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A case study dedicated towards the examination of a company or organisation helps a student to record or analyze the situations involved in the development of the organisation as a whole, of a specific department or person, or as the solution of a particular problem or issue. Case studies help a student to reinforce a company's reputation as the one that resolves the problems of the customers. A well-written case study is often designed in such a way that it effectively markets the possibility of a product, strategy or service is a good fit for the reader's business as well.

A case study is often written on a researchable topic related to your education discipline so that you can grasp the meaning of complex theories and concepts easily. In the academic sector, there are two types of approaches a student can opt for while writing his case study assignment i.e. the analytical approach and the problem-oriented approach.

Case studies have become an inevitable part of the management and business programs in most of the universities around the globe. This intensive and contextual learning method is preferred over the textbook learning in today's competitive era. Case studies help a student to identify how well a company is performing and also serves as an indirect tool for endorsement of the company is designed to sand written effectively.

Now that you know the importance of case studies in the society, you might be able to realize why scholars are subjected to write case studies about popular companies if not, well the answer is quite simple. Students are expected to produce case studies so that they can develop adequate research skills, critical thinking abilities, and exceptional writing skills.

Case studies focusing on top organisations of the world like Toyota, McDonald's, Google, Telstra etc. are most commonly found to be a part of the curriculums in management and business programs. One of the most relevant case study allotted to students is the Telstra case study. Due to the lack of the availability of information on the topic students often struggle to write an impactful case study focusing on logical aspects of the Australian telecommunications company, Telstra.

This article will provide you with an in-depth look into the history of Telstra along with some expert case study writing tips from the professional writers in the industry.

A brief outlook into Telstra

Australia is thoroughly recognized as the telecommunications leader all around the world and in the year 1901, the founders of Telstra followed up this traditional path of connecting people with each other at a global stage with their mobile, fixed-line, and internet services. Telstra is identified as a foremost telecommunication group of Australia that came into existence in 1901 with the establishment of PMG department (PostMaster General's) by the Australian government to handle the domestic telegraph, telephone, and postal services of the nation.

Earlier Telstra was known as 'Telecom' and in the year 1981, the company Telecom (now Telstra) launched the commonwealth nation's first-ever mobile network called the Public Automatic Mobile Telephone System. In the same year, the company also launched a car phone which was a significant development in the area of communication especially targetting travelling workers. It was in the year 1993 that Telecom became Telstra Corporation Limited as we know today. The name was initially used just for the international business while for domestic trading the name Telecom was continued. I 2010, the organisation signed up a non-binding Financial Heads of Agreement with the Australian government organisation NBN Co Limited. This agreement was signed in order to participate in NBN's rollout.

At present Telstra is all set to outshine other telecommunication companies in the upcoming years by smoothly fulfilling the high increase in data demand by the consumers. The company's network covers around 2.3 million sq kilometres of the area, i.e. approximately 99.3% of the population. It is also predicted that Telstra will provide 4G speed in the network to 94% of the population pretty soon. In today's era where mobile phones or smartphones have become as important as oxygen to human beings, Telstra is earning the maximum of its profit from the mobile communications sector only. At present, it boasts around 6.7 million mobile devices on its 4G network service which includes an average of approximately 1.1v million devices which have 4GX capabilities.

The telecommunications giant has opted for strategies like the introduction of international travel pass and reduction in the excess data charges to protect and increase its position and share in this competitive market area. With most of the individuals glued up to their phones, there is no surprise in the discovered fact that video streaming will cover 72% of the network traffic. This information is related to Telstra because the demand for its LTE spectrum will eventually increase as the number of consumers using data at high speed will rise up and beyond. In the upcoming time, Telstra also plans to stand tall in the cybersecurity are by providing systems and services to customers that can keep their data safe and allows them to function on a secure network.

The net worth of the company is somewhere around $25 million dollars. Telstra sits at the 11th position amongst the world's largest telco companies when it comes to market capitalization. Along with the telecommunication services, the organisation has also left its footprints in the TV cable area, yellow pages books, and online directories.

With the above-mentioned information, it can be observed that studying about Telstra will help a student to understand deeply how the company applied techniques to adapt to the highly competitive, commercial, and deregulated environment. Writing a case study about Telstra will allow a scholar to come across and gather a wide variety of observations and point of views referring to the present position of the company.

