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Reflection report on group communication and social media


Table of Contents:- 


I have been a student of Master of Professional Accountancy (MPA) at King own institute since November 2018. Since I am a accountancy student, I have studied professional accounting subjects and now, I have reached the end of my semester. I have faced various challenges in managing both my studies as well as my work. During my education, I have learnt various skills and I got an opportunity to apply them at my work place. One of the subjects that I am studying is the communication. This subject has made me realize the important of group communication at the work place and how to apply your communication skills at the workplace without any hesitation. This course helps me to understand the various changes that are faced by the individuals at the work place and how can be deals with them. Although, there are various lessons that I have learnt under this course, but much emphasis has been given to the communication.

 Before starting this course, I was unaware of the role played by the communication at the workplace. This course helps me to learn several ways in which I can communicate effectively with others at my work place. It was rightly said that communication skills, especially the group communication skills can help in building the strong and positive relationship with others. I have discussed two important subjects in this reflective essay. These subjects are group communication and social media. I have also explained the examples of my experience at the workplace.

Group communication-

Group communication is the interaction among the people of a group. The group communication leads to effective decision making and completion of the task within the deadline. Group communication is essential within the business context. Through group communication, the people come to share information and come to know what views other have towards them and towards society (Agarwal, S., & Garg, A., 2012). Apart from interacting people physically, some of the commonly used app that are used for group communication are Twitter, Whatsapp, Instagram, YouTube, Pin interest, Quora, Timblr etc.. It is also used as a medium to share my views with the people and gets to know about the thoughts about society as a whole.

Importance of group communication-

With the help group communication, the individual got the opportunity to share their views with others. It also provides the opportunity to the group members to hold regular meetings where they can come up with ideas and solutions of solving the problems. The ways people solve problem in the group help them to collaborate together as a single unit and thus, they can together produced better results. If the individuals in the group do not communicate their ideas freely with each other, one of them will be possible for the success or failure of the event or project. Group communication is more effective when there is a purpose of holding the meeting for communication (Olaniran, B., 2010).

The group communication can be done through various medium such a speeches, meeting, digital media, conferences etc. the choice of mode of group communication depends on cost initiative, target audience and availability of the mode. Group communication is required by the group leaders to manage the team and the role played by the communication skills in improving the growth of the business. If there are effective channels of group communication in the organization, all the decisions that will be beneficial for the stakeholders and growth of the organization will be taken (Vora, D., & Markóczy, L., 2012). Also, when the management involves all its employees in the group communication i.e. in the meeting to seek ideas for the improvement, the employees will feel that they are also important for the organization and this will lead them to work more for the organizational objectives.

Use of group communication at work place-

As far as my profession is concerned, I am a blogger. Blogging made me realize that I can produce my words into thoughts if I have something to share with others. I believe that my blogs are also helpful for the researchers and bloggers as well. Since I am an introvert person, I required a lot of energy to be socialize with the people with the meeting and conferences, especially those who are for long period of time. But, once I settled with the people and become familiar with them, I enjoyed communicating with them. I personally believe that my blogs will have significant impact of the society and the want as many as people to read my blogs.

Group communication is an effective way of sharing my views to large number of people.Also, when we are involved in the group communication, I come to know the views that people have on my blogs and the way by which I can improve further. Initially, I used to write motivation blogs. The people are so satisfied and motivated with my blogs that they appreciate me in front of the entire group (Jahng, N., n.d.). This increases my motivation and dedication level towards my work. Once upon a time, a person told me to write blogs on current issues and the ways we are solve the problems that we are facing in our life. This help me to expand my areas of blogging from motivational blogs to the current issues and problems faced by the society and what the possible ways to deal with the problems. Before the idea of group communication comes into my mind, it was very difficult for me to share my views with large masses at a single time. I also think of the possible ways by which I can share my ideas with other. Thanks to the idea of group communication that comes into my mind after my course that I have undertaken at KOI. This course also teaches me several skills that are used by me as a blogger to improve my communication skills in the group communication.

