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Work While You Study - with these Work Permissions is Australia

Studying abroad is a dream that many students cherish. And to fulfill this aspiration, a number of students are eyeing Australia as their dream destination to pursue higher education. With outstanding quality of education and a plethora of opportunities thereafter, Australia provides a complete deal to its potential international students. A number of features make Australia an ideal education hub for students from different corners of the world like absolute focus on outstanding quality of education, research-based studies, cosmopolitan culture, stringent and efficient laws to ensure safety to international students and professionals.

Every student dreams about getting world-class education. Australia is known for providing excellent opportunities to students and research scholars from around the world. Australia delivers at par excellence and quality across all levels of education. One thing that makes Australia a hot destination among students is its unending zeal to achieve excellence in a particular field through innovation. Australian education system believes in evolving and adapting with the changing nature of technology.

It also encourages its students and teachers to follow the same. The education system in Australia promotes one to use innovative ideas and methodology. To give students and teachers a boost, the government has invested heavily in providing them world-class laboratories, innovation centers, resource clusters and well-equipped libraries.

But sometimes financial constraints make this dream a bit difficult to achieve. Australia stands out in this aspect as well. To begin with, most of the Australian universities provide par excellence educational opportunities in reasonable prices. Also, almost all universities in Australia have scholarship provisions for the international students based on merit criterion. In case, you do not qualify for any scholarship, no need to be disappointed. Australia even has solution for that.

The university courses in Australia are designed in such a manner that they allow a student to work along with studies. Australian universities even have courses specifically designed for working professionals. If you want to work along with your studies, the Australian education system allows you to do. So, what is better than being independent along with the studies! Though there are certain restrictions and rules for working on a student visa. Therefore, if you have an offer from any Australian university but want to be sure about the working rules there, we have got you covered. Read on and all your doubts regarding the work permissions on a student visa will be resolved.

Who is Eligible to Work on a Student Visa?

Australia believes in the principle of independence and therefore encourages each and every person in its territory to be independent in every respect. The Australian government allows and encourages everyone to work and contribute towards development of Australia. Even students are left behind. The Australian government runs many intuitive for students to acquire various skill sets and thus enter the work force. If you are an international student and want to work in Australia, you can surely do so.

To work in Australia along with studies, one need to have a student visa with work permissions. A work permission in generally granted along with the visa issued. But in case, you do not have the required permission to work in Australia as a student, you can apply for the work permission anytime. For this, you need to have a valid student visa and all the required documents. Therefore, any international student wanting to work in Australia is eligible to do so on a valid student visa with work permissions.

What are the Rules and Restrictions of a Work Permission on a Student Visa?

Though the Australian government allows the international students to work alongside studying on a student visa but there are certain rules and restrictions to follow:

  • Students may work up to 40 hours in two weeks. Exceeding this work-time limit may result in cancellation of visa. This time constraint is applicable when the college semester is on. In college vacations, students may resume full time work as there is no restrictions on the number of working hours.

The limit to the number of working hours is put in place to ensure adequate quality time for students to focus on studies. Students while working along with the studies also have to maintain a certain attendance record.

  • Students nearing the completion of the tenure of their educational course may stay back to work in Australia. For this, a student has to get the visa renewed. In the meantime, a student might acquire a suitable bridging visa and may resume working full time.
  • Before beginning to work, a student needs to obtain a Tax File Number (TFN) from concerned government authorities in Australia. A TFN is a unique number issued to every individual separately. This number ensures that you comply with the taxation provisions of the Australian government.
  • Volunteer work and unpaid work do not fall under the 40-hour per fortnight time limit. It depends on the wishes of the respective student how much time is he/she is willing to devote to volunteer work.

Workplace Laws to Protect Working Students:

Australia has carefully crafted and efficient laws in place to keep in check any workplace discrimination and exploitation. We bring to you some important aspects of the laws that protect international students and encourages them to pursue work without any fear or inhibitions.

  • Every working person, whether foreigner or Australian, either working part time or full time, whether a student or professional, is entitled to a minimum guaranteed wage. No employer or organization can pay below that set minimum wage. Paying anyone below the minimum wage is considered a serious violation of law and forms basis for a punishable offence. So, remember whenever applying for or accepting any job offer, check the wage offered and if it is below the set level, you can complain against it to the concerned authorities.
  • All the working people in Australia are eligible for Superannuation. superannuation are the contributions made by an employer for its employee. These are apart from the alary that an employee receives. superannuation forms a fund that is usually kept for the retirement of an employee. As an international student working in Australia, one is also entitled for superannuation, if eligible. Check with your employer for your eligibility to get superannuation contributions. If you receive these contributions, you may get them back when leaving Australia.
  • Australia prohibits every employer from unfair dismissal of any employee, whether part time or full time. Dismissal or termination of anyone’s services has to be in an orderly fashion. The dismissal could only be effective if given with prior notice or adequate compensation. If you are an international student working there, remember that you cannot be dismissed from your services abruptly. If you face termination in an arbitrary manner, you may complain it to the concerned authorities against the employer.
  • All the people working in Australia are entitled to monthly paid leaves, sick leaves, day-breaks and adequate rest periods. No employer or the organization has the right to deny these facilities in any situation. If your organization or the employer is resisting in providing these facilities, you may reach to the concerned authorities for the redressal for your grievances.
  • To ensure the compliance of all the rules and regulations by the employers, the Australian government has an independent agency for this task – Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO). FWO is an apex institution under the government of Australia that safety and security of the people working in Australian territory. If any employee, whether from Australia or outside, is facing any problem or issues at his/her workplace and is not getting support from the respective employer, then the employee may report it to the FWO.

FWO provides the employees with information on their work rights like number of hours of work, minimum wage, etc. FWO helps employees seek relief from their employers. It also protects the employees from any workplace injustice or discrimination.

What makes Australia a desired destination to study and work?

Cosmopolitan culture:

The most important thing that attracts not only students but also expatriates from other countries to look out for Australia is its multi-ethnicity and diverse culture. People from various cultural and regional background feel welcome in Australia. Its diverse and accepting nature makes people feel safe and secure and thus instills a confidence to choose Australia. The laws in place also protect international students and professionals by preventing any discrimination.

Cost of living:

The cost of living is also one factor that students find appealing in order to choose Australia as their destination for education. Australian universities also provide flexible academic programs which enable students to make decent living and even pursue their education alongside. Most of the universities in Australia have scholarship programs for international students who maintain an excellent track record in academics.

Ensured Safety at every level:

Thus, the Australian government has put in a special safety provision called Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) Act. This act has a specially designed framework to protect the rights of international students, studying in Australia. The framework puts the onus of responsibility on to the respective institution to provide safety and security to its students in every way possible.

Australia also has an active Visa approval system in place. It ensures smooth execution of formalities in order to enable a student to acquire visa within the time limit. It works efficiently to remove any obstacle that a student might face.

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