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Best Writing Tips for Research Paper

Are you not doing well in writing a research paper? We can understand your pain. At the end of every academic year or semester, students need to prepare a research paper. Writing a research paper results in sleepless nights and a lot of work pressure for some students.  That’s why we have come up with the best writing tips to write an A+ Research Paper. These tips will surely help you to overcome your stress. A good Research paper needs a lot of research, but it also requires the right techniques.

To come up with these useful tips, we did intense research and also took the guidance of our experts. We got to know that it's best to divide our tasks into small chunks.

We got all these tips tested and they worked, and that's why we are sharing them with you now. So, here we go!

  1. Choose an Interesting Topic

Everything starts with choosing the right topic. Since there is no such thing as a single approach, technique, hypothesis, etc. So, you need to make sure that the topic you are about to choose has been investigated by other students or not? Your topic needs to be interesting and unique. You need to always be in touch with your instructor so that he can guide you on how to mold your topic in a better way.

Another important thing is to be aware of the topic that you choose and it should be of interest. You have to work and research on that topic until the end. So be sure, that you don’t get bored with it. Here we have an interesting tip for you. Write a few questions related to the subject of your interest like arts, history, etc. These questions should make you curious. Take these questions to your instructor and take his help to covert these questions into interesting topics. Like this, you will be able to choose an interesting topic for yourself.

  1. Look for Reliable sources

This Tip is crucial so we want students to pay close attention. You need to make sure that you deeply research your topic and miss nothing. But, at the same time, you need to make sure that the sources that you refer are verified and accurate. Get in touch with good sources like Google Scholar, Published books and periodicals of great authors, online encyclopedia, newspapers, government websites, government publications, news & reports, etc.

As per our experts, it is good to refer to various websites with .edu or .gov. Various online libraries can be accessed like NSDL (National Science Digital Library). You can also refer to NAP (The National Academics Press). These sources provide you with accurate and genuine content which will help you a lot with your research paper. To understand the meaning of any terminology or how it appeared, you can always refer to some great encyclopedias online which are reliable sources. These include visiting or Here you can also get to know about various facts like about any student’s achievement, theories which they developed, various historical dates and many other facts.

  1. Keep a track of your sources

It is advisable to write short notes in front of each source so that you know where you will be using it. Making a detailed list will be a good idea. Then there are various online tools with which you can later create references as well. Just keep a track of your sources which may include information like the Author’s name, date, title, quotes, Reference link, and Page no. If you don’t save such information then later, it may create problems in referencing and citations, since you may not be able to find the correct links again. So, this tip is to save your time and move ahead smartly.  

  1. Prepare an Outline that stands out

We are saying that your outline should stand out because it will help you ahead in your research paper when you will start writing. It acts as a blueprint for you. Preparing an outline is basically organizing your thoughts in a straight line so that you know what needs to come when. Many students skip this part and move ahead. But, trust us, we have asked our experts and according to them, if you skip making an outline, then later when you start with the write-up, all your thoughts get jumbled. Your outline is like a roadmap.

With an outline, you know how you will be placing the key points in your thesis statement. Look through your notes and then place the information under subheadings. Easy right? Yes, it is. Just make sure to put relevant information only.  After your research from various sources, an outline is the best way to organize those thoughts. You just have to figure out things like what will come first, middle, and so on.

  1. Develop a strong Thesis Statement

We suggest you use small but crisp sentences while writing a thesis statement. You should not write unnecessary things, and if you feel that you have used various adjectives and adverbs which are extra, then just omit those. The purpose of a thesis statement is to summarize what the entire research paper will be about. Basically, we have collected some points. It will make things easier for you. You have to answer these points in your thesis statement:

  • The subject of your Research-?
  • Plan to reach your goal-?
  • Methodologies that you will use-?
  • Expected outcome-?

Make sure to get this thesis statement approved by your instructor. Your instructor will surely guide you on whether any changes are required or not? Your thesis introduce your topic to the readers and it helps in developing a sense of relativeness. The readers get a rough idea about your research paper from your thesis and it helps them decide whether they want to read your research paper or not. So, make sure to make your thesis statement strong and to the point.

  1. Properly work on your first draft

Now that you have an outline with you and you know what your topic is, so try to start putting things in their places. Arrange all the subheadings in place and then start putting information under those subheadings. Refer to your sources and don’t forget to cite them in text. Put up relevant visuals like images, graphs, charts, etc. to support your text. Don’t forget to make your paper look alive with details and relevant facts. It will also help in supporting your arguments.

While writing, if you feel that you are lacking somewhere in your informative part, then you again research side by side. Maybe you will find more relevant information on the way. Another important thing is to make sure that you do not mix up your own personal notes and the sources, because it may lead you towards plagiarism. You can even check your plagiarism with the help of free online tools.

  1. Check on source citations and the format

We often hear that students forget to cite their sources. This is one area where we wanted to give you a tip. Always remember that these citations and referencing are crucial. If you don’t cite, then your paper might get caught under plagiarism. Different universities have their own format requirements. Make sure to keep your format the same throughout the paper. There are different styles like APA, Oxford, MLA, Harvard, etc. You can keep a track of all these formats in your paper, with the help of an online tool named This tool not only provides you a free referencing tool but there are various other add-ons too like sticky notes, highlighting features, etc.

  1. Edit & Proofread your draft before submitting

After you have prepared your first draft, the next big thing is to edit and proofread it properly. While proofreading, make sure to omit any extra line or repetitive text. You don’t need extra lines to bulge on. Keep things straight and to the point. Then Edit your content to eliminate grammatical and spelling errors. Here is the list which you can keep in mind:

  • Your thesis statement should be straightforward and crisp.
  • Is your writing logical and is the flow of the write-up well organized?
  • Is each paragraph emitting logical stuff?
  • There should be no illogical lines or words.
  • Your arguments should prove and support your thesis.
  • Avoid repetition of words and sentences.
  • Have you properly cited your sources?
  • Make sure that the language used is clear and specific.
  • Read your paper aloud to check the correct flow of sentences.
  • Avoid filler phrases & words.
  • Check for grammatical, punctuation, and spelling errors.

As per our experts, the best way is to get your write-up checked by family or friends before you take it to your instructor or corrections. Try to catch on to as many mistakes as you can. We read one more tip while we researching, and that was to read your paper backward so that you can catch more mistakes. We tried it, and it worked. It sounds weird, but it might work for you as well. 

  1. Balance out in the usage of paraphrases, your sentences, and quotes

It means that you need to maintain the quality of your text by using the right amount of quotes. An excess of quotations can lead you towards the low quality of the paper and also reflects a low understanding of the topic and lesser efforts. Try to avoid too much paraphrasing as that might lead to plagiarism as well. You can’t paraphrase everything and later say that it’s your own content. Make sure to use your own sentences too which express your thoughts on that topic. Keep a balance between both. Make sure to cite your content whether it's a quote or paraphrased content, and sometimes in even your own sentence.

  1. Make use of transitions

Transitions help in giving an appealing effect to your write-up. You can plan on your transitions before like which sentence to use and what is about to come next. The transition here means a mix of the last sentence or its idea with what you are about to say next. Just try this and you will see the difference in your write-up.  

We hope you liked our amazing Tips. We will suggest you use these tips while composing your research paper. It worked for us and will surely work for you as well. Make sure to apply all these while writing. If you have any doubt, you can reach us through email or the numbers provided on our website. We write these guides to help students score well in their assignments. We understand how hard it is to prepare long dissertations, case studies, etc. If you feel the need of taking my assignment help, then kindly order from us now. We guarantee you high-quality content and full guidance throughout.

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