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The Best Guide to Write a Samsung Case Study Assignment

Case Study coming up and, you do not have a clue on how to go about it? No need to worry. Livewebtutors is there to help you out. Writing a case study serves as a testament to the respective subject knowledge that a student possesses and his/her ability to express it in an effective manner. Here, we would guide you step by step in how to ace the art of writing a perfect case study that would help you fetch maximum scores. Keep reading and, we promise that by the end of this article, all your queries and fears regarding a case study would disappear.

A case study, no doubt, is a difficult task to ace. And when the case study deals with a particular organization, it becomes all the more difficult. We are dealing with a similar topic in this article, that is, to write a Samsung Case Study assignment. Samsung is a globally recognized electronics goods producer known for its impeccable product quality and customer services. The company’s global footprint and its impeccable success makes it an ideal subject matter to base one’s case study on.

Many students find it difficult to deal with a case study that requires an analysis of a big corporation like Samsung. Therefore, we bring to you a step by step detailed guide on how to create a perfect cases study.

Types of Analysis to be undertaken in a Case Study:

A case study, as we all know, is an analytical piece of scholarly writing that involves subject specific details and methodologies. It is a beautiful culmination of precise knowledge and right technique. A case study is often based on a particular subject matter like any particular organization, group, etc. In this article, we are dealing with the organization Samsung as the central theme of the case study. This case study would require an in depth analysis of the company. However, many students find it difficult to comprehend the analysis part of a case study.

Therefore, we bring to two main types of analysis that could be undertaken in order to accomplish a case study based on Samsung.

  1. SWOT Analysis:

This is the most commonly followed yet a very strong type of analysis. SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. This analysis basically provides for a macro look at the target. It deals with general areas of concern that are crucial for the growth of the company. A student dealing with a case study on any organization may anytime resort to this analysis. It covers all the broad areas that play a crucial role in the existence of an organization. To make things better understandable, we have curated for you a step by step detailed list of important aspects of SWOT Analysis.

  • Strengths: Well, this dimension allows the writer to explore and analyze all the crucial aspects of an organization that help it in striving forward. Here, all the major traits of an organization are mentioned that contribute significantly towards its success. You may here include all the policies, strategies, departments that are striking the right chord and helping the organization to prosper. The positive role that a loyal and committed employees base plays in the organization may also be mentioned. Analyze these dimensions in terms of performance as well. A case study also requires the critical analysis, so you may even include the necessity or scope of any modification or change that is required in the organization to work more efficiently.
  • Weaknesses: A successful organization is not a guarantee of error-proof work culture. Hence, the analysis of the weaknesses in an organization is critical aspect to be considered. Here, an intensive research is required to find the problematic areas in the organization. After all the potential weakness are known, highlight them and analyze the possible reasons behind their malfunctioning. Also mention about all the possible factors that might be affecting the growth of the company negatively. The job does not end here. Search for the possible solutions for these problematic areas. The solutions thus suggested must resonate with the problems and must be accurate and viable.
  • Opportunities: This is another crucial aspect for an organization. A firm or an organization strives very hard to succeed and once the success is accomplished, the firm has to strive even harder to retain that glory. And same is the case with Samsung. Having reached the zenith of success, the path for the firm becomes more crucial to tread. Hence the dimensions to look for new opportunities becomes crucial. You may in this aspect, analyze the future prospects for the organization to accomplish. Include all the possible new aspects that the company might dive in to in the future. Also discuss about how those aspects may benefit the company in the long run.
  • Threats: This is one dimension that keeps all the businesses on their toes. Because of the strict completion out there, a firm strives hard to attain maximum efficiency. Therefore, threats are an inevitable part of the business that keep the company motivated to improve itself constantly. Therefore, while dealing with the threats related to a particular organization, research extensively about all the possible internal and external threats or obstacles that might pose a challenge for the company. Mention about how a company might deal with such potential threats. Also include previous hardships that the organization might have faced and how it handled it.
  1. PESTLE Analysis:

