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Stop N Shop is an Indian owned daily need store where you can buy all you need for parties, occasions and festivals. It is more kind of a general store which specializes specifically in gifts, banners

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Roles and Responsibilities in my internship. Overview: Stop N Shop is an Indian owned daily need store where you can buy all you need for parties, occasions and festivals. It is more kind of a general store which specializes specifically in gifts, banners, party props, art and craft material, costumes, household decorative etc. History: Talking about the early days, the store was the result of consistent struggle of a Gujarati man, Mr. Varun Makol. He had started with one shop in the city and within 5-6 years his hard work has made him a successful business man with 5 stores pres...

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Question Preview:

Roles and Responsibilities in my internship. Overview: Stop N Shop is an Indian owned daily need store where you can buy all you need for parties, occasions and festivals. It is more kind of a general store which specializes specifically in gifts, banners, party props, art and craft material, costumes, household decorative etc. History: Talking about the early days, the store was the result of consistent struggle of a Gujarati man, Mr. Varun Makol. He had started with one shop in the city and within 5-6 years his hard work has made him a successful business man with 5 stores presently serving people. Handling of customers and their demands is the sole goal of any organisation. The way you treat your customers effects the success rate of the organisation. At our store we promise you, best customer service and value for money products. Present stores: About 3000 products of different varieties are available at 5 stores located in Auckland city, Vero park, Glen Eden, Silver Dale and Henderson. The store also has an online website to provide a glimpse of thousands of products provided to the customers. They also provide shipping at different location through the website. The main clients are localities who come to shop for occasions and get-togethers. Structure: A staff of 8 is maintained at each store. 2 people work at packaging desk, 1 at billing counter, 1 at storage counter, 1 as a store manager and 3 are there for helping customers. I have been working as an intern from past 1 month. I have been shifted to different counters to gather experience at all places like cash counter, customer grievance service, packaging house, storage house etc. My major role at present is to undertake all the details of sales and purchase made every day. My key roles in the store are divided into various fields as mentioned above but the major 5 key responsibilities on me are: 1. Customer service – We aim at providing best customer service at our store. My responsibility is to provide customers with what they want. I also help them in finding the products they need and assist them in purchasing goods. My duty is to keep the customer satisfied and help him in every way possible. Sometimes, old customers need help at counters and shelves so my duty is to help them. I also help customers with the price tags by using bar code scanners. 2. Managing cash counter- This job was given to me last week. At the cash counters, my duty was to release customer bills and collect money for the products bought. It is important task because I need to keep the record of money at the end of the day. It is also required to keep cash counters safe from burglars and thieves so we have to be prepared for any instances. 3. Managing sales and purchases- The sales and purchases of the store are maintained to keep a record of products in the store. Since the store has more than 3000 products, every day a check has to be kept so that products do not short at high demand sales. My role was to keep a detailed record of sales made in a day and to also keep details of the remaining stocks. Since some of the products are imported, they have to be purchased from outside buyers. So it is also needed to keep a record of purchases made weekly or monthly. 4. Informing senior staff in case product shortage- In festive seasons like Halloween, when the demand of props and costumes increases, there can be shortage of some stuffs. This shortage is fulfilled either by alternate products or through the store houses. This job teaches you to work under intense pressures when the number of customers are intense. At this point, it is required to inform senior staff about the shortage of product. 5. Problem solving and customer management- Sometimes, the customers cannot decide about their products. In this case, they usually need help from staff for making choices. Moreover, it is not always possible to provide exactly what a customer needs so we help them in finding the best products for them. A need for assistance can also arise during peak hours of the day so it is required to help other co-mates. The skills required for this internship are a result of my management course and practical experience from the past. I had been working as a gym trainer in India before. So, I am conversant with customer handling and customer satisfaction. My calm and hardworking behaviour has helped me a lot in this internship. Moreover, as a management student this is the best chance where I can focus on the practicality of what I have studied till now. Due to this internship I can now define my strengths and weaknesses and will also try to improve myself. As per my thinking the key strengths which I have learnt here are: 1) Hardworking- This internship has shown me my ability to work hard under pressures. During rushy hours you learn to manage efficiently and perform well. 2) Developing values- Due to the internship I have realised my helping and affectionate nature through the medium of customer service. These have been one of my strengths from long time where I can work for customer satisfaction. 