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When it comes to selecting the university, students want the best place to attain education for their brighter future. If you are done with selecting university, it is the time to look for the accommodation place. Looking for accommodation place is equally important as selecting a university.  Living alone and managing everything on your own is not an easy task.

So, it is important to look for an accommodation place that gives you a feel like home. There are many options where you can stay, such as paying guest (PG), rented apartment, or the hostel facility of college or university. But it is all about where you feel more comfortable. Looking for a staying option is like looking for a new home for you.

It is hard to find a home-like place to stay at the time of study. However, if you will do proper research, you can find a place where you can feel comfortable and a home-like feel. To find an accommodation place just like as home, do a research beforehand. By doing a relevant research, you might find a better alternative. If you are one of them who is going to leave their home and going outside for study, there is important information for you.

 In the forthcoming paragraphs, some necessary information is given about the accommodation places when you go outside to study.

Why give importance to the accommodation places during admission in universities? 

When a student leaves his home, the most challenging part is, they have to manage everything on their own. While leaving home, the primary and most crucial thing one wants for the accommodation place is that it should give a home-like feeling. And, if the accommodation place will make you feel like home, it will be easier for you to manage things.

Therefore, it is essential to pay close attention to the accommodation places when you are going to take admission in any of the universities in your city.

Types of accommodation place:

When it comes to looking for an accommodation place, there are many options you can search for. A few of the options are:

University or college hostel

It is the first and most comfortable place where you can live when you leave your home for university and college. The university and college itself offer the accommodation place to the students in their hostels. But only the students who had scored good marks in their previous courses are eligible to get admission in these hostels.

The rest of the students need to look for another option to stay where they live.

If in case you are not allotted with university and college hostels, there are many other options that are available for students to stay.

Paying Guest

It is also a kind of hostel where the students can live. There are many rules and regulations that the students need to follow in hostels.

Paying Guest (PG) is a kind of residential place for the students, where they get all the necessary facilities and stay like rented people. Moreover, the owner of the PG asks for a monthly rent and provides all the necessary facilities to the students including food, furniture, etc.

Rented Portion or flat 

In the flat or rented portion, you will only get a house where you can live. In the flats and rented part, you have to prepare the food yourself. Even you would not get furniture. The students themselves need to make that rented portion as like home. You have to purchase each and every necessary thing that is required for daily purpose.  

What to know while looking for an accommodation place? 

The peak time of admissions is coming again. It's time to move out of the comfort zone of your home and pursuit your higher studies. Looking for universities for higher education is not the thing you have to do when you are moving out of the home town. It is the time when you have to look out for a rental portion, an accommodation place, or any of the PGs to live. The students are fortunate who get seats in the college of university hostel. On the other side, when it comes to those who have no idea where to live, life becomes more difficult for them.

Those who do not have a place to live, it is tough for them to find the right place to live for. The only few options left for the students are, take apartments on rent and PG houses. However, the more students look for PG accommodation, because it is a little easier to stay over there instead of staying in an independent flat. It is convenient to deal with PG houses, rather than focusing on the rented flats. PGs offer furniture, food, and other necessary things, which the students have to manage their own in the rented apartments.

If you are looking for the accommodation options, don't worry, read the key points thoroughly. These mentioned vital points will help you to know what you should look for when you are going to take a PG on rent.

Few things that you should consider:

  • Be aware of the rent agreement : You can find numbers of PG houses nearby your universities, but the most important thing to be mindful of is the rent agreement. There are a few PG houses who ask for the rent agreement. The deal is of near about one year, which requires registration. In the case of licensing agreements, there is no compulsory registration needed. For example, if you get into a contract, and if the PG house is not suitable to you, what will you do then? Try to find a home like PG, where you can leave the place whenever you want. There is no compulsory agreement or rent you have to pay.
  • Police verification is a must : There are many states where the landlords have a compulsion for police verification. Even the police verification is good for the safety of students as well as landlords. So when you take any PG (PG) on rent, make sure you will undergo police verification.
  • Ask for the compulsion of guardians in local city : It is quite awkward, but still, in Delhi NCR, you will find a few PG, where the students should have local guardians in the city. If in case, the students do not have local guardians in the city, they won't get accommodation over the place. If you talk about this in legal terms, the students do not need to have local guardians in the city. Adults are free to take rooms on rent and can stay in PG alone without local guardians too.
  • Safe from PG raids : You might not consider this point first, or did not focus on this point, but it is essential to know about whether the PG is safe from raids or not. From all the PGs, you may find a few ones, where police raids can occur. Police raids can take place because of any reason, such as if the owner does not pay income tax. So, you may have a query that how students can ensure themselves.

In this situation, what the student can do is, they can check the permissions and license of the PG. At the time, when you agree with the landlord, you can check out the license, permissions, and other necessary documents of PGs to ensure whether it is safe to enter the PG or not for accommodation. The process of checking documentation is helpful for the students to prevent them from any future unsafe situations, where they can get trouble due to the faults of the landlord.  

  • Get the security deposit : At the time of entering into the PG, the landlord asks for a one-month security deposit from the student. Even when you enter the PG, they ask to inform you one month back before leaving. It is the rule of every PG. Still, you should make everything clear about the amounts and security deposit before unpacking the bags. Ask whether they will return the remaining security deposit at the time of leaving or not. If in case, the landlord refuses to return your money, don't worry. It is illegal, and you can take legal action for them to get back your money.

University is the key to bring success for the future. It is a way to build a brighter career. But, the most important thing to focus on is when you go outside for university study is where you will stay. There are different options available for accommodation. Also, we have demonstrated a few points to let you know how you can find the right accommodation place. So, go ahead to make an established career, and choose the right place to stay.

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