This analysis is more comprehensive as it deals with all the major areas that affect the working of an organization. PESTLE Analysis, also known as PEST Analysis, stands for Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal, and Environmental. The name itself is suggestive of the broad spectrum that the analysis covers. The multi-dimensional nature of this analysis many a times creates a confusion among the students. The students struggle with various aspects involved in the PESTLE Analysis and how to go about them. Therefore, to ease the task out for you, we have described all the aspects of this analysis in detail:

  • The Political Factor: This factor deals with the polity of the land and how it affects the growth of the company. Today, most of the companies eye for global footprint and thus the analysis of political factors becomes crucial. Political factors are the rules and laws of a country that have a bearing on the business entities in its territory. For instance, the financial and corporate laws of a nation. The detailed analysis of political dimensions help the company to formulate policies in according to the rules and regulations of the land. A critical analysis of political factors also help the company to decide whether to locate itself in a particular country or not.
  • The Economic Factor: This is again co-related with the political factor. The economic factor helps the company to analyze a country on its economic well-being. It considers several critical factors such as the GDP of the economy, its currency value, international rapport of the country, rate of inflation, recession, demand in the economy, and others. The analysis of this aspect helps the organization to decide whether to launch business operations in a particular country or not. It also helps the company to tweak its policies in accordance with the rules and regulations of a particular nation.
  • The Social Factor: This aspect serves as a research ground for the company before introducing its products and services to a new market. It analyzes the demography of a land, the urban-rural ratio proportion, the significance of a product with respect to the demands of the market. The analysis of these factors help the company to set a particular target customer base for its product. It also helps the organization to devise a striking market strategy to catalyze the demand for the product. Analysis of social factors helps the firm to design the product and its branding based on the expectations in the market and thus it serves as a crucial aspect to be analyzed.
  • The Technological Factor: These factors are quiet crucial for any organization. These help the company to use technology in order to produce cutting edge products and also enable the firm to be more efficient. A detailed analysis of these factors help the company to invest strategically in the research and development. The analysis of this aspect helps the company to modernize its work culture and helps it to use innovative and less time consuming technologies.
  • The Legal Factor: This aspect holds much importance for any firm. These factors analyze the legal dimensions associated with any business. Again, this aspect is somewhat similar to the political factors but the legal factors per se are more specific in nature. These deal with issued guidelines for a particular business model, such as the labour laws, the safety standards, laws related to consumer, and others. The thorough analysis of these factors help the organization to formulate policies that are coherent with the set guidelines. They also ensure that the company is working as per the rules casted by the authorities and help the firm to avoid any breach of law or rules.
  • The Environmental Factor: Owing to the drastic climate change, this dimension has gained momentum of late. Many countries have formulated stringent environmental policies that the organizations have to abide by. Therefore it becomes utmost important for any firm to analyze the environmental factors of a country before investing in it. This aspect includes the analysis of factors like the ecological sensitivity of a zone, the rules put in place by the authority to conserve the environment. These factors have been of prime importance for many countries as the most of them are seeking to reduce their carbon footprint and thus require firms to use more eco-friendly technologies.

How to write an Outstanding Case Study based on Samsung:

We have by now understood the role and importance of a case study. Thus in the coming section we will be dealing the procedure involved in writing an infallible case study. A case study is a perfect balance of information, knowledge and the right technique. It is commonly observed that many students in spite of possessing abundant knowledge and precision fail to produce a striking case study. This mainly results from the lack of right skills to make a case study accurately presentable. To save you from this trouble, we have created a step by step guide to write a brilliant case study:

