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Table of Contents-


The objective of this paper is to provide relevant information of health issues in Berwick, Australia. The paper mainly highlights Obesity as the major health problem in the community and how Ottawa charter is implemented in figuring out the challenges. In 1986, Ottawa incorporated the initial International Conference on Health Promotion. The meeting was mainly a reaction to risingprospect for aninnovative public health progressglobally. World health Organization conducted the meeting for Charter information to achieve a healthy society in coming years. A series of significant actions were generated after the Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion within international organizations to achieve the objective within 2000, which is “Health For All”.The paper describes the six strategies developed in the conference to secure healthy lifestyle and environment in community and reduce health risks related to Obesity.

Ottawa Charter Strategies-

Health is always a major concern in our lives. Better health will substantially increase better engagement and employment opportunities (Thompson, Watson&Tilford, 2018). Even having a solid and healthy physique as well as mental state provides motivation for every individual. Berwick is located in Melbourne; Australia is improving technologically day by day. People staying there are busy in work or professions and like there is very less or no time to exercise the body.  People are engaged on a daily routine and continuous stress as well as irregular eating scenario. According to Thompson, Watson&Tilford(2018), the most dangerous impact from the scenario is resulting in unwanted weight gain. This is turning out to be most critical health challenge in recent times. Obesity is increasing day by day in Australia, and approximately 63% of Australian adults are suffering with overweight in Berwick (Whelan et al., 2018). Not only the adults are suffering, children are also listed in the same problem with 20-25% in Berwick. It is increasing daily and can be said by coming ten or fifteen years the rate of obesity will cross 80% (Buchmueller&Johar, 2015).

The World Health Organization took an effective step towards health improvement and introduced Ottawa Charter in Canada. The Ottawa Charter is a worldwide health landmark, and has major impact as an essentialorientation forhealth endorsement. It acknowledged and assimilates five majorapparatus of health supportact and basics for health. The Charter considersharmony, protection, learning, food, revenue, a steadyecological unit, sustainable environments and social equity need to be formulated (Stock, Milczarski&Saboga-Nunes, 2016).Every time the conference consists of the principles to incorporate public health policy, an awareness to increase support from people, keeping equity in the community to undertake several responsibilities, improve and innovate personally, reconstruction of health related services and a future impact analysis.The healthy information clearly explains the requirement of different steps towards a sustainable environment. Their main focus is elaborated in their five strategies which are:

Incorporate public health policy-

This is the first and foremost strategy initiated in Ottawa Charter which provides several policies and set of information relevant to health improvement. Dugani, Bhutta&Kissoon (2017), stated that the reason behind this proposal is to increase the disciplines in public to understand the importance of health in daily life. As health is the major need to work properly and stay fit for longer period, World Health Organizationputs obesity and its improvement on the plan of policy makers in every working sector and at every level, showing them to be conscious of the current health issues of their implementations and also encourage them to admit their tasks for wellbeing of the society (Dugani, Bhutta&Kissoon, 2017). This health endorsementstrategyincludes various but must approaches which consistsset of laws, financialactions, levy and managerialtransform. The strategy is synchronized accomplishment which promotes health, earnings and policies for society that encourage superior impartiality. A nurse also plays an important role in promoting health of any selected community. Obesity can be reduced by proper execution of experiences of nurses, as they have the qualities of caring and administrating towards positivity (Fry & Zask, 2016).

Awareness to increase support from people-

This strategy is implemented to create alertness in the public to recover from being overweight. Berwick societies are composite and unified which means health should not be neglected anyway (Pfaff et al., 2019). The indivisible relations between us and our atmosphere compose the rootto enhance our physical strength and health. Not only for Berwick, the general acknowledging standard for every regions of the world and communities identical, required to give confidencesharedsafeguarding– to serve and secure each other and also every communities. Nurse plays effective roles which includes quantifiable nursing techniques, effective discussion, record healing, treatment of the patient and preventing further existence of the illness. The strategy states that the law of preservation of the natural resources is highly important to sustain healthy life and reduce the risks for obesity.This can be achieved by changing lifestyle, effort and conserving energy for further requirement. The strategy was to state that Work and leisure is required to form the healthy part of our life (Pfaff et al., 2019).Health satisfaction and improvementcreates existing and runningcircumstances that are secure, motivating and also pleasing throughout. Berwick should have organizedreview of the health effect due to fast changing time, like up gradation of technology, innovative work, new production and other factors which are equally necessaryand followed by steps to guaranteeencouraginghealth and sustainability for the  public (Dugani et al., 2017).

