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An Essay- How can researchers ensure that their practice is ethical

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Write an essay on "How can researchers ensure that their practice is ethical " Word counts - 2500 without a bibliography Harvard reference style...

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Question Preview:

Write an essay on "How can researchers ensure that their practice is ethical " Word counts - 2500 without a bibliography Harvard reference style

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How Can Researchers Ensure Their Research is Ethical?

Research is an extremely important discipline to come to a solidified conclusion. Often times researchers do not realise how their work is to be conducted in a manner which has the potential to change the course of the study or to change it entirely.Research is a very vast discipline, for both applied science as well as social science, and it is important to have an ethical approach while studying it. Before we aim to understand the need of ethics in research, we will first understand the intricacies of a research procedure and what compels the scientists to take ways otherwise (Vanclay, 2013)

Researches are often conducted on certain topics of interest which can help us establish certain results about the behaviour of human beings or science in a particular way because of some reasons which can be only understood after the due understanding of the subject at hand. This is usually done by establishing a hypothesis and an alternative hypothesis to ensure that the contradictions, (if achieved) in the results can be justified otherwise and the research still holds some value in the academic field and is not just thrown away for some reasons. A well-conducted research is of great importance since it establishes the very nature of how things proceed further on in their behaviour and conduct and influence the very human civilisation in ways we do not even fathom it can. Research holds great potential when it comes to influencing people, and understanding them at the core (ASA Ethics, n.d.). The way a research is conducted says a lot about its authenticity, results and the person who conducts the research. Often times, there are so many contradicting reports regarding researches of similar nature that believing either of them is confusing. Fr example, while some research claims that coffee is good for health and brain, another claim that it Is not good for the heart. This puts the reader in a dilemma if he is to drink coffee or not and if his health is at risk or not. Thus, these researches then often lose credibility and do not make any difference in the lives of the people. This is an alarming situation and this is where a lot of things about the way a research is conducted comes to the mind of the layman, and how ideally the scenario should be to ensure proper results and any concrete and relevant reason to be taken seriously (Barnes, 2005)


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