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An Essay- "Identify and describe three social and economic factors that contributed to the emergence of punk rock."

Question Preview:

An Essay- "Identify and describe three social and economic factors that contributed to the emergence of punk rock." 1500 Words...

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Question Preview:

An Essay- "Identify and describe three social and economic factors that contributed to the emergence of punk rock." 1500 Words

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Social and Economic Factors Leading to Emergence of Punk Rock

Art has varied forms and all of them are a result of the social and cultural environment of the place from where they develop. Great examples justify this statement, as we can see in the sculptors of Michelangelo and the painting of Picasso, or the pianoforte of Beethoven. Art is subjected to a lot of thought and difference in application of various ideas and though processes of the people of the area, again subjected to thoughts and the activities in the environment. Punk Rock is a form of heavy music genre, which developed around 1970s in the United States, and eventually reached out to the people in UK and Australia as well. These are hard paced song with hard music and dramatic melodies aiding them to create a dramatic environment, which again is supported by heavy gothic dressing and makeup of the artists. As mentioned above, there are several reasons as to what factors influenced it immediate emergence in the country and led to its rising. Punk Rock was so pure and outright in its forms that many people could not accept it and let to its slight downfall, till the time it saw itself being converted to mainstream hip-hop and rock-roll (Arthur, 2015)

There are several reasons which can be attributed to its emergence during the years which can be primarily divided as social and economic. While the social factors appealed to the kind of audience they would appeal to and why, the economic difference will see how they gained momentum leading to an economic revolution that they were pretty successful to role about in the history of Punk Rock till the time it stayed in vogue. The social factors which have been identified are various, but of interest can be: a) the emergence of a free young population, b) industrialization and c) the Punk Rock philosophy. 

The population in America was slowly inching towards being too modernized and updated with latest technological revolution happening and so much more. It resulted in how the people had fun, and preferred spending their leisure time as well. Soon the era of disco came and it is where the major changes happened. The people no more preferred going to opera or Broadway theatres, but wanted to spend their weekends dancing on some famous beats and songs by their favorite pop stars. 

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