!

5. TED: TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design), a media organization, posts talks online for free distribution. This app contains high-quality videos of various conferences, seminars and speeches by some of the most legendary experts in computer science, education, business management, and musicians. Many of them are extremely informative and give you a rich experience. Not all TED Talks are equally popular, however. Only those given by academics are more in demand and watched more online while art and design videos are searched less than average.

6. iTunes U: It is a section of Apple's iTunes Music Store that is dedicated to educational audio as well as video files. The iPhone- and Apple device- users can get free access to numerous courses from world’s foremost universities and institutions such as MIT, Cambridge, Yale and Oxford.

7. Mathway: It is a web-calculator that finds interesting ways for solving mathematical problems. For Math students this mobile app is extremely helpful. You just have to enter your task and get step-by-step solution for your mathematical problem.

8. Essential Anatomy 5: Medical students can get access to 3D graphics which shows male and female models, has 11 systems and about 8,200 anatomical structures through this popular app. With over 8,200 structures, this app is highly accurate and visually stunning and stands as the gold standard in medical reference applications. It is easy to use. Students can attach notes on 3D models and take quizzes. Though slightly expensive, this app is being used in 118 countries worldwide.

9. Gojimo: This free test prep app is useful for those who are preparing for their SAT, ACT, AP or IB tests. This education software company is headquartered in London, United Kingdom, and produces a self-test exam preparation. With a database of about 150,000 quiz questions and detailed answers, Gojimo app covers all major subjects and offline course that students take in the US and the UK. The in-app store enables you to locate quizzes and study guides; users browse the app by subject or qualification. Study guides can be searched or navigated by topic. Through this app you can track your progress and share it with your friends on Facebook or Twitter.

10. Evernote: This is a useful app to save any article, notes, thoughts, ideas, webpage, or film clip on you mobile, tablet, laptop or any such device. Evernote is a great option for conducting research and preparing multimedia presentations in a short span of time. This is indeed a great app for people who have a spark and get bright ideas, but unfortunately forget them quickly! The app stores everything you could possibly forget, like a boarding pass, receipt, to do list, something you want to read or even a simple typed note. The app allows users to create a "note" which can be a piece of typed text, a complete webpage or just an excerpt, a voice message, a photograph, or a note handwritten in ink.

You can also attach files to the notes in the form of attachments. Notebooks can be stacked, or the notes can be sorted as a notebook, or they can be tagged, searched, edited, comments marked, and exported as part of a notebook.

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