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To achieve your career goals in life, gaining the right education is a must. If you are looking for any place where you can avail of the best and unique education, Canada is the right destination to come. Canada has an excellent education and learning methods. Near around 200000 students reach Canada to study every year, as it is considered as one of the best destinations for education. To attain education from Canada, one has to get SPP and non-SPP visa.

 It is the primary and most crucial requirement one has to follow up to get an education in Canada. Canada is not only awesome to build up a brighten care; you will receive a better lifestyle too. Studying in Canada assures me to offer you a brighter career with lots of opportunities. The country has its best teaching and learning methods. So without wasting a single minute, let's read the demonstrated details below about getting study in Canada and SPP & Non-SPP visa requirements to study over there.

Why choose Canada for study?

Before we put attention towards the visa requirements to study in Canada, primarily, we should check why to choose Canada for studying.

So, read thoroughly, and the reasons to study in Canada are:

  • Top-notch teaching and learning methods – It is mentioned in the above statements, too, Canada receives around 200000 people in a year for the study. The universities, colleges, and schools of Canada have smart and projected classes, makes every concept of study clear in mind. It is profitable to study in Canada to study and make a brighter future.
  • Standard of living – Canada is the country, which has a high standard of living. In the urbanized area of Canada, you will find big shopping centers, theaters, restaurants, museums, and many more. It does not end here. You will discover leisure amenities for the public too in the open, highly standardized public parks, beaches, and gardens. 
  • Safe country – When parents send their students to another country for studying, the primary concern is safety. The crime rates of Canada are declining day by day. Every step the government of Canada takes is to ensure the safety of the students. Most of the colleges and universities have high security for 24 hours. Even, there are "walk programmers," which helps the public to get transportation during the late hours.
  • Working is possible after co-programs- In the universities, colleges, and campuses, the students are allowed to work on a part-time basis, when they get done from their co-programs. In their first six months, the students can perform working for 20 hours a week. When the students get completed with their one program, it is allowed for them to work for one year. In the case, when they get done with their two years programs, they are allowed to work for 2 or 3 years.

What percentage is necessary to attain to study in Canada?

If you want to study in Canada, the criterion for percentage is fixed. The student has to follow up on the terms and conditions to study over there. Such as, a 10+2 student can reach Canada to study, but the minimum percentage should be 65%. Along with the percentage, the degree is also an essential factor. The degree should belong to a recognized university or college. If the student has done any diploma, that should also be done from any recognized university or college. You are going to choose another country to study; so at least, you should have a repudiated degree to compete with other country’s students.

What is the SPP visa for Canada Study?

What is SPP? 

SPP stands for the Student Partnership Program, a kind of visa requirement for Canada education. SPP is a kind of arrangement settled down between the high Canadian Commission and the chosen Canadian colleges in India. This arrangement is made for prospective students to offer them an easy and quick study in Canada. To study in Canada, Visa is a must. The processing to attain become more comfortable and faster by undergoing through SPP. For Visa processing through SPP, there is some documentation the student has to submit as assurance and identification.

What documentation require for SPP visa? 

While applying for the SPP visa, you need to submit some documents. The documentations to provide are:

  • Under the SPP, submit the acceptance letter from the participated university and colleges.
  • To study in Canada, you have to clear the IELTS exam. The score or band you have to score in the ILETS exam is 6. If in case, you want to study in Canada for post-graduation, the band score should be at least 6.5.
  • For undergraduate students, the 12th standard mark sheet with a minimum 55% percentage. 
  • For the courses related to post-graduation, the requirements are the degree of bachelor's and advance diploma mark sheets of at least 3 to 4 years with a minimum percentage of 55%.
  • Working experience proof.
  • Tuition fee payment proof.
  • Guaranteed Investment Certification (GIC) of 10000 $ for the expenses of living
  • Proof of the fee of Visa.
  • Proof from the panel doctors for the medical tests

Colleges come under the SPP in Canada:

In Canada, there are almost 40+ universities, and colleges are situated, which run under SPP. These universities and colleges are part of SPP. There are a few colleges among these 40 ones, which teach offers the courses related to the technical department, and provide diplomas and degrees in that.

 From all the universities and colleges, a few famous names are mentioned below:

  • Ontario
  • British Columbia
  • Manitoba
  • Alberta
  • Saskatchewan

How to apply for the SPP Program?

If you are one of them who want to apply for the Student Partners Program (SPP), there is no such big deal to use for this. Applying for SPP is not different from applying for a Canadian college and university. Still, for the students, it is necessary to be aware of the process of applying for the SPP program. So here, it is mentioned how to apply for SPP. The information will help you to know and prevent you from the entire lapse, and errors get created while going under the process of the SPP Program. 

Application for SPP program:

The most important and attractive feature of the SPP program is its fast and more effortless processing. In the case of the SPP program, there is less documentation required as compared to the other visa processes. To attain the SPP visa, it takes near about 5 to 10 days max. The application for the SPP program visa needs to be applied around 1st August every year. The 1st August submission required for those students who are looking for admission in September. Via VFS, you can apply for the Visa online too. VFS is Visa Facilitation Services in New Delhi and Chandigarh. 

What is Non-SPP Program? 

I hope so; now you know fair enough about the SPP visa. It is the turn now for a Non-SPP visa. If you are not done with SPP visa, don't worry. The non-spp visa process can also be proven healthier to reach Canada for education. But, in the case of a Non-SPP visa, an individual needs to undergo a long process.

 You need to submit more detailed information during the time of undergoing from Non-SPP visa for Canadian study. Here, the applicant has to show proof for a stable income source and financial stability. If you want to apply to the colleges and universities of the SPP program, don't worry, it can be possible via Non-SPP program visa too. There is not much difference between the applications. What you have to do is to show more details proofs of funds.

In the case of a Non-SPP visa, GIC is not essential. Do you know, in the documentation process of the Non-SPP program, you have to show the savings in the bank account, education loan, investments, and everything related to funds and financial stability.

Documentations required for Non-SPP program: 

  • The very same and essential thing again, letter of acceptance from the university and college.
  • six band scores for undergraduate and 6.5 band scores for postgraduate students in the IELTS exam.
  • Mark sheet of 12th standard.
  • Proof of visa fee paid $ 150.
  • Medical test results conducted by the panel doctors.
  • An acceptable income proof from the income tax department.
  • Funding proofs from savings in the bank, education loan, and investments.
  • Working experience with the last three months' salary slips.
  • Minimum 50 % in bachelor’s degree and advanced diplomas.

Canada is a well-developed and best country to attain education. The country has a vast knowledge of high professionalized smart classes and teaching methods. I hope, from the mentioned plethora of experience, you gained enough knowledge about Canadian study and the visa process of SPP & Non-SPP. If you are looking forward to Canada for your higher education, the demonstrated details will surely help you to make the working more accessible and more comfortable to receive a visa. So now, focus on your study and pack your bags for Canada to brighten up your future by building a great career.  

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