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Scholarship Help to Pursue Education Conveniently in the United Kingdom

An extensive range of scholarships and fellowships are arranged for international and local students pursuing their education in the United Kingdom. These scholarships are provided by both the UK government and the private universities and colleges. These financial aid items are open for all the potential scholars who plan to carry on with their higher education in a regular study discipline at a prestigious campus in the UK. These scholarships and fellowships are provided for all the streams and fields a student might be interested in.

Criteria for applying to get a scholarship in the United Kingdom for an international scholar

The initial thing a student should do when he plans to study in the United Kingdom is to conduct extensive exploration about the country, its universities, and the best of programs offered by them. Followed by this he should start looking for the university or college scholarships that he is qualified to submit an application for. Different studentships vary depending upon the diverse factors. Grants for global or foreign scholars in the UK can be classified on the basis of the program, university, location or nation of the student, course, etc.

Apart from these, there also are international scholarships which are offered by multiple companies set up in the UK and there are also international scholarships, grants, and fellowships which are funded by the government of the United Kingdom to help the hard-working students to continue their advanced schooling in the UK.

The undergraduate scholarship requests to all UK campuses are handled by the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS), the official application service approved by the UK Government for all the schools and colleges situated in the country. In order to apply for a Bachelor’s degree in the United Kingdom, the applicants must register and finish the request form on the authorized UCAS website. You will be glad to know that there are also some universities which allow international students to directly apply for the scholarship at the university itself. However, they cover a very small ratio of the total universities in the UK.

When a student visits the UCAS website, he can easily register and create his scholarship application. There are different sections which would require your attention such as the personal details segment, financial information section, educational qualifications and a personal statement. A student can apply for more than one course at the same university or up to five courses at five different universities. However, the scholars who desire to apply for a scholarship in the field of medicine, veterinary medicine or dentistry can only apply to four courses. 

The type of expenses covered under the various scholarship programmes designed for international students

Usually, the UK scholarship programmes offer the deduction on a total tuition fee but there are some scholarship programmes which award other forms of help to students such as covering the living expenses, visa fee or airfare on the base of the candidate’s academic educational brilliance or background. These scholarships and other types of financial help is managed and operated by the British Council and other similar organizations.

Introduction to some of the fully-funded scholarship programmes in the United Kingdom designed for international students

There are many universities and colleges in the UK which offer scholarship programmes to foreign students. Here’s a comprehensive list of some of the fully-funded scholarships which can help you to smoothly navigate through the available funding options suitable for your preferences.

  1. New Castle University International foundation scholarship programme: New Castle University offers the foundation studentship plan to talented international scholars who desire to pursue their post-secondary schooling in the UK which will ultimately lead to getting an admission in a Bachelor’s gradation at a prestigious UK campus. The deadline for the application can either be 31st July if you want a September start or 31st October if you want to opt for the January batch. There are ten scholarships offered under the program and each of them covers the 100% tuition fee for the awarded scholar. The duration of the scholarship is one year.
  2. Vice Chancellor ‘s Excellence Scholarships presented for International students by the New Castle University: New Castle University also offers a partial scholarship program to encourage the well-qualified scholars from different countries to pay their academic fees conveniently at this UK university. The purpose of this program is to allow a student to undertake the taught postgraduate and under-graduate program only. Each awarded scholarship is worth half the tuition fee amount for an entire year allocated to the scholar’s university education fee account. The deadline of the scholarship varies in three sessions i.e. 31st January, 27th April and 29th The eligible African countries for this scholarship program are Algeria, Kenya, Egypt, Morocco and South Africa. A total of 14 scholarships are awarded under this initiative.
  3. University of Westminster Vice Chancellor’s Undergraduate Scholarship program for developing countries: The University of Westminster has designed the Vice Chancellor’s scholarship program, the campus’s most respected reward, with an aim to entirely fund a student’s tuition fee for a regular master’s program. The student should necessarily belong to a third world country to be eligible for this program. The deadline for this application is dated on 31st Unfortunately, there is only one scholarship offered under this program. The Scholarship program covers complete education payment, accommodation, living costs and airfare to and from London. The duration of the program lasts for the entire period of the student’s master’s program.
  4. University of Nottingham’s High Achiever Foundation Scholarship for African Students: The University of Nottingham foundation programs provide a convenient entry path for specific degrees in business, science, arts, engineering, and social science field. This scholarship program is an opportunity for interested students to gain the knowledge and skills required by a student to successfully undertake a undergraduate degree in a world-class college in the United Kingdom. Nottingham University offers five scholarships under this program specifically to students coming from Africa. The student should necessarily register for an Engineering and Physical Sciences Foundation Certificate. Deadline for the application is set for 29th All the African countries are eligible for this scholarship program however, three of these scholarships will be reserved for students from Nigeria or Kenya. The Scholarship program covers £2000 of the entire tuition fee for the Applicant scholar. The high achiever prize is applicable for the initial year of the degree program.
  5. Kingston University Under Graduate Scholarships in the UK for International Students: The Kingston University in the United Kingdom annually offers the award of almost £200000 to international students planning to pursue their education in the prestigious university. The international scholarships under this program are worth £4000 for every year of the study. The prospective students interested in enrolling for a full-time undergraduate program are also eligible for this program. They can avail the aid of this program for every year of their three-year-long degree program. The rewards offered by this program largely depends upon a student’s satisfactory progress in the degree. The deadline for the application is set for 31st The number of scholarships offered under this plan are not specified by the university but are known to be many. The scholarship lasts for the three years of a program.
  6. University of Kent’s undergraduate scholarship program for international students: There is a long-running ritual of welcoming international students warmly in the University of Kent and hence is glad to present numerous scholarships for a student to get enrolled at the undergraduate level degree program. Your UCAS application is assessed for awarding the scholarship to the interested scholars. This will help the authorities to analyse the clear-thinking abilities and motivation of the scholar as represented in the submitted essay. The deadline for the essay is set for 31st The number of scholarships offered in this program is not specified by the university. The awarded scholarships are all worth £5000 of the education expenses for every year of the pursued course at the University of Kent. The program lasts for the complete length of the pursued course.
  7. Merit Undergraduate Scholarships presented by the University of Sheffield for students from developing regions: The University of Sheffield provides merit grants to scholars coming from Africa and other developing nations with an aim to carry out his undergraduate education at the University of Sheffield. The deadline for the application is set at 20th April and the eligible African nations for the same are Mauritius, Tunisia, Kenya, Morocco, Botswana, Algeria, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Malawi, South Africa, Nigeria, Egypt, Zambia, Sudan, South Africa, and Tanzania. The number of students who are considered eligible for this scholarship program is not specified by the university. The awarded program covers almost half of the education payment. The duration of the scholarship program lasts up to the complete length of the degree program.
  8. Undergraduate Studentships for Global Scholars presented by the University of Sussex: The university offers a Sussex Excellence Scholarship is a merit-based scholarship program designed for rewarding and recognizing the undergraduate students who showed excellent academic performance throughout their academic career prior to joining the University of the Sussex. The deadline for the application is set on 9th Unfortunately, the number of awardees is not specified by the university officials. The value and duration of the scholarship program are decided at £3000 cash in the initial year of a three- or four-year bachelor’s program. A student receives the cash reward of £1500 as a separate payment reward for the scholarship program.

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