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Now, when we already know what is an assignment let us understand the purpose behind giving an assignment. Education is imperative for the student’s life and their future. By receiving good quality education, students can have a successful life. The teacher must agree on the curriculum in the classroom and the teacher must set clear expectations as to what the students expect. Students will work hard to achieve their goals and eventually it will certainly be worth it.

Students strive to get admissions amongst the best universities or colleges in the world and to do that, they put their best efforts in making their profile compatible.

One of the assignment's purposes is to teach the students how to study. To this end, it is certain that the assignment will make a substantial contribution to training students. Typically, in school, assignments are very important when it comes to teaching. Some students believe that academic assignments are trivial, but the fact is that assignments are given to assist students in self-study and to explain their concepts or ambiguities about any subject matter.

Being a student, many students think that learning ourselves is not our job, as it is the teachers ' responsibility to teach us. Nevertheless, this truth cannot be denied that any student related to any subject can be given every single detail by an instructor. Such spoon-feeding types can destroy a student's learning skills and academic career. Spoon feeding is like the cruelty of killing children’s learning aim. College or university are those areas of education where teachers are teaching or clearing up all the concepts of a subject and allowing students to learn it more on their own. Such activities or assignments are regarded by the students as major unhappiness and frustration as they think they are necessary to study at the university or college.

Learning involves an individual to acquire the skills or abilities taught. This can be achieved by evaluation, listening and training methods. Many students are encouraged to learn and remain focused since it allows them to understand the content they provide and to learn. Experiencing other events and living through them can also contribute to understanding. This helps in critical learning and helps in stimulating the minds of the student and leads them to learn whatever their teacher can teach.

The real reason behind the assignment purpose is to improve students ' learning skills. Because if the students use their brains, they are more likely to learn more. It is a proven scientific fact that students ' imagination is stimulated by educational assignments because they learn a lot more when learning and reading something alone. So the basic reason for assigning assignments is to provide an exposure to practice and to improve a subject's knowledge. Of example, subjects such as programming languages, mathematics, chemistry and physics need to gain good marks and expertise as keen training and continuous subject study. The more you practice, the more you learn as practice makes a man perfect.

Assignments often bring an assistant in the practice; learning the new things and witnessing the new results is just like an experiment. In turn, this practice makes students prepared and ready for exams and assessments and provides a way to overcome different unknown issues that might become in the study.

Advantages of an Academic Assignment

Facilitate To Improve Knowledge Of A Subject: The importance of assignments can be seen in such a way that teachers or academics ask students to perform various assignment exercises and activities in order to allow students to gain valuable understanding and knowledge of a subject in a great way to develop a perspective on the topic. Students should therefore obey and write the assignments as they are a means of learning and discovering the new things.

Helps in Developing good writing skills: In general, assignments are given to write an essay or paragraph related to the specific topic that can improve students ' writing skills at a sufficient level.  The task provides a way of creatively sharing their own ideas and understanding. Through assignments, students greatly enhance their writing skills through learning the structure to follow in an assignment because a student with good writing skills is able to perform better naturally in tests, papers, tasks, and so on because he / she has a strong understanding of the subject that can effectively compose and elucidate. It helps them learn how to effectively organize the collected matter.

Practice makes a man perfect: With time and constant practice, a human ability gets better. Students can organize writing every day in the case of assignments by writing a small number of words on a particular topic every day. At first, it might be irritating to the students, but the more assignments they write, the better they understand.

Proactive planning method for exams: When students do some research on their subject of assignment or research assignment topic, it means that they indirectly get prepared for tests or examinations. In exams, students are asked general questions and only those students could reply who studied well and completed their assignments and have good feedback from teachers, which helps them to do better in exams.

Helps in Developing Time Management and organizational Skills: Like other academic projects, assignments usually also have strict deadlines that could be a week and may be a few hours at times. Students are instructed to follow the deadlines for submitting the assignment. Thus, assignments make students timely and help students handle learning tasks and develop time management and organisational skills in an academic career.

Scope of Improvement: Each student is responsible for their task, but it cannot be overlooked that teachers ' little praise and feedback can change a student's performance. Appreciation makes them happy, and feedback opens the doors for change that would aid in studies and deliver better results while working on an assignment next time. This way, the students effectively learn how to write an assignment. 

Helps in developing Research Skills: Assignments in students build an exploration habit. This allows students to conduct research in detail and thus improve their research skills. Research is an engaging student activity that not only expands knowledge but also enhances critical thinking capability.  In additional studies and professional lives, these research skills will give away. The students as well learn to do citations and frame bibliography of the various sources that they refer.

Improvement of Language Analysis, Analytical skills or cognitive skills: It is possible to observe the importance of tasks as they improve and strengthen their creative abilities. Assignments like Language Analysis Paper, not only improves the level of thinking, but also provides the time to make great use of the brain and to achieve inventive ideas.

Improves learning of Real-life examples: This intent should be understood as students can use and interact with their assigned topic with different real-life examples. Discovering and finding new ways of learning each time students are involved in writing a new assignment can be beneficial.

Why students should realise the importance of an Academic Assignment?

To stimulate their interest, the intent of the assigned lesson must be made known and understood by the students. Motivation is a definite feature of the assignments. The assignment must allow students to see their study objective and achieve specific goals. The objectives of the lesson are important in giving the students' thoughts and activities direction and consistency. Practically all recent writers and authors find the chief role of the assignment to be providing clear and adequately comprehensive instructions to allow students to intelligently address the problem or problems in the advance lesson or group. The instructor must clarify the process to be followed by the students in carrying out the assigned work to make the study period successful. Asking a student to do something without considering his interest is unethical academic practice. The presence of new issues presents a roadblock for students. The task is completely inadequate, not equipping the students with both knowledge of these obstacles and advice to solve them. That new lesson assigned assumes that it is important to learn new elements. The students should as well and are provided with the important things to remember while writing an assignment.

The ability to effectively execute this assignment role involves a mastery of the elements involved in any learning phase. It applies to the synthesis of the past and the current lesson and appreciative learning concepts. In the assignment function, therefore, full recognition is given to the psychological principle of apperception. Generally, the students find the mastering of the new elements a relatively easy job when this is done properly. Where there are elements of appreciative experience, the teacher must direct the students to use them for interpretive purposes. The students need to build the motivation and ability to do the job. The students should emphasize the importance of the task and should recognize the real merits of the advance research. This acknowledgment is but one of the many benefits that can be offered.

The basic role of education is to assist understudies with getting information and aptitudes to work in society. Students are in need of such abilities to be productive citizens. Multiple advantages are associated with receiving education. In this way, students are able to efficiently contribute towards their community and helps in making it a better place to live in. Education helps shape society as it helps in becoming them more responsible in shaping their future and career. If students receive better education, they are more qualified for better job opportunities. Hard work should be the aim of each student that can be accomplished by the purpose of assignments. This helps in making them to have a successful life and better future leaders.

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