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Wireless sensor monitoring system for photovoltaic system.

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Wireless sensor monitoring system for photovoltaic system andThe Bus topology is one of the physical layouts that are easy to implement and extend. Please download the attached file....

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Question Preview:

Wireless sensor monitoring system for photovoltaic system andThe Bus topology is one of the physical layouts that are easy to implement and extend. Please download the attached file.

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The Bus topology is one of the physical layouts that is easy to implement and extend. The extension can be done easily by attaching the new devices with the main cable. It eliminates the need for more wiring and cables. The new devices can be added to the network by using not more than one or two physical connections. The backbone cable makes this topology easier to lay and organize. Hence, the devices can be installed easily in this layout. Wired technologies like Modbus and Profibus prefer bus topology because of its advantages. It is simple and economical as well. It is the kind of topology that is used for only small and simple networks. It uses linear shape technology to connect all computers and a single cable is used to connect all computers to each other [17]. A single device transmits messages to the other devices that are connected but only an international recipient accepts and processes the message. It is dependent upon its backbone and if it fails the connectivity also fails among the other computers.

The distance covered by the wired technology is generally less. The simplicity and understand ability is the best past of bus topology. It is one of the most efficient ways to connect the network when multiple clients are involved. The broadcast channel used by this topology lets all the stations hear the sound of the signal that is being transmitted. The extension is simpler for the user because only two cables are needed to be joined with one long cable which is connected via a barrel.

Star topology: The Star Topology is one of the most common and efficient topologies in the computer networks. It makes use of a hub or a central switch which is used to transmit messages to all the stations or devices. Devices such as hub, router and switch are employed to enable the connectivity between the stations and the central hub. In the client-server model, the hub acts as the server and the stations as the clients. When star topology comes to functionality of connecting devices, it is completely different from others due to the use of the standard temperature and pressure (STP) or unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) cables. By connecting the devices to a common point, the damage by the line failure is reduced. In this kind of network, the data packets need not traverse many nodes [17]. For example, 3 devices can communicate using at most two links only.

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