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When it comes to business accounting, the only name comes in mind is “QuickBooks”. Every accounting professional or bookkeeper recommend this amazing software for your small and medium sized business. As you know these software things, with the most advanced features QuickBooks is not as easy as you think. To manage small or medium-sized businesses, QuickBooks products are used, which is an accounting software package. It is used to run small businesses very smoothly.

QuickBooks ProAdvisor is a professional which helps your business to grow. Apart from this, they save your time by doing all your finance related work like accounting, tax return, record of receipts and set financial goals. We provide best QuickBooks ProAdvisor which deals in all sort of accounting, Bookkeeping and provides a deliberate planning to drive a business.

Services a QuickBook ProAdvisor offers

Most of the QuickBook ProAdvisor offers Bookkeeping services and Accounting, set up of QuickBooks and connects Bank accounts or Credit Card accounts. Some ProAdvisor who are CPAs or EAs provides monthly Book preparations and Tax return.

Look at these accounting services provided by QuickBooks Accountant:

  • Accounting and Bookkeeping- It includes invoicing customers, reconciling bank accounts and paying the bills. ProAdvisor manage all the company’s accounting work.
  • QuickBooks setup and Consulting- This includes setting up a new company with QuickBooks. Once QuickBooks starts running, ProAdvisor then, continue as a consultant and can help the company with the QuickBooks account.

The services includes- 

  1. Setting the customers
  2. Setting the vendors
  3. List setup of Products and Services
  4. List setup of accounts
  5. Connecting bank accounts to QuickBook
  6. Connecting Credit card account to QuickBook
  • Financial planning and Tax- It includes Payroll tax return preparation, quarterly and annual income tax return preparation and any other tax payments that urgently need to be made. For this type of planning, It is common for Businesses to reach to the QuickBooks ProAdvisor at the end of the year. 
  • Computer Consulting- This includes setting of QuickBooks on server or network so that multiple users can access. 

Advantages of hiring a QuickBooks ProAdvisor

As a ProAdvisor is an expert, but there are some additional benefits of employing a QuickBooks ProAdvisor which are-

  • QuickBooks ProAdvisor are the one who got notified for all products very first, so this is a huge benefit for you as you will be updated and informed about all the products.
  • QuickBooks ProAdvisor gets benefit and discount on all the products and by that you will be benefitted.
  • QuickBooks ProAdvisor knows each and everything about QuickBooks and they are easily available on Telephone as well as on chat. So, if any customer is having problem related to that they can easily solve that problem.

The best places where you find a Proadvisor

There are numerous ways to find a best Proadvisor for your Business. You can find it online as well as offline.

Some of them are listed below:
  • Website of QuickBooks ProAdvisor:- More than 50,000 certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor are there in The US. You could find the best Proadvisor near to you by checking on Intuit website and on that site, just provide your City, State or your Zip code. Or, you can directly filter it by a specific service.
  • Accountex Website:- Accountex, which is a global membership community, provides training to accounting professionals. Similar to Intuit, you have to provide your City, State and Zip code and from there you can get an Accountant.
  • Meetups Group:- Visit the Meetup website and search for the keyword ‘QuickBooks’, and check whether a Meetup group is there in your area or not. Meetup group is a group of multiple members and they met up once in a month. If there is a group near to your locality, then go to the organizer and ask them for a QuickBooks expert.

Office of Local SBDC

Local Small Business Development Centres provides free financing, marketing a Business-related works to local entrepreneurs. In this, not all are QuickBooks ProAdvisor, so, you have to mention there that you are looking for QuickBooks ProAdvisor.

The finest time to hire a QuickBooks Professional The finest time to employ a Quickbooks Professional is between May and October as by this time the tax season is over, and so the probability of your getting a call back is higher. But be sure to note down the names of the top 5 ProAdvisors because if you won’t  get a call from the top one or two Professionals, then, there is a higher chances of getting a call back from the remaining Professionals. January to April is the busiest time for a QuickBooks ProAdvisor as they were busy in their old and new clients, so try to book a ProAdvisor as soon as possible to avoid any kind of disturbance and rush. Services and Costs of a QuickBooks ProAdvisor There are several benefits a QuickBooks proAdvisor offers and based on that certain charges are there. Here are some of the services and their relevant charges.

Note: The charges may vary according to the Geographical location, credentials and the experience of the ProAdvisor. 

Service Type

What encompass


QuickBooks Training

Sessions of group training, Individual training

For 1 or 2 trainee - $75/hour

For more than 3 trainee- $500- $1000 per day

Company file Setup

Vendors and Customer setup, Products and Services setup, Customer chart of Account, Connect credit card or Bank account

Startup company- more than $150

Established Company- more than $300


Payroll tax deposits, Produce payroll checks, File and prepare payroll tax forms 

More than $100/month

Periodic review

Statement of profit and loss, Balance sheet, Trial balance report, Cash flows statement

Monthly- $150 or more

Quarterly- $300 or more

Annually- $500 or more

Bookkeeping Services

Pay vendor bills, manage customer invoices, Prepare financial statements

Startup company- $150/month or more

Established company- $250/month or more


You can call and ask for help 

15 min resolution- $60/month

30 min resolution- $120/month

30 min + resolution- $100/hour or more

How to find a ProAdvisor who is best for your Business?

There is no guarantee that a QuickBooks accountant will be able to help you with your problem. However, there are a few things that you can do prior to hiring them, that will at least give you enough information so that you can make an informed decision.

Step 1: What kind of Accountant your Business require?

Before you start searching for a QuickBooks ProAdvisor- 

  • Make a log of what you want like What kind of Experience are you looking for? Should they know that specific program? From which Industry they belong?
  • Are they localite?
  • What are the services you want?
  • What is the bond you share with them?

