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What Structure to Follow for Impressive Writing? 

It is not possible to ignore the importance of writing an impressive assignment in college or university. The students always desire a high-quality assignment as it increases their score and helps them in achieving high grades. On the other hand, poorly structured and written assignments not only score bad but also dissolve the reputation of the students. Here, we have deflated the whole structure of writing different assignments impressively and accurately. The article explains every point clearly so that students can clasp the information and deploy it in writing good quality assignments. Structure discussed in the article is suitable for writing all types of assignments, such as analytical essay, research paper, decriptive essay, book report, thesis, dissertation, language analysis paper, etc.

Importance of Right Structure in Impressive Writing 

This article has been developed for all students who want to impress their teachers and professors. The structure given in the article is capable of helping students irrespective of their field; it helps students from diversified areas such as management, engineering, nursing, science, psychology, etc.  This whole process of writing assignments can be divided into different phases that will help you in developing an efficient structure, thus an excellent assignment. However, you can also take one stage in isolation, but it is recommended to read and use all stages in order to produce desired results. You will find yourself in a better and fully equipped situation to handle a variety of assignments, after reading the guide.       

Stage 1: Understanding Assignment

The assignment is a general term used for a variety of papers that student writes while pursuing their college, graduate, or master courses. Universities across the globe use different terms for academic papers or assignments, and every term refers to a specific writing genre. Different genres, such as essays, research papers, and dissertations, have specific objectives and final results. Therefore, the students need to know what they are going to write in the paper as it will help them in delivering an efficient paper.        

Stage 2: Planning

Planning helps you in maintaining their focus and staying on the right track while writing the assignment. Here you need to understand well why is an assignment given. It is essential to look at the worth of the assignment to decide how much time you will be spending on it and how it will contribute towards final grades. Generally, teachers provide a rubric or structure that helps students in understanding how marks will get distributed to different aspects associated with the assignment. This rubric helps students in understanding what areas they should focus on while doing assignments. In the absence of any rubric or structure, assignment question, or topic helps in understanding the assignment's requirements. You should clearly adhere to the assignment topic when the teacher provides it. In some cases, teachers do not give any topic; then, you are required to search and propose your topic for the assignment. It is important for you to understand what information needs to get collected and from what sources it will be collected. Making a schedule of all activities that need to be done in order to complete the assignment will help you in efficiently allocating the time to each activity. A schedule will also help you in completing the task efficiently promptly and with high quality.

 Stage 3: Subject Organization

You should analyze what all information is required to write an impressive assignment after receiving the subject. Generally, the subject or topic assigned to the student relates to the class readings and lectures. Therefore, you should go through all the reading materials provided in the classroom and analyze what information can be used and where it will be used in the assignment. Once you are aware of the main points of the assignment and sources of information, the half battle has won by you. You will be thus, able to organize the content in an effective manner.

Stage 4: Deciding the Outline and Structure

An outline or structure helps the student in understanding how to proceed with writing the assignment. The outline or structure of the assignment depends upon the subject and types of assignments. In some cases, teachers provide a structure that needs to be followed by the student. However, in other cases, students are required to make an outline by themselves according to the type of paper. For example, a research paper includes an introduction, thesis statement, research objectives, research methodology, data collection, data analysis, results, and conclusion. An essay includes an introduction, discussion, and conclusion. Similarly, other types of papers use a specific structure. A proper structure gives an idea about what section will get you higher marks. The structure of the paper also varies according to the subject. However, some headings go well in the majority of the papers, such as the introduction and conclusion.