  • When a case study involves a particular organization as the central theme, like in this case we have Samsung as the main topic to deal with, then it becomes a pre-requisite to start the case study with a thorough research on it. Therefore, start by researching extensively about Samsung. Study and analyze all its crucial aspects and dimensions. Acquire all the relevant and vital information to be included in the case study. Refer to various research papers, data, company statements to get an overall view about the organization. While researching, the important thing to remember is that refer to only valid and genuine resources. The information to be included in the case study must be accurate and authentic.
  • The next step after a thorough research includes the decision to choose a particular type of analysis to be performed. After the research, you would get a brief overview of the company and then comes the part to decide whether to go with SWOT analysis or PESTLE analysis. It must be noted here that these it is not a mandatory requirement to restrict the case study to only these two types. A candidate may conduct the analysis as per his/her wishes or choice. The only thing to focus is that the case study must deal with all the important dimensions of the organization.
  • After the type of analysis to be followed is finalized, comes the part to execute it on paper. Thus start framing your case study. Start by introducing the company, that is, Samsung, and give a brief background of the firm for the better understanding of the reader. Then include the main objective that the case study is striving to achieve. Also include the approach that you would resort to while dealing with the subject matter. Once the introduction has been written, start to proceed on the main text. First, mention about all the major aspects of the organization that you would be dealing with in the case study. Then describe about the type of analysis would be following in order to accomplish the task.
  • Now comes the main part of analysis. Here, the crucial point to note is that while providing the relevant information, a proper structure of the document must be maintained. Therefore, give appropriate headings or titles before starting a new topic. Start by introducing the topic in brief and then analyze it with respect to the organization in question. Include relevant media like pictures, graphs, data sets, interviews, etc. to strengthen your document. Back your findings by using relevant citation and quotes. Analyze a topic from all the possible angles and describe it accordingly. Write in simple yet powerful language and be clear in conveying your message.
  • After a detailed analysis, drift towards highlighting the main findings of your analysis. As a case study is not a plain informative document but an analytical one, therefore it will be incomplete without mentioning the outcomes of the analysis. Thus mention about your observations and highlight the main problematic areas in the organization. Analyze the crucial aspects that are causing these problems. Also mention about the policies that the organization is pursuing in order to resolve the issues. Compare the policies followed by Samsung to the policies followed by its competitors. Highlight the contrast between the two sets of policies. Mention if there is any scope of modification or improvement that could help Samsung to overcome the problems thus faced.
  • The main purpose of writing a case study begins here. As it is known that a case study is not only limited to highlight the problems but actually works to find suitable solutions for them and hence now comes the time to cite the proposed solutions. After analyzing the set of problems, include the solutions you want to suggest in order to solve those problems. The job does not end here by providing just the solutions, mention all the methodologies and theories that you might have used to reach to the solution. Give a detailed analysis of the approach thus adopted to conclude the solutions.
  • Now comes the concluding part. So, conclude the case study by mentioning all the objectives that the case study intended to achieve and how it has achieved them. Conclude by summarizing the entire journey thus undertaken while writing this case study. Also mention your opinions and thoughts in this section. Remember, that the conclusion you write must resonate with the entire case study. One must include his/her opinions but they must be complementing the entire document. It must be ensured that there are no overlapping or contradictions.
  • The writing part of the case study is thus concluded. But another crucial aspect remains to be attended to and that is the structuring part. After writing the main text of the document, start structuring it as well. Start by writing a preface to the case study. It may include a brief introduction of the writer and why he/she is undertaking this case study in the first place. Then write about the main theme of the case study in the preface. Apart from the preface, comes the table of contents. A table of contents is a log of all the important constituents of a case study. Include them in the order as they appear in the document. After the conclusion page, include a reference page that includes all the resources that might have been used in the course of writing the case study.
  • Last but not the least, is the language of the document. The language must be simple and fluent. It must maintain a flow of the document. Do not use heavy vocabulary in the case study. Remember that the language must be such that it conveys the message as you want it to be conveyed. There should not be any complications or hurdles. Write with a strong and confident tone but do not overdo it.

The Right Guide for your Perfect Case Study:

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