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Have you found right place for accommodation? Before you get into the student house, the owner will definitely ask to sign an agreement. You have to sign the agreement, as it is the key to get into the house. But make sure, you read the agreement properly. Read the papers and necessary documentations thoroughly to know about every term and condition. Signing the agreement is the primary and most important thing before you get into the house. Contrary, there are a few house owners, who make fraudulent activities. In the name of agreement, they make some fraudulent activities for their benefits which can cost you a lot.

However, it is quite stressful to find the right accommodation. You should take enough time to raise some queries and think about the property properly. In the details, we tried to put a few things together.

When you are going to sign the agreement, make sure to keep those things in mind

Things to keep in mind:

Look for the kind of tenancy contract

Students usually try to get a short hold tenancy agreement, which is of almost fixed 12 months. There are two kinds of tenancy contracts available. The owner can offer any of the types to the group of students. The most common and recommended type of tenancy contract is individual contract. The individual contract is between the landlord and tenant. If you get a choice, go for the individual ones. With the help of individual contract, you are not accountable to pay for them. If your friend is late at paying rent, or leaving the house, you do not need to pay for your friend. The contract is made individual with you. So, you have to clear your amount only.

Small print of tenancy agreement

The tenancy contracts documentation is usually too lengthy and boring to read. It is too boring to read those lengthy documentations. So, when you are going to sign an agreement, do not forget to read the small prints. A little effort made by you will prevent you from future losses and risks. In the tenancy agreement, there are several points a person need to look for:

  • Check out the starting date of the agreement, plus the ending date of the tenancy contract.
  • Look at the name of the landlord, plus the name of every tenant. In the contract, every tenant and landlord name should be mentioned.
  • Do not forget about checking the obligations. Check out, what you can do and cannot do in the house. Plus, you have to agree on the obligation.
  • Do not forget to check out the amount of rent. There are a few landlords, who commit fraudulent activities in the agreement. So, it is better to look at the amount of rent to find whether it is the same as said to you.
  • Make sure, students who are liable to pay the rent, their names should be mentioned in the agreement.
  • Make sure, in the contract, there are general tear and wear should be mentioned. When you are living in a property, small tears and wears can happen.
  • If you are living in someone’s property, the landlord should be responsible for the repairs to his property and assets. Before you move into the house, make sure to check the agreed repairs by the landlord.

What about the security and deposited amount

Security deposit is the most important thing on which one should pay a close attention. Before you get into the house, the landlord asks to pay for one-month advance rent, which is his security deposit. The tenant cannot deny from paying the security deposit. As per legal terms, the deposited amount is registered with the government. Even, it is mentioned in the government backed deposit protection scheme between 30 days.

What about guarantor?

Keeping students in house is not as easy as you believe it to be . Many of the teens are involved in some malpractices too. So, why to take risk. There are many landlords, who ask for the guarantors. It is for the sake of landlords. In case, the students will do any malpractice, or not pay the rent, the guarantor is here to compensate for them.

Summer Holiday Period

Whether you're flying off to some sunny radiant, or simply going home to work and save a few pennies during summer, it is worth considering that most landowners will expect  half lease during July and August if you need to secure a place. And, if you think that the house will not be in high demand, then you might get away with not paying this retainer. However, you'll need to think that is a risk you are willing to take. Whatever you choose, simply ensure that you check the agreement cautiously.   It may specify that you cannot stay in the house during the summer period because of repair work. And, if you do, you may be responsible to pay the full amount of, even if there are only one or two tenants present.

Agency Fees

Fortunately, tenure charges are presently prohibited in England, Scotland and Wales. So, for most of us, gone are the times of getting charged unnecessarily for reference checks, check outs and from there. In our news piece about the ban, we experience what landowners can and can't charge you for – read it to ensure you're not being charged for anything unlawfully.   If you feel that you are charged fees by real estate agents that you feel is unlawful or not fair, which you feel are out of line, or even unlawful, you might be qualified for guarantee them back.

Now whenever you go to sign any accommodation agreement, make sure to keep all these things in mind. Most importantly, never rush to sign an agreement. Always ask for the copy of the agreement beforehand so that you can go through properly.

These things can help you to evade any sort of future risk or losses. 

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