3) Confidence- This internship has also developed confidence in me. While working with colleagues I have learnt to co-operate and develop sporting spirit. With time I have realized about my weaknesses too while working with colleagues. Some of them are: 1) Responsibility- Before working here I was ignorant and less responsible towards my work. While working, you learn to be more responsible when you perform consistently. At the store I have to manage things efficiently which makes me understand the value of working. While on cash counters, it is my responsibility to take of the cash-in and cash-out. 2) Ability to concentrate- While working as an intern, I have developed skills like general analytics, customer handling etc. which were absent before. This has assisted me to concentrate more about the work I am involved in rather than other things. 3) Ethically mature- It is important to have some ethical qualities while working anywhere. This internship has helped me in being a manager as well as a leader. It has also helped me to dwell my skills more efficiently. Certain qualities like treating customers humbly, being punctual has developed in me now. Even though I have learned a lot in these recent days but I expect to learn more in my coming internship period. Some of the key areas where I can develop myself are as follows: 1) Managing accounts- It is not possible to understand what you have learnt in your academics unless you can use it practically. Future scope: Managing accounts department and cash flows is the major part of every organisation. This will help me in understanding management skills which will further help me in getting jobs in banks, monetary institutions, insurance companies etc. 2) Learning customer relationship management- For every store to succeed it is important that the store keeper behaves well with his customers. CRM is a part of every company having clients. With my present experience I can opt for CRM companies likes salesforce. Future scope: This helps in understanding the needs of customer. It will also help in gaining experience in CRM firms like salesforce. Moreover, I can also pursue a job in malls with customer grievance department, airports etc. 3) Personal development- It is important for a student to develop his skills personally as well as socially. While working at a store you have to interact with people every day which helps you to be more Future scope: Gaining knowledge about market trends and money management will help me in getting jobs in marketing companies, finance department and share markets. 4) Improving analytical skills- While working on cash counters and recording sales and purchases, it makes you aware about market trends and demand of the customers. In the long run, it helps in developing analytical skills and enhance yourself. Future scope: The major part of a job is to develop analytical skills. If I plan to open my own store, then this will help me further in understanding my role in store. By this I can hire better employees. Though my internship has started some time past only but my manager has accessed my skills on the basis of my performance. The success rate can be measured on the basis of three attributes: 1. Teamwork- This is the most important attribute while working with any organisation. It is important to work together with other colleagues. A company’s success depends upon the internal behaviour of its employees towards each other and customer. This can be developed by: i) Social skills- I can relate this quality to an incident when a new supply was arriving last week and the store required 4 employees for unloading, 2 for keeping records and 1 for checking goods. This was the best example for teamwork where we had to work collectively to achieve a goal at last. This has developed feeling of sportsmanship and corporation among us. ii) Confidence- This is required to tackle minor and major problems while working in a team. Your confidence can help you solve problems arising in your team. iii) Interactive skills- When you work with others you have to interactive and corporative with each other. There has to be a mutual understanding among one another. It is required to maintain a two-way traffic from both sides on the basis of commands, orders and instructions. 2. Leadership- A leader is not defined by his rules and regulations but by the way he manages everything leading everyone. To develop this quality following three qualities are required: i) Management skills- It is important to have leadership as well as managing qualities. Sometimes, at the store I had been assigned duties where I had to manage other employees. ii) Cooperation- A good leader knows how to cooperate with others and achieve his goals. iii) Energetic- At store, we work for hours and it is important to be energetic at all times. No customer wants to see a lame face of an employee. Activeness and energy helps us to be a step ahead of others. 