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Initial Statement Of Intent


Table of Contents

Introduction. 3

Reflection on the statement of intent 3

Conclusion. 5

Reference List 6


This assessment is about my reflection on the motivation for undertaking postgraduate studies at Torrance University and my expectations regarding the course and ensuring career path. Every academician needs to possess a prior concern about developing an in-depth understanding of the course. It is also important to make a clear perspective for achieving learning outcomes after the completion of the course. I am studying MBA at Torrance University. In this paper, I will state my statement of intent regarding my MBA course based on my reflection. This reflection is the most convenient way to examine my acquired skills and knowledge regarding the course topic. This reflection will address some important factors in a later section to step forward to professional development.

Reflection on the statement of intent

The reflection on the statement of intent cannot be achieved unless I have a clear idea about the definition of business. The purpose of the reflection is successful once I have understood the concept clearly as any postgraduate course associated with business needs to be understood by the learner at first. After this course, I can define business as a commercial activity to produce goods or services and selling these goods or services to the customers to make a profit. I also think that business is an organization that is engaged in any kind of activities like a commercial, industrial or professional (Picciotto, 2017). It can be a private or public organization. Businesses can be profit-oriented or non-profit organizations that operate to fulfill charitable missions. Every business has its own goals and objectives which it wants to achieve.

I always have an eagerness to read about new business ideas which turn into big examples of innovation and this eagerness forces me to opt for business administration at the post-graduation level. It is quite obvious that studying MBA can only help me to gather more knowledge about business. Business administration is the management of business (Nasseef, 2014). It is a process to organize the resources and personnel of a business to achieve business goals and objectives. These processes include human resource management, marketing management, strategy development, and decision making in a dynamic way to achieve the set goals within time. I choose this course to enhance my leadership quality and capability to explore my entrepreneurial skills.

It has always been my dream to make my own company with a unique business idea. When I was in my under graduation level, I had a plan about creating a mobile app from where an ambulance can be booked at any point of time then many needy people of my country would be helpful. This aim made me grow interested to learn about business from the core. I realized that it can be a great business idea in the modern business scenario and for that reason, I started growing interest in this area to know business administration from every aspect to make this plan a successful business (Saebi & Foss, 2015).

My previous experience has prepared me for this course. I am a regular reader of business magazines since I was in undergrads level. I love to read business case studies. It helped me to gather theoretical knowledge on business and enabled me to analyze own skills to achieve learning goals. Therefore, my previous academic experience helped in developing my insight into the real reason for opting MBA course at Torrance University.

Before taking admission to a course at a university, the applicant needs to understand the actual intention of studying that course. After the ending of the course, the student must ensure that he/she meets all the basic requirements of that course. Moreover, I should also clear my thoughts and develop a strategy according to my MBA course's requirements to avoid the course gap. I must ensure that I have a clear understanding of the course topic to ensure that the required outcomes of my course are met. In this case, studying business case studies will also be helpful to meet the required outcomes of the course (Shum, Sándor, Goldsmith, Wang, Bass, & McWilliams, 2016).

The main responsibility of a business administrator is to manage and monitor every operational area of business including the implementation of key strategies (Walsh & Mann, 2015). In terms of my course, I would pay attention to the lecturer's notes and revise each lesson to monitor my leaning capability. I will develop a schedule and activities to assess my learning. To be an entrepreneur, I must be aware of every activity related to my responsibilities from my academic career. I will manage my studies in a way to be a successful business administrator in the future.

My learning from this course will help me later life in my professional career. Gathering knowledge about the business will help me to run my own business ethically. This course will help me to maintain a balance between my practical knowledge and capability to adopt changes. There are many important business terms which I would learn from the course and this learning will be very helpful when I would organize an international conference in a foreign country. Therefore, this learning will help me to perform my organizational responsibilities as a business leader or entrepreneur.

I have set three goals to progress my MBA course towards a conclusion. My first goal is to increase my capabilities and skills to enhance my career as a business leader. My second goal is to learn business administration with its internal and external factors and their implications. My last goal is to enhance my problem-solving skills and decision-making skills so that I would adopt changes in my business.


In conclusion of the statement of intent, I can say that the conclusion of post-graduation can succeed if I have a clear intent about the course. It is considered as the most important aspect of business administration. Experience also helped me to opt for this course to fulfill my dream. Moreover, in this self-reflection, I stated my intentions clearly about studying this course to become a successful business administrator in later life.

Reference List

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