Writing a case study on Telstra

There is no denying the fact that writing a Telstra case study is not at all an easy task. A huge amount of research and efforts are required from the student's side to effectively evaluate a scenario and appropriately represent the methodology applied by the company to overcome a specific problem or to achieve a set goal. The format and design of each Telstra case study vary as per the subject area being highlighted in the document. However, here are a few general things you should keep in mind while writing any of your Telstra case studies

  • Select an interesting topic: It is essential to ensure that the subject of your Telstra case study does not overlap with the other subject areas related to the telecom company. Therefore you should choose an interesting topic for your case study assignment and try to incorporate all the framework or concepts relevant to the case study.
  • Form a pattern to follow: Your case study should always commence by providing an overview of the arguments and then followed by the research methodology used or the approach considered while conducting the research for the Telstra case study. Once you've added the above-mentioned details in your assignment add on the context description. Further focus on the main narrative of your case study assignment. Lastly, provide details about your findings and include your recommendations followed by a concluding paragraph.
  • Make sure you have a thorough knowledge of your frameworks and theories: Different topics will require you to apply different framework and theories in your Telstra case study assignment. For instance, if your case study focuses on the business and management functions of the company then SWOT analysis or Porter's five forces would make a presence in your case study whereas if your case study is dedicated towards the marketing aspects of the telecommunications company you will pay attention towards the 4Ps of marketing.
  • Conduct thorough research: Most students think that we'll get all the desired information on the internet and thus, do not research properly for their case study but this will not work if you want to create a compelling and interesting Telstra case study. You need to put in your efforts properly to research about the details that you should include in your case study assignment. You can consult the official website of Telstra as it will help you to gather details like the mission statement of the organisation, info about the in-house brands, and might also come across multiple interactive blogs that can make a relevant contribution to your case study assignments. You should also try to stay up to date with the rise and fall of the companies at the finance markets to make an appropriate comparison.
  • Add references properly: Adding citations or references in your case study is extremely important. Check-in with your professor or in the instruction list provided by the university that which style of referencing should you follow in your Telstra case study. It can either follow APA, MLA, or Harvard patterns. Thorough referencing will help a student to secure better grades in this academic assessment.

Get professional help in writing your Telstra case study assignment

Students often struggle in writing their case study assignments due to the lack of skills required, inability to understand the concepts thoroughly, lack of writing skills, and because of the need, to juggle other responsibilities along with their higher education. In order to overcome these issues, there are plenty of online assignment writing service providers that offer case study assignment writing facilities to the students associated and enrolled with them.

These online assignment writing portals recruit a team of highly qualified professional writers from the industry that can work their magic on your case study assignment beautifully. Most of these portals pay special attention to the quality of the content being delivered to you and also provide customized solutions for your case study assignments as per your individual requirements. This allows a writer to pay special and personal attention to your case study assignment. The team recruited at these portals completely understand the psychology of a scholar writing the case study assignment.

The writers have years of experience in developing the Telstra case study assignments due to which they completely understand what will be expected of you from the assignment and hence write the one which will create a positive impression on the readers as well as the examiners. Most of these portals will assure you of the quality and professionality of your assignment is maintained throughout and you will also guarantee ensure that you earn a top grade in your case study assignment. Here are a few reasons why you might need expert help with your Telstra case study

  • Lack of the presence of adequate problem-solving skills due to the scholar's capabilities.
  • Inability to solve or understand the analytical problems.
  • Unable to read the real-life situations involved in the assignment.
  • Inability to be physically available to gather real-time data or evidence.
  • Absence of adequate research skills like observation abilities or interviewing capabilities.
  • Inability to possess the required level of analytical skills and absence of logical reasoning abilities.
  • Unable to identify which cases or situations are appropriate to write about in the case study assignment.
  • Lack of time to be devoted to the case study assignment. Remember that a case study can also stretch over a long period of time if it is longitudinal in nature.
  • Inability to write the case study research report as per the set norms by the university or college.
  • The inability of the students to draw generalizations in the case study.
  • Missing out on the main purpose of writing the case study assignment.
  • Unable to write original and unique content in the assignment.
  • Lack of adequate resources like a laboratory for experiments etc. to get the desired results.
  • Inability to choose an impressive and representative case due to which the outcomes are affected to a huge extent.

Benefits of availing expert help with your case study assignment

Students are exposed to various assignments in their everyday life which are designed to test their different skills and capabilities. They may have numerous ideas related to a particular assignment in their mind but when they sit down to finally write down the content they get buried under the heap of confusion. Many students get stuck in these assignments due to which neither do they get enough time to focus on learning the concepts nor are they able to produce impressive assignments which result in them earning a low blow to their overall grade in the university program or discipline.

This causes a student to get all stressed out and thus, panic while unable to handle the situation. In such a scenario, many students often turn to online assignment help services to get their case study assignments written expertly and within the set deadline.