Keeping equity in the community to undertake several responsibilities-

The Charter provides information which includes inequity for everyone in the community. Berwick suffering with the issue of being overweight can highly affect their society and cultural views. Supporting the society can be achieved by tangible and efficient society action, which is obtained from solid objectives, encouraging strategies and finishing the process (Fry & Zask, 2016). The most attractive part of this process is the strengthening the communities and empowering their rightsand influencing them to achieve their goal.

The development begins on enhancing the resource available in the society to exercise self-confidence and increase social support and also creating global awareness amongst the public to increase their participation. According to Agide & Shakibazadeh (2018).), involvement of the nurses has technically and physically enhanced the accessibility of various services regarding health improvement, decreasing the probability of chronic ailments and better improvement in patient satisfactions. This ensures better understandings between the patient and the health practitioners (Agide  & Shakibazadeh, 2018). This will need complete and constantadmittance to all relevant information, helps to earn opportunities to learn about the risks of health like Obesity and encourage people to take part in the process(Appleton et al., 2017).Information generated can be used by the society with the help of the health care professionals or the nurses to generate health literacy in Berwick and in the communities of the nation as well.


This strategy is very influencing as it aids personal improvement as well as social development. This is earned by providing proper information about the risks, effective lessons on health and its importance and accompanying the skills we have(Stock et al., 2016).  This helps in rising and experimentingthe choices accessible tothe peoplesuffering in health issue like in Berwick, to support more positive control on individual healthand various ways contributing to health. Helping people know about the information related to health, in their whole life span so that they can introduce themselves to fight and grow from all of this stages. The strategy aims to provide essential strength to people helping them cope with ailments like Obesity. The process need to be exercise in school, office and in house premises as well. As stated by Stock, Milczarski&Saboga-Nunes (2016), this is how nurses or health care professionals try and promote health education among the people of the society. Individual development leads to an understanding of what is good for oneself and how the good can be channeled towards the society, thus helping in empowering all (Stock et al., 2016).Measures are needed all the way throughinstructive, specialized, business and active social workers and also inside the institution as well.

Reconstruction of health related services-

The strategy exercise improvement of health promotion by creating unity amongst every individual and communities; so as to reconstruct professionals and institutions of health. The plan provides information, as they should perform as one unit towards a health-promoting unit (Lawset al., 2015).Health sectors should increase their roles efficiently in promoting health and reduce chances of issues like Obesity in community. Support of every health professionals helps in encouraging the overall health promoting unit increasing the involvement of every sector towards a healthy environment. Reassembled health units too have need of broader awarenesstowards health promotionand alsoimprovement in specialized teaching and guidance (Lee, 2015).

Future impact analysis-

Health is involved in all parts of our life and is connected to every activity that we are doing in everyday life. The goal of good health is also achieved by taking care of every individual, taking relevant decisions and organizing our life as well. It is ensured by taking our roles as a important step towards healthy living which helps others to live in the same healthy environment in the society (Turner, Harris &Mazza, 2015). A holistic approach to health promotion can efficiently improve the overall state of health in Berwick, Australia. Thus, obesity can be controlled in future. Involvement of nurses can effectively increase collaboration and understanding of the nurse and patient which will definitely enhance the condition of the patients in Berwick (Onyango, 2017).


Therefore, it can be state that obesity is growing day by day and hampering the social and physical life of people in Berwick, Australia. A major improvement required in improving the conditions and organizing more information to reduce it. Ottawa Chart has been mentioned about its role to create a healthy society in a community and the strategies are discussed point wise. The role of a nurse towards health improvement is also necessary.

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