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Scholarship help to fund your studies in the United States of America

There is no surprise in the fact that the United States of America is one of the most prominent terminuses in the world preferred by the students who are planning to pursue their higher education from a widely recognised US university. Along with the education, the students also look for a top-notch scholarship program which can benefit them by resolving their financial needs to a huge extent. To assist a student with the scholarship programs in the US, this article sheds light on the well-formed list of scholarships available in the United States. These scholarship programs are funded by either the US Government or the prominent US colleges and universities.

The Government-funded scholarships offered by the colleges in the USA for international students

  1. Student Program designed by the Foreign Fulbright University: The Fulbright program basically refers to the allowances in the USA designed for global students who desire to follow a masters or PhD Degree in the country. The grants under this program can also be granted for non-degree postgraduate studies. The program tops the tuition fee, textbook charges, airfare, living expenses and health insurance of the selected scholar.
  2. The Fellowship Program offered by the Humphrey: The Hobert H Humphrey Fellowship program offers a fully-funded professional improvement in the United States of America for practiced experts visiting the country from different selected nations throughout the world for one complete year. The associates are selected on the basis of their aptitude for leadership, obligation towards public service in either the community or private area. The program covers all the related expenses for a selected professional.

The US scholarships for international students offered by the colleges and universities

  1. Scholarships offered by the Amherst College: Amherst College presently runs a need-based monetary help program which offers adequate support to financially deprived students visiting the country from different nations. Once a student has been admitted to the college his financial need is determined by the authorities. A financial aid reward equivalent to your needs is then offered by the university. The grant is sometimes called an aid package since it may cover both the employment and scholarship grants for a selected student.
  2. American University scholarships: AU scholarships or the American University scholarship awards are a regulated number of liberal fractional merit rewards presented to the academically skilled incoming global first-year undergraduate scholars. Unfortunately, no need-based monetary help is provided to worldwide students. The range of the merit scholarship offered is set at $6000 to $25000 for each academic year. This range is however, renewable as per the requirements of the enrolled students or the programs being taught at the university.

Along with this, there is an American University Emerging Global Leader Scholarship program which rewards studentships to high accomplishing global students who strategize to take up a bachelor’s gradation at the American University and are also devoted to bringing a positive public and societal change. This scholarship program is designed for scholars who will be returning to their nation with an aim to advance the under-resourced or underserved groups in his own nation state.

  1. Scholarship grants designed by the Berea College: The only college in the United States of America which offers full capital to all of the international scholars enrolled at the campus is the Berea College. The program is valid for the first year of enrolment at the university. This amalgamation of financial help and scholarship grants covers the cost of schooling, room, boarding and dues. In the upcoming years, it is expected that the international students enrolled at Berea College will save up to one thousand dollars per year to throw in to their expenditures. In order to meet this obligatory criterion, the Berea College also provides summer job opportunities to international students.
  2. Scholarship programs offered by the Clark University: The Clark Global Scholars Program presented by the United States’ Clark University focuses on the first-year aspirants of the university who have attended a school out of the country for a minimum of four years as well as on global students pursuing their education in the United States. A scholarship worth 15000 dollars to 25000 dollars for every year and a guaranteed $2500 dutiable remuneration for a compensated internship or research assistantship taken up for the educational credit during the summer succeeding the scholar’s sophomore or junior year is also contained within with the scholarship prize.
  3. Scholarships planned by the Colby Sawyer College: Foreign scholars are qualified for merit-based monetary help presented by the Colby Sawyer College in the US. The grant worth increases on the basis of the academic ability of the student measured in GPA and ranges from $20000 to $26000 for every year. However, the college does not offer any full financial aid to international scholars.
  4. Columbia College scholarships: Columbia College of US offers a wide range of scholarship programs and awards to outstanding international students pursuing their education in the country. The grants or the finances are covered by the program are erstwhile cash allowances or 15 per cent to 100 per cent reduction in the set tuition fee of the program
  5. Scholarship plans determined by the Concordia College: Concordia College rewards the offerings made by the global scholars on campus and is glad to offer fractional monetary help to global scholars. The international student scholarships offered by the college is based on the family need and academic ability of the selected students amounting up to 25000 dollars per year. International Excellence scholarships designed by the college are basically cut-throat excellence based studentships that are awarded to international first-year students or even the transfer scholars for up to 4 years and can elevate till 25000 dollars.
  6. Dartmouth College scholarships: Dartmouth College is successful to meet the demonstrated need of all the enrolled undergraduate students including those from the different nations. Dartmouth College has various grants and credits made accessible by global students which also covers their payment to move to the US.
  7. East-West Centre scholarship program: The graduate degree fellowship program designed by the East West Centre in the US offers capital for up to 2 years for a masters or PhD course program being taken up by the graduate scholars coming the Pacific, Asia and the US to take part in the housing, educational and leadership growth plans at the East-West Centre while carrying on with a graduate degree at the University of Hawaii.
  8. Scholarships presented at the Illinois Wesleyan University: The distinction-based grants offered by the university are designed for global candidates with terrific educational achievements and assessment grades on the mandatory entrance examination. The rewards of the program range from $10000 to $25000 annually and are reintroduce able for up to 4 years. Along with all this, two full-tuition granting scholarships under the President’s International Students Scholarship Program might be given every year to the eligible global students enrolled in a course of 4 years of duration.
  9. International scholarships granted by the Michigan State University: The Michigan University offers only a set amount of scholarships and allowances to the worthy global scholars pursuing their education in an undergraduate or postgraduate course. These monetary sets are not planned to back up the complete academic program of a student at the Michigan State University.
  10. Scholarships awarded by the New York University Wagner: The distinction scholarships presented by this university are presented only to a defined number of enrolled scholars in every claim cycle including both the local and international students. The scholarship grants cover partial to full tuition fees ranging from $25000 to $47000 for a scholar.
  11. Scholarships offered by the Oregon University: The University of Oregon, annually, presents honours worth more than 1 million dollars in monetary help and studentships to global scholars trailing their education at both the undergraduate or graduate stages. One of the most prominent plans run by the university is the ICSP scholarship program which awards 30-40 competitive grants to global students every year. The nominated ICSP students get a grant covering the education fees extending up to $7500 to $30000.
  12. Wesleyan University scholarships: The financial help designed by the Wesleyan University for international students is unfortunately, awfully restricted and is granted to the students on the foundation of the brilliant qualifications and their displayed financial need. The Freeman Asian Scholarship Program started by the university covers the full tuition fees for a scholar enrolled in a 4-year long program at the Wesleyan University for a bachelor’s degree course. Eleven exceptionally skilled Asian students are selected for this scholarship grant. Along with all the 11 Freeman Asian students, the campus is also anticipated to present other monetary helps to almost thirty international scholars from a group of at least six hundred applicants.

It is important for a student to plan his entire United States education, including the details of how to finance it, before he leaves his home country to fulfil his dream of foreign education. There are some colleges and universities as well the US embassy requires the international scholars to present certification of funding for the complete planned duration of the study program. If you’re amongst the scholars who are looking for measures to finance your education in the US you’ve come to the right place.

The above-mentioned compiled list of resources will guide you in the best way possible. We hope you find this useful! To gain any further advice on the scholarships or other funding opportunities it is highly recommended for a student to contact the public affairs department at the US embassy in your country. Many a time there will be an educational advisor who will be pleased to provide you with all the funding resource information and any other further scholarship information.

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