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A research paper is written either as a part of some academic curriculum or is written independently by any professional to get his/her paper published. In either case, the task of accomplishing a research paper successfully is challenging. It requires abundance of knowledge and expertise in a particular subject matter and the skills to present that knowledge in an engrossing and gripping manner.

Though a research paper is majorly an informational piece of work but it is the writer’s magical skills that make it an interesting read. A well-crafted research paper is a beautiful blend of knowledge and creativity.

A perfect research paper is a sign of one’s proficiency and expertise in a particular domain. The main component of any research is the first-hand research conducted by the author. The authenticity and the originality of a research paper make it stand apart from the other forms of scholarly writings. Thus it proves to be an extra challenging task for any writer to ace an impeccable research paper.

All the information and data gathered from the research form the content for the main text of the document. In addition to the main text, there are certain equally important features that give the entire document some substance. One such crucial aspect involved in the process of writing a research paper is the aspect of writing about the objectives of the research paper thus undertaken.

If you have any research paper pending and are looking for some insights to successfully accomplish it, then you are on the right page. Keep reading and all your doubts regarding the objectives and types of research paper will be resolved.

What are objectives with respect to a research paper?

As we have discussed above, a research paper is written with the prime motive of finding solutions to a particular set of problems. But there has to be a certain order or sequence in the approach adopted while writing a research paper. And here comes the role of objectives. The research objectives are the blueprint of the entire research thus conducted. The objectives are stated to make the readers aware about the main problems dealt with in the topic.

They reflect the main purpose and outcomes to be achieved by undertaking the particular research paper.

The objectives of any research paper depends upon the nature of the topic analyzed. The nature of the problems guide the objectives of the research. There are certain important points to remember while writing about the objectives in a research paper:

  • The objectives must be suggestive in nature. They should suggest the reader about the main outcomes that are likely to be achieved by undertaking the research. The objectives must be short and concise. They are indicative in nature and thus excess detailing can be avoided.
  • The objectives are better presented using different pointers. They must aligned in the same order as they are dealt with in the main document. For instance, the problem dealt with first in the main body of the research paper, must come first in the objectives list.
  • The objectives should be clear statements without any ambiguous text. The language of the objectives must be kept simple and straight. There should not be any contradictions or overlapping between the objectives and the actual document.
  • The stated objectives must act as a guideline for the writer too. The writer must stay focused on the objectives and should therefore work towards achieving the desired outcome as stated in the objectives list.

Though the above mentioned points are not any rigid guidelines, one is free and encouraged to modify as per the wishers. However, if these points are considered while writing a set of objectives, the task may become clear and easy.

Classification of Objectives of a Research Paper:

To make things more clear, we have classified the objectives into various types so as to make their use more clear and comprehendible:

  • General Objectives: The general objectives deal with overall results or outcomes that are likely to be achieved in the research paper. They deal with the ‘what’ aspects of the research, such as – what is the main purpose for undertaking research on a particular topic. What is the writer seeking to achieve by dealing with a particular set of problems related to that topic. It basically indicates the main theme around which the entire research paper revolves.
  • Specific Objectives: As the name itself suggests, these objectives deal with particular aspects of a research paper. These objectives pertain to the ‘how’ aspect of the research. Once the general objectives of a research are stated, it is equally important to state the roadmap or the methodology to be adopted in order to fulfill them. And here comes the role of specific objectives. They contain the information about how the desired results and outcomes are to be achieved. They also suggest what kind of methodologies and approach will be resorted to while undertaking the entire research paper.

By now, you must have understood the role and importance that objectives play in any research paper. It must also be noted that objectives majorly depend upon the type and nature of the research paper. Objectives are a reflection of the main theme of the research paper. Different types of research papers with different problems will certainly have distinct objectives. In order to write accurate objectives, it is important know about the different types of research papers as well.

Types of Research Papers:

Though any form of scholarly piece of writing cannot be classified in to water-tight compartments. However, for the sake of convenience, we often classify things for better understanding. Similarly, research papers are also loosely classified as follows:

  • Analytical Research Paper: This is the most common types of research paper that we come across. It is written from the perspective of analyzing a given set of problems form various dimensions. Such research papers are based on factual propositions made. These research papers are carried out to establish some facts by conducting researches.
  • Argumentative/Persuasive Research Paper: It is considered as a tricky kind of research paper. The writer here presents the reader with two sides, rather contradictory, of a situation. Then the writer states his stand on either one side and thus write the research paper to prove his stand. This involves extensive use of facts, arguments, and statements to be made in order to prove one’s stance. This is a tricky job as the writer has to be careful at every point not to contradict his/her statements and bring out a successful research work.
  • Compare and Contrast Research Paper: This type of research paper deals in comparing two different sets of ideologies, methods, approach, theoretical viewpoints, authors, scholars, different schools of thoughts, and many more. The writer here, is expected to present the reader with two different sets of works from the same filed and then make comparisons and contrast in the two in the entire research paper. The main motive of undertaking this type of research is to acknowledge the fact that same conclusions could be arrived at by adopting different approaches.
  • Definition Research Paper: These research papers are quiet bland and simple in nature. All a writer is expected to do is to describe any topic in length without providing any inputs or opinions of their own. This type of research papers do not require any analysis of a topic. The topic just need to be explained with relevant inferences and references.
  • Cause and Effect Research Paper: It is a very challenging and interesting type of research paper. It requires a writer to analyze a given set of problems from various perspectives and bring out a solution that is effective and sustainable in the long run. These types of research papers are generally carried out in business related field of study. These researches are not only limited to a particular case study, the results obtained from such research papers could also be applied to similar situations.

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