Social media-

Social media are the mobile or web- based technology that allows individuals to interact and communicate with each other. There is a growing trend of using social media among the masses. The social media is utilized by the individuals, students, business, NGOs and several organizations for the purpose of improving the growth of their business. The social media enables us to avoid the awkwardness and strain that we fell at the time of meeting people (Othman, W., Apandi, Z., & Ngah, N. 2016). Now, we meet people online and are able to interact and introduce myself in a better and respectful manner. Social media is not a problem, rather it is a productive break that allows you to think about the issues taking place in your surroundings and share your thoughts with others. The social media helps to transmit large amount of information quickly and easily with the masses.

Importance of social media-

I believe that the social media provides a better platform for every one of us as it is an effective mean collaborate and remain connected with the people. The social media also provide real time information and events that are occurring in the surroundings. People do post about their views on any current issues. This helps me in knowing their point of view and can share my views with them as well. Social media is also important for several other activities. It has not only helped people to remain connected with each other, but also help the business and organizations.

Most of the businesses have their Facebook that they use for the promotional purpose and expand their business (McCarroll, N. & Curran, K., 2013). There are reminders for the birthdays and other events on the Facebook and other social networking sites. Instead of calling and sending cards for birthday wishes, we just send a message on their page. This method of wishing the people seems to be okay, but there is no personal touch in it. Twitter is also used by several celebrities to convey their thoughts and ideas to their fans. I also loved to listen the thoughts and views that they have regarding the society and current ongoing issues.

The social media allows the people to collaborate for the projects even if they are living in the different regions. Since the information regarding any problem emerges overtime, people can remain focuses, attentive and share their responsibilities. The social media also allows the individuals to be in touch with each other, even if they are not meeting physically.  The improvement in technology has also impacted the way we communicate with each other through social media. Some of the social websites provide web cams facilities to the users. It allows them to involve in one to one communication with each other. These communications are private and are widely used. Skype, Twitter and Face book are some of the commonly used websites that are used by me and millions to people to stay connected with the world.

Use of social media at work place

I have joined the social media few years back for the purpose of blogging and tweeting as a part of my profession. My purpose of using the social media as a medium of blogging is to convey my ideas to the masses in the bulk. The social media allows me to communicate and socialize with the people without being physical present with them. I appreciate the idea of doing my blogging using the social media as it saves me from the stress or anxiety that I face when I meet new people. I believe that the involving in too much blogging is an effective way to share your ideas and giving knowledge to others. The forums, podcasts, blogs and various internet sites made it easier for me to share their views and expand their knowledge stock.

Blogging with the help of social media help the people to save time and money that they would have spent otherwise (Carly, P., 2013). For those people who face problem in writing and write necessary things, blogging can help them in some respects, in the same way they are helping me. Before the idea of blogging come into my mind, I never thought that I was able to write and publish my thoughts and ideas on the discussion portals. The social media has also helped me in transforming my bad mood and inactive brain into the better one.

Despite of the advantages, there are some of the limitations of using the social media for blogging. The people may hide their virtual reality mask and this may lead to misleading judgments about the people (Syarief, B., & Genoveva, B., 2015). I fail to find any difficulty in finding and interacting with the collaborators. All this depends on your personality and the social media that you opt for the communication purpose with the people in the society Privacy is one of the major issues that I faced as a user of the social media.

Although, the Facebook provides privacy facility to the users so that all their private information is protected. Before posting the content or involve in the communication with the users, have a look at the users who can look your post and can access to them. Even the government is trying hard to provide security to the users of the social media. They are working with the several cyber crime agencies to reduce the crimes that takes place on the social media


My course helps me to know the important of communication and how it can be used in several circumstances. In particular, group communication and social media are the two important for my subject that helps me a lot in my practical life, especially in my work. My personal experiences are explained in this report.

By following the importance of group communication and social media, my skills as a blogger have improved. I would also like to recommend other to develop the group communication habit to enhance their knowledge. This knowledge can be shared with other students in KOI. This will provide benefit to them as well because of social media and group communication.


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