Here are a few common benefits a student can enjoy by getting expert help with his Telstra case study assignment

  • High grades in assessments:

As we all know that students are constantly pressurized to achieve top grades in their academic assessments, it is extremely important for them to stand out from the crowd and stay a step ahead of their competition. The writers at the assignment help providing portals explain the concepts in a simplified manner in the assignment which indirectly assists the scholar to achieve high scores in their program or discipline.

  • Get a reference guide for future case study assignments:

A student can always refer back to the case study assignment bought from an online assignment writing portal to use it as a guide for all the forthcoming case study assignments. These assignments bought from an assignment writing portal is written by the expert writers from the industry thus it provides a student with the way to conduct a practical analysis of the case included in the assignment. Students will get an actual idea about how can they approach their case study assignments.

  • Enhances the creativity skills of the student:

A case study assignment writing service provider will draft an influential document for the submission at university. Reading the bought assignment will help you to attain a new look towards the other assignments you're supposed to write in future. It will play with your creative abilities and help you to make innovative propositions for your upcoming assignments. The bought assignment will act as a foundation for churning out unique ideas for the analysis of your case study assignment.

  • Get a thorough analysis section in your case study assignment:

The analysis of a situation or scenario is the most significant part of a case study assignment. A scholar judges your case study majorly on the basis of how you've analysed the case presented, therefore a perfect analysis helps a student to achieve high grades in the assessments. An online assignment writing portal understands the importance of a strong analysis section in your case study assignment and thus provide appropriate assignments to students which offer a clear view of the situation to the readers as well as the examiner.

  • Create a banging impression on the examiners or professors:

Students are dying to create a positive and lasting impression on their supervisors or examiners or professors with their case study assignments so that they can get top-notch grades in the assessments. The expert writers at the online assignments writing service providers understand your desire to be in the good books of the professor and hence leave no stone unturned in creating a solid case study assignment that impresses your professors and makes your grades reach new heights.

  • Provide a practical approach to your case study assignment:

An online assignment writing portal ensures that the details added in your case study assignment are prepared from a practical viewpoint as this enables a writer to add only the most relevant information to your topic in the case study assignment. The writers are qualified and experienced and hence have rich knowledge in this area as well. 

Topics or areas you can seek help with while writing your Telstra case study assignment

Case studies focusing on the field of business include various topics and formats that are included by the students in the study to regulate the details according to the requirements of the assignment. Also, these are the factors which will differentiate one type of Telstra case study from the other. Here's a list of a few tools and general topics that you can seek help with while getting expert help with an online case study assignment writing portal

  • Leadership theories that are relevant to the management of Telstra Corporation.
  • SWOT analysis of Telstra.
  • Explanation of Porter's five forces model in relation to the telecom company.
  • PESTLE analysis of Telstra Corporation.
  • Application of Strickland's grand strategy in reference to Telstra.
  • Cross-culture management in Telstra.
  • How does the BCG matrix related to the functioning of Telstra.
  • A business management case study focusing on Telstra.
  • Selecting an apt topic for your Telstra case study assignment.
  • Get help with analyzing the segment of your Telstra case study assignment.
  • Relevant examples to suit the theme and purpose of your Telstra case study.
  • Assistance with field study for your case study assignment.
  • Aid with tabulation of data for the case study assignment.
  • Help with classification and synthesis of the data gathered for your Telstra case study.
  • Providing appropriate format and samples for the Telstra case study.
  • Qualitative and quantitative interpretation of the data in your case study assignment.

Features of an online case study assignment writing service provider

With the above-mentioned information, it is a well-established fact that writing a Telstra case study assignment is not a walk in the park. There are a large number of portals available online that can help a student write his Telstra case study assignment smoothly and effectively. It requires immense efforts and time from the writers recruited at these service providing portals to write an impressive project on your case study.

Even if a student is skilled enough to produce his own case study assignment, the inability to juggle other activities with the lengthy assignments cause him to seek professional help from the expert writers in the industry. Let's have a look at some of the most common features an online assignment writing service entails to provide top-level support to the students

  • Delivery of high-quality content to the students.
  • Zero plagiarism in the case study assignment delivered.
  • Round the clock support system to meet the requirements of the students at any time of the day.
  • Affordable costs and attractive introductory discounts.
  • Assurance of no grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, or transitional errors in the case study content.
  • Writers with in-depth subject knowledge work on your assignment.
  • Confidentiality of the student is thoroughly taken care of.

With all the details presented to you, it can be said that getting help with your Telstra case study assignment will not be a regretful decision. Place your order now to relax a little and enjoy great results in your assessments.

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