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Top reasons your student visa is rejected in various locations

So you've finally decided to study at a foreign university. You've been tossing up between the best cities to live in, compared the best universities in the world, searched the best student accommodation options, and planned your new wardrobe. This all sounds amazing but the most important thing you need to study in an abroad university is a valid student visa. Now you must be aware of the fact that the requirements for any student visa are quite complicated in nature and it is essential for a student to tap each one of those requirements to get the approval of that coveted stamp on your passport and other documents.

The next question that might be arising in your mind is how to ace the student visa test? The answer is quite simple, you need to defend your visa, prevent it from getting rejected, and protect it from denial. In order to achieve this, you need to follow the set steps to apply for a student visa in your selected country. The only way you can apply for a student visa successfully is by avoiding the pitfalls that come your way.

This article will make you aware of the most common reasons due to which the student visa applications are often denied and how can you steer clear of those failures.

Reasons due to which your student visa application can get denied

The way you approach your visa application can cause a major difference in its status of getting rejected or accepted. It is important to research thoroughly about all the minute aspects to avoid the mistakes and have a better chance at succeeding with your application.

To help you with your application, here's a list of the reasons that may cause your study permit to get denied by the authorities

  1. Failure to represent genuine and clear motives in the Statement of Purpose

The foremost thing is to clearly represent your plan for education in the selected foreign destination. You need to show that you're motives are genuine and you're not a want to or swindler. One of the biggest requirement for any aspirant is to provide a well-written Statement of Purpose that serves as a measure for your integrity. It is a basic requirement that ensures you are actually interested in studying at the country and do not have an ulterior reason for sneaking in for the residency purpose.

Statement of purpose allows the government of a country to separate the genuine aspirants of the student visa program from the bogus ones. It like a test to know whether you are actually travelling to a country for the purpose of knowledge and wisdom. You will need to provide an SOP in the official language of the country you've selected. You might need to provide some supporting documents along with your SOP. If your SOP is generic in nature and lacks the support of other relevant documents, it will definitely go down during the evaluation.

Your SOP should work on the following key points

  • Reason for not studying in your own country, if the course or program you've applied for is available at the location.
  • You possess the level of knowledge required to study for the applied course how your previous educational qualifications fit into the scenario.
  • You have enough financial capacity to support your stay and tuition fee in the country.
  • How will the course benefit you in future?
  • Your immigration history, if any.
  1. Visa applicant is unable to meet the required academic qualifications

This is quite an expected requirement for any applicant applying for the student visa in a country. In order to qualify for a student visa firstly you'll need to qualify as a student. It means that you should have completed all the previous academic qualifications that are necessary to pursue education further. The academic entry requirements differ as per the course you're applying for, the level of education you're applying for, and the university or institute you want to study at. These eligibility requirements vary from country to country thus, you should carefully read the instructions on the official website to check your eligibility.

If you do not meet the qualifying requirements you can search for a different university or institute in the country that might accept you or you can also opt for a bridging program to cover up the missing years or education skills.

The general requirements for getting accepted in a course are

  • Official language skills.
  • While applying for an undergraduate program, you should have a valid certificate as a piece of evidence for your senior secondary education.
  • While taking up a post-graduation program you should have completed a UG degree and have relevant work experience or research ability.
  • Make sure you have ticked the boxes for all the requirements for your program or course to avoid your application getting rejected.
  1. Failure to meet the language requirements

It is a very obvious requirement that if the course you plan to study is designed in English or Deutsch or French, it will be expected that you have a thorough knowledge of the language iso that you can understand the concepts clearly. A student applicant must have the relevant language skills to get his visa application approved by the authorities. To prove this you might be subjected to undertake a certain language test and then the score of this test will be submitted along with your student visa application.

This condition is intended for international students coming to study from a country with different speaking languages. The level of proficiency required in a language can vary from course to course and from university to university.

If you fail at providing a documented evidence of your language proficiency to study the course, you're ever getting that visa approved. It is one of the biggest tests for a visa application that a student should necessarily pass with flying colours.

  1. The applicant lacks the amount of funds required

Money matters a lot when you're planning to study in a foreign country. It is a major factor that determines the approval or rejection of your student visa application. An applicant is required to meet specific financial requirements to get his visa approved by the government of any country. Showing evidence for money is a must as most of the student applications often get rejected because of the lack of adequate funds in the bank account of the applicant.

The financial evidence will help the government to know that you can pay your way throughout the duration of your program. You should always check the official website of the country's government to ensure what amount is required to show the credibility of annual living charges. Keep in mind that this cost keeps on changing with time. If you're unable to show enough funds in your bank account your student visa is going to get rejected unceremoniously.

The finances you'll show will assure the authorities that you can afford the education fees as well as your accommodation charges while staying in their country. If you do not have enough savings to qualify as per the norms set by the visa authorities you can seek aid by following any of the mentioned ideas.

  • Provide evidence that another person, your relative etc., will be providing funds to you.
  • Take up a tertiary or education loan to cover up your education cost and living expenses.
  1. Failure to show that you will leave the country when the visa expires

A study visa or study permit is temporary permission to stay in a country for educational purposes. It implies that a student will be expected to leave the country when his visa expires. Many people who visit foreign countries for education deep down arrive with an intention of staying in the country even after their visa expires, but it is your duty to convince the officials that you respect the timeframe allotted to your visa and will return to your home ground once the program is completed.

If an officer ever felt that you're a possible immigrant who wants to enter their country. your visa application will be shredded to pieces. You can always apply for visa extension for staying in the country but will have to build a solid case to prove that you will return after your education is completed successfully. If required, you might need to show something relevant as a piece of evidence that ties you to your country.

  1. The applicant's past record

This is quite an obvious one that every student must be aware of. If you've ever done a misdeed in your life that has been in the records of the government of your country, the visa officer will definitely get to know about them and might even reject your student visa on this ground. Your past misconduct can cost you your future in a reputed university. If you have any shady past activities in government records or a bad immigration history or multiple failed applications due to bogus or fraud attempts, don't keep your hope up high.

If you fall under this category, there is not much that we can advise you. Just pray and make use of all the possible avenues to prove that this is your genuine and sincere attempt to gain knowledge at the country. A history of misconduct is a strict no-no in the visa application approval scenarios.

All in all, studying at a reputed foreign university is a big achievement for any student and a successful visa application forms the base of this big deal. Make sure you double-check every requirement, document, and certificate to leave no stone unturned in getting your application approved by the authorities.

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