Majority of the assignments includes the following structure:  

  • Introduction: this is the starting point of the assignment, and it is important for the writer to inform the reader about the purpose of the assignment. In the introduction, you should introduce your topic and provide a brief background on the topic. The introduction should be very well structured and capable of gaining the attention of the reader. You should also provide your thesis statement or main research objective in the introduction. The introduction should reflect what the writer has presented in the whole assignment. The majority of the introduction of the assignment used to be a short paragraph that reflects the whole idea of the assignment.
  • Discussion: This refers to the main body of the assignment that provides evidence and information to support the argument or topic presented in the introduction. The objective of the assignments is to check the knowledge and learning of the students. Therefore, the student should present relevant information from credible sources in the discussion. The discussion or main body of the assignment varies depending on the types of assignments. For example, in some cases, teachers ask for a reflection or summary of the learning, but in other cases, teachers ask students to write the paper by conducting proper research on the subject. In an argumentative essay, writers are asked to present both sides of the argument before making a final position. In the research paper, you should present information from secondary and primary sources. In the essay, the discussion presents secondary information from academics, scholarly, and other credible sources. Therefore, you should adopt a writing style according to the instructions and the main idea of the assignment. It is important that you understand the primary purpose of the assignment and present information in the desired manner. The discussion constitutes more than 2/3rdpart of the assignment; hence, an impressive discussion will help you in obtaining good marks.
  • Conclusion: This part restates the topic and objective of the assignment along with a summary of the major findings. It is important for the writer not to present any new information in conclusion. The conclusion should be short and to the point so that it gives an idea about the major findings of the research conducted in the paper.

Stage 5: Writing the Assignment

Writing Style: Though the whole article talks about writing the assignment, in this stage, the focus is on information collection, content development, and following formatting style. The use of jargon and complex sentences should be avoided while writing the assignment. In case the subject requires the use of jargon, it should be limited in a manner that does not deviate readers' attention from the main content. Short, clear sentences and clear descriptions of every term is liked by the readers. It is also important that you do not adopt a casual writing style and remain politically correct. You should focus on the main point, objective, or argument while writing the paper. It is also important to avoid grammatical errors in the paper because they damage the impression of the student. Plagiarized content should also be avoided in the assignment because it jeopardizes the trust of the student. You can check your content’s plagiarism here on our authentic plagiarism checker tool. You can use spell check in case you are working on MS word to correct a few errors. Some online tools can also be used to correct the grammar.

Information Collection: It is advisable that you use only credible and authentic sources to write their paper. In many cases, universities specify in instructions about the type of sources they want students to use in assignments. Students should use scholarly journal articles, books, magazines, newspaper articles, news websites, government sites, and reports to collect authentic information. You should try to use recent sources to gather your information because they present more recent hence, more relevant information. The research has to be effective enough to suit the needs of the assignment. However, you can also use old sources depending upon the subject and relevancy. Before writing the assignment, you should not forget to revisit your books and classroom material. You can also visit your library to collect important pieces of evidence. Talking to professors or lecturers and peers will also give you a fair idea about the subject and sources of information. However, online sources are most preferred by the students because they are easily available free of cost.

Information Presentation: You should start writing your assignment after designing the outline and collecting all the information. You should start writing information under the main relevant headings, as identified in the outline. Try to cover the topic in-depth and avoid giving superficial information while writing the paper. The introduction and conclusion should be well structured, compelling, and informative. It is always recommended to write an abstract or executive summary after completing the whole paper. Initially, your objective should be to develop a draft of the paper that can be amended and streamlined after proofreading and feedback. All information used in the assignment should be properly cited, and references should be given at the end of the paper.

Referencing: You should follow the referencing style as suggested by your university, such as APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago, etc. Every referencing style provides specifications for the cover page, the body of the paper, citing a variety of sources in text and in the bibliography. You should design your cover page and cite all sources in the text, and also in the reference list as per the given referencing style. The citations and bibliography should be appropriate as per the required style.

Finalizing Paper: You should thoroughly revise the draft paper to identify mistakes and irrelevant information. It is important that writing flow smoothly, and all sentences make sense. All words should be aligned, and transition sentences should be given throughout the paper. Also, check that all sources are cited accurately, and the cover page is properly designed. Make changes in the draft paper if required and finalize the assignment. Once everything is done, and the assignment is complete, you should go through it once again so that you have not left anything undone. You can also make a checklist of important aspects to be taken care of while making an assignment.     

Now your assignment is ready to fetch you good marks and create a long-lasting impression.

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