Step 2: Search on the QuickBooks websites

It is very easy to find a local QuickBook ProAdvisor. For this, you need a zip code, enter that Zip code and the distance between that zip code and then click on Search. This will easily show you all the QuickBooks ProAdvisor.

Step 3: Expand your search

Apart from searching it on websites, you can also go for accounting blogs, facebook blogs as well as Linkedin blogs. Another approach is taking a referrals. For this, you can ask your Banker, Lawyer or anyone in your Industry for an accountant. Or, If you want your ProAdvisor having Certified Public Accountant (CPA), then you can check the same on American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). This has a list of CPA Accountants and Accounting Organizations. 

Step4: Go for your Research

If you found someone that is fit for your Business, then do some background researches like checking their profiles,their Qualifications, Knowledge as well as their social media whether they are a member of QuickBooks Community or not.

Step5: Ask them some Questions

When you think that they are perfect for your Business ask some questions to them for your relief like-

  • How many experience do you have in this Industry?
  • What are your services?
  • How many businesses have you worked with?
  • How will we be in contact or communicate?
  • How can you help me to grow my Business?
  • How will you charge for your services?

If the above advantage of QuickBooks ProAdvisor is not sufficient for you but it seems to be so interesting to you and you are planning to become a QuickBooks certified, then, Here are all the benefits as well as the processes of becoming a QuickBooks certified.

Benefits of becoming a QuickBooks certified

There are several benefits of being a QuickBooks certified. Some of them are:

  • QuickBooks Desktop Software worth $5,000.
  • Discount of 30% on QuickBook Software which you can pass it on to your clients.
  • For QuickBooks desktop products, training materials are provided.
  • Certification access to QuickBook desktop products.
  • Chat and phone support from the experts from United States.

Different Certifications for QuickBooks ProAdvisors

A ProAdvisor can receive four different types of certifications. To become a Quickbooks ProAdvisor, it is compulsory to qualify these certification exams.

QB ProAdvisor can receive four different types of certifications which are described below in detail.

  1. QuickBooks Certification: The exam of QuickBooks certification is simple it covers some topics, such as QuickBooks installation, setup, recording transactions, and financial reporting. And candidates must score an 85% to pass the exam, they get six chances to pass. The ProAdvisor must successfully complete a certification exam and get this certification. It provides the basic proficiency with QB.
  2. QuickBooks Advanced Certification: QuickBooks advanced certified candidate has a good understanding and more expertise with QuickBooks. This certification exam covers the intermediate-level accounting principles, advanced QuickBooks features, and requires candidates to demonstrate the ability to troubleshoot client data files. You have must be passed the basic exam for three consecutive years for getting advanced certification exam. When you will work with Advanced certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor you can get the more benefits.
  3. QuickBooks Point of Sale (Certification): When you want to work for the retail industry you have must be passed QuickBooks Point of Sale Certification exam. This certification exam will complete in a two-year cycle, so ProAdvisors will only need to recertify once every two years. If you are seeking Quickbooks Proadvisor for small retailing business so this is the right choice for you. Because you’ll know you’re working with someone who understands your industry if you choose a ProAdvisor with this certification.
  4. QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions Certification: QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions Certification certification exam designed to test individuals’ knowledge of QuickBooks financial products and demonstrate their ability to provide on-site QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions setup and support to clients. To get this certification, the candidate must pass the basic QuickBooks certification and then pass the Enterprise Solutions certification exam.
  5. 3 steps for becoming a QuickBooks ProAdvisor: A person who has passed the certification exam by joining the QuickBooks ProAdvisor Program is the one known as QuickBooks ProAdvisor. There are primarily 4 certifications: QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks POS, QuickBooks Pro and QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions. Becoming a QuickBook ProAdvisor is totally free of cost as the exams and the study material is conducted by QuickBooks. 

For the certification exam, you don’t need any particular degree in accounting or bookkeeping. The only way to become a QuickBooks ProAdvisor is by giving an exam of 55 questions in which you have to score 80 percent or more than that. If you didn’t pass the exam in first attempt, you can give it multiple times.

Here are the 3 steps to become a certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor:

  • Sign up for QuickBooks Accountant :This is the first step. In this, you have to create a free QuickBooks Online Accountant Account (QBOA) in which you have to provide a couple of basic information of yours like your email address, your first and last name and your contact number. You also need to Create a password. In this, you don’t need any credit card/debit card details or any of your sensitive data.
  • Prepare for your QuickBooks ProAdvisor certification exam: Once your profile is active, from then you can start your study. Proper training of 7 modules will be given to you by webinars (live and recorded) and you have to catch all the things and then, prepare accordingly. When you want study material or when you want to give exams, just login to the QuickBooks Online Accountant Account (QBOA) and then you can access the same. The Main topics covered in this QuickBooks ProAdvisor program are Setting up clients, Banking and tools, Reports, Supporting small Business clients, Managing work, QuickBooks Solutions for clients and Preparing clients book. 
  • Give the Test: To give the test, you have to login the QBOA, and click on test. The test doesn’t cost you anything. Total 55 questions will be there in 7 sections and timing will be of 2 hours. You have to score more than 80 percent to qualify. Three attempts will be given to you, again if you don’t qualify then you have to wait for 60 days to give retest.

A QuickBook ProAdvisor helps you in many ways. They manage routine bookkeeping, books set up and train you as well as your staffs. You can get a Professional locally or nearby. You can find it online or offline as well. But online bookkeeping is a bit cheaper than offline. 

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