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A Detailed Comprehension of What is TOEFL and its Constituents 

Students seeking international exposure are looking forward to studying across eminent universities located around the world. If you too are an international student and seeking to study in an English speaking country, you might as well need to take up the popular test, better known as TOEFL.  

If you are wondering What is TOEFL, let us explain that the test assesses the ability to speak and also understand English by evaluating the English ability in terms of speaking, reading, writing and listening. Each of these are skills required to carry out the academic studies while being used by institutions to ensure that each student is able to get through their choice of country and subject.

It is usually performed through online test, held across a number of test centres throughout the country. If you have got a lot of questions regarding TOEFL, then you have certainly come at the right place.

A brief insight about What is TOEFL

Test of English as a Foreign Language, also known as TOEFL refers to a standardized examination that is taken as an evaluation of the English language. The scores are essential for universities to ascertain the admission process.

Individuals taking TOEFL and wondering What is TOEFL wish to attend a university in an English speaking country where the test ascertains the knowledge on English. The scores act as a source of evaluation for universities. Anyone who requires a demonstration and mastery of the language needs to take up the test.

This includes anybody and everybody applying to an exchange program, a foreign high school, a student visa or even for a community college. The test is here to largely focus on the subject English which is why a large number of educational institutions take the test up as a mode of evaluation for varied academic purposes.

The passages in TOEFL make use of formal high-level vocabulary and academic language instead of just a plain conversational and casual tone. It is one of the greatest tests ever discovered that has been designed to evaluate the language skills of a number of non-native speakers.

Majorly measuring four distinct skills such as speaking, writing, listening and reading, the test goes further just evaluating reading and speaking. Instead it also deeply analyses the ability to comprehend and create new information.

Who takes up the test?

As the test strongly focuses on the academic English ability, hence international students who are planning to opt for undergraduate and graduate programs are the one who majorly take the program up and need to evaluate What is TOEFL. Some others taking the test include scholarship seekers, students performing visa application and a lot more.

As per research statistics, TOEFL has already been taken by over a few million people worldwide with distinctive objectives. It is important to evaluate the requirements necessary for university courses. This is where students will be able to know whether they are required to take up the course along with the minimum grade necessary, and understand What is TOEFL.

Who makes the test?

The test can be made by ETS that stands for ‘Educational Testing Service’. The service also further makes the GRE along with varied other tests.

Where can the test be taken?

The test is usually taken across a number of training centres in the country. Students applying for the test can find the closest testing centre located nearby. However, if you are in a place that has extremely limited access to the internet, it is then crucial to take the PBT/ you can refer online to find a number of countries that offer PBT.

Why should you take up the test?

As mentioned earlier, a large number of governmental agencies along with educational institutions accept the scores while considering application for a number of positions and courses. While browsing through the requirements, individuals inquiring What is TOEFL might find that the courses need a minimum score that will allow you to move further in the process. The minimum score acquired might vary anywhere between 61 to 100 which primarily depends on the kind of course and university you are applying to.

The scores acquired will be valid for a period of two years. You can apply to any university or institution within a period of two years, after which it will be considered null and invalid. Hence, if you are looking to study abroad post two years, you will need to sit for the examination one more time in order to be eligible for the rest. For students wondering What is TOEFL, it is thus crucial to ensure that you sit for the exam right in time so that it eliminates the hassle to re-appear for the examination.

Constituents of TOEFL 

Internet Based TOEFL exam, also known as iBT

A reading section that comprises between 60-100 minutes and involves reading about 3-5 passages that comprises 12-14 questions

It also includes a listening section and involves around 6-9 passages that comprises around 5-6 questions with an estimated time of 60-90 minutes

There is a speaking section that lasts around 20 minutes while involving 6 distinct spoken tasks

Lastly, a writing section that comprises of two distinct tasks and lasts for 50 minutes

Paper-based test (TOEFL PBT)

A Pbt on the other hand is different as compared to the internet based TOEFL exam and comprises of the following:

30-40 minutes of listening section and comprises of three distinct parts

A section involving written and structure expression that lasts around 25 minutes and includes around 15 exercises along with 25 examples related to error identification

A reading section that lasts about 50 minutes that requires individuals to answer 50 questions about passages

The primary difference between the formats is the written and spoken test that is primarily replaced by structure and the written expression section in the latter test format.

Test structure of TOEFL

The examination is although an extremely long and complicated task; however it is essential to know the steps in order to conquer it well. Hence, let us look at the different types of tests available and analyze the ways in which it can be structured to know What is TOEFL.

What is TOEFL and its types

Majority of the tests taken while analysing What is TOEFL are usually internet based tests also known as IBTs. This is where students are required to take the test on a computer enclosed in a specified room. Usually, a number of people are aligned next to each other while taking the rest.

There is another kind of test as discussed above, known as PBTs. This test, distinct from the format does not test the speaking skills, and are specifically created for individuals who do not have access to a proper internet testing. This is what the minority group of individuals are taking, although the majority of the educational institutions are accepting IBT scores solely. Hence, it is a must to ensure that you check the criteria of the university before applying.

Irrespective of the type of TOEFL you wish to take, it is important that you know What is TOEFL and what you are seeking for. There is no hard and fast regulations in regards to the number of times the test can be taken. Hence, you can take the rest as many times you want.

Structure of TOEFL

Similar to any other exam, TOEFL too has its own structure. it is divided into four distinct sections and will typically require a total of 4.5 hours to be completed. Let us discuss the four sections in detail.

Each of the sections are marked out of 30 which are all added together to find the total evaluated score.

Section 1: Reading

This section is a multiple choice section where the sections are divided into three to four written passages and the passages comprise of 12-14 questions for each passage.

Section 2: Listening

This section is a multiple choice section and the listening section comprises four to six lectures along with six questions.

Section 3: Speaking

The speaking section is a bit more complicated as compared to the reading or listening section. This section follows a similar pattern and hence you need to prepare yourself accordingly.

Sector 4: Writing

There are two distinct parts of this section, while one is the integrated task, and the other being the independent task.

While the integrated writing task is required to be done within 20 minutes, the independent writing task is important to be done within 30 minutes. The former writing task needs students to read a short passage while listening to a lecture. This is when he/she is required to summarize the entire discussion. This is when you will be asked to choose an option between two and cite reasons as to why you chose the way you did.

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