3. Ethical behaviour- How you treat somebody is how you are treated later. This was the first thing we were taught on the first day of our internship. Valuing customers and solving their problems with were the major attributes to be adopted. My past experiences have helped me in adapting the new environment. i) Positive attitude- You have to be positive every time. There have been times when I had made mistakes, but my positive attitude has always helped me treat my customers better. ii) Calmness- While you treat your customers and colleagues, you have to be calm and courteous towards other. Short temperament is not at all good at work. iii) Hospitality- You have to treat you customers with politeness and a smiling face. How we behave with them directly effects our performance at the store. The attributes above were measured on the scale of 5 defining: Level 1 (U)- Unsatisfactorily Level 2 (I)- Improvement needed Level 3 (ME)- Meets expectation Level 4 (EE)- Exceed expectation Level 5 (E)- Exceptional As per my manager, my ratings were measured on the basis of different qualities I have adopted till date. These qualities have helped me scale my performance at the store. Teamwork- 1) Social skills- level 4, this was measured on the basis of my interaction with my colleagues. 2) Confidence- level 5, handling customers and maintaining good relations with them 3) Interactive skills- level 4, talking to different suppliers and finding better products Leadership- 1) Management skills- level 4, managing the goods and suppliers had helped me gain this score. 2) Cooperation- level 4, working with colleagues and customers shows my cooperation. 3) Energetic- level 4, My ever ready working nature defines my energy level at the store. Ethical behaviour – 1) Positive attitude- level 3, behavioural outcomes with customers and fellow colleagues 2) Calmness- level 4, solving issues with customer’s purchases and products. 3) Hospitality- level 4, treating customers as a priority Before the commencement of the internship I have lacked the qualities like responsibility, hard work and punctuality. During my internship I have brushed up these qualities in addition to other ones like teamwork, leadership, discipline, courtesy etc. If I was given a chance to scale myself on the basis of these attributes before the start of my internship, then I would rate myself as follows: 1) Social skills- level 3 2) Confidence- level 5 3) Interactive skills- level 4 4) Management skills- level 2 5) Cooperation- level 3 6) Energetic- level 4 7) Positivity- level 3 8) Calmness- level 2 9) Hospitality- level 3 The reason why I am giving myself such rating is because of the lack of qualities before. Unless you enter in the practical world, you cannot access yourself on qualities. But when you work under somebody you see a reflection of yourself in the work you do. Till date I have been sharing my views with my manager related to the store. The major problems he has discussed with me are 1. Lack of regular customers- I have seen that there can be many reasons for this case like shortage of goods, high rates of products etc. 2. Competition from other stores- There is an adjoining store who is our competitor. Sometimes customers are lured towards his store due to open space and better presentation of products. 3. Lack of advertisement- Our store also needs some advertisement. Most of the people do not know what kind of variety we have. So we need a new way to advertise in Auckland. Now this is on my shoulders to devise some methods which can help the store gain customers in the coming future. The best method I have thought of is out-of-home (OOH) advertising technique. To effectively understand why some products, have rate difference and how to remove it. Research projects aim: The aim of this research statement is to increase the sales of the store as well as the number of customers visiting each day. I myself want to be a manager of the store so I need to investigate all the problems in the store. For this purpose, some changes have to be made which are explained under the research objectives. Research objectives- The following research objectives need to be investigated and accomplished by the time I end this internship. According to me, the following objectives will be accomplished in the described time frame. 1. To create a feedback form for the customers by the end of this month so as to understand their requirements in a better way. 2. To interview the present employees and evaluate them on the basis of their performance in a week’s time such that their skill grounds can be determined. 3. To setup an advertising committee in the store in a 2-month time frame which can focus on out-of-home advertising as well as help publicise the store. 4. To collect data about suppliers in Auckland in a time period of 3 weeks so as to get cheaper and better products. This will ensure better sales than the competitors.

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Executive Summary
I am glad to present this research proposal and report on “Stop N Shop”, an Indian owned daily need store catering to varying needs and preferences of different segment customers. The organization has 5 stores which are located in different locations including Auckland city, Glen Eden, Henderson, Silver Dale and Vero Park. These stores are engaged in selling of over 3000 products of different varieties and categories. In initial stages, the organization has registered phenomenal growth both in terms of revenues and profitability. However, off late, despite Mr. Varun Makol’s diligent efforts, owner of the organization, the firm is struggling to achieve sustainable growth and development (Hall, R. 2009). The reason for non-accomplishment of stated objective is primarily attributable to low customer base, lack of regular customers, intense rivalry from other stores operating in the marketplace and absence of strong selling and distribution network. Furthermore, the company does not have effective advertisement and promotional strategies in place. 

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