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Assignment on why I wish to become a teacher


Doctors, engineers, politicians, lawyers have progressed in their life because they had a teacher who taught them. A teacher is a one who guides the students and teaches skills that are helpful for them in their entire life. In this essay, it would like to tell the reasons why I wish to become a teacher.

My decision to become a teacher is a complicated one. It is the culmination of all the experiences that I have gone through in my life and my ability to change the world. I have decided to become a teacher because teaching is an important activity that can bring major change in upbringing the lives of the students and thus, have a major impact of the society as a whole. It also provides the opportunities for me to renew my personal and professional life. 

I will teach the students of the age group 5 to 12 because this age is the building block of the education. The teacher made the students familiarize with the subjects that they will study in the coming years. During this age group, the students study subjects like music, art and mathematics.

They help the teachers in knowing the skills of the students and motivate them to develop those skills. Another reason is the love and excitement that the students of 5 to 12 age group show. The primary teachers got the opportunities to observe the experience of the students that they may not observe otherwise. The students visit to the trips to factories, museums and educational places. The happiness and excitement that the students show give me the rewarding feeling.

I have the qualities that a teacher should have. My first quality is the effective class management skills. I can ensure that the students can maintain discipline in the class and study in an effectual way. My second quality is my love for learning. 

I have a deep understanding of the subjects and can explain it to the students in an easier way. Third, I also have the ability to maintain personal relationships with the students so that they can enjoy my company and learn well. Forth, I have patience that is required to deal with the students of age group 5 to 12.

My inspirations are my teachers that have taught me throughout my education. At the time of doing my bachelors degree, it had realized great teachers have the skills that I wished to learn. I remember, one of my teachers is soft spoken and he has the patience to deal the students.

Apart from having academic knowledge, he is a good communicator and can explain things to the students in the best possible ways. He has high expectations from the students and knows all the tricks to motivate them. He is the type of the teacher that I want to become.

From my point of view, teaching is one of the important careers as teachers have the potential of impacting the lives of the students in various ways. They can help students in enhancing the learning progress and can impart social ethnics within them.

These ethnics can help the students to become successful and reach heights in the future. Teaching profession also helps the teacher to increase their creativeness and enhance the learning process.

To conclude, I would say that I have talent to offer to the teaching field and vice versa. Through teaching, I will provide knowledge, dedication and incentives to the students. In return, teaching will help me to improve my creativity and grow my skills.

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