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A Brilliant Guide for a Rolls Royce Case Study Assignment

The academic endeavor is a culmination of a number of tasks and assignments that a student has to undertake in order to prove his/her excellence. The tasks that come a student’s way may include any regular assignment, a dissertation, thesis, a book report, etc. However, a case study is one such scholarly challenge that constitutes both an essential and important component in that journey. The task of accomplishing a case study is a different path to be traced. It has a distinct objective to serve in an academic curriculum and thus requires an altogether different approach to be accomplished.

Many students consider the task to produce a compelling case study as a tedious one, no doubt, it is a difficult one to be achieved but with right guidance and technique, this task could be turned in to something as easy as a cakewalk. And here comes the role of Livewebtutors. We understand how difficult it can be for a student to struggle on own for any challenging assignment, therefore we bring to you this article that will help you in a detailed manner to accomplish the task of writing an excellent case study.

To begin with, let’s start by getting to know the basics. We all are familiar with the quintessential definition of a case study, however we often tend to ignore the basic dimension of distinguishing it from any other assignment. A case study is a crucial aspect of any academic curriculum. It is a much revered scholarly document than others. It is a testament to one’s knowledge in a particular domain and the ability to execute that knowledge in solving critical problems. A case study is a wonderful opportunity for a student to express his/her excellence and precision in a given field of study.

A case study may include any topic or any organization as the main subject matter. And considering this subject-specific nature of a case study, we will be dealing with one such important organization, Rolls Royce, which often forms to be a subject matter for many case studies. Whenever the name Rolls Royce pops up around us, we associate the terms luxury, quality, brand value, great performance, brilliant aesthetics, and much more with it.

All these outstanding qualities encourage one to take up Rolls Royce as the central theme of any case study and analyze all the aspects and dimensions that happen to play a crucial role in making this car-manufacturing firm an institution in itself.

To deal with a vast and crucial topic as Rolls Royce is not an ordinary job. Many students find it cumbersome to achieve the task with perfection. We understand how crucial a case study happens to be for a student and thus strive to provide as much guidance as possible. And in this article, we bring to you a detailed guide that may prove to be essential in order to produce a brilliant case study on Rolls Royce. Read on and all your queries and doubts regarding writing a Rolls Royce case study will be solved.

Important and Common Topics to be covered through a Rolls Royce Case Study:

While dealing with a particular organization or company in a case study, students often find it difficult to ascertain a particular dimension to base their case study on. Choosing a perfect topic to write about is like half the work being done. In any organization, there are multiple dimensions which contribute significantly towards the growth of the firm, and hence it becomes difficult for students to figure out that particular topic that might help them in producing an impeccable case study.

Therefore, to reduce your woes, we have created a list of some common yet significant topics with respect to Rolls Royce that would help you write an excellent case study.

  • An Overall Analysis of Rolls Royce:

This is the most commonly followed type of analysis to be conducted while dealing with an organization. It includes an overall analysis of the firm, instead of dealing with any particular aspect or dimension. While pursuing with this type of approach, a student may apply SWOT analysis to it. SWOT stands for Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats. In short, it covers all the major core areas associated with any firm or organization. While writing the case study based on this type of analysis, make sure to include all the important areas, analyze them critically and provide suitable solutions to the problems.

To write a case study on an overall analysis of Rolls Royce, start by briefing about the organization from its historic inception. Start with the point when the seeds for this organization were sown, and thus slowly trace its trajectory till present. Mention about the founding fathers of the company and include their vision behind establishing this company at the very first place. Then slowly drift towards the ‘Strength’ segment of the analysis and include all the crucial dimensions that have contributed significantly to make the firm reach its zenith of success.

Analyze all the important aspects holistically. And move to the next segment of ‘Weaknesses’. This analysis of all the weak links in an organization is the main objective to be achieved through the case study. Critically analyze all the crucial areas that creating possible hardships for the firm to strive.

Then comes the analysis of all the ‘Opportunities’ that the firm has in store for itself. The analysis of opportunities section, helps the writer to explore the future prospects of the company. It also enables the writer to analyze the current policies from the point of view of future outcomes. Last but not the least, cover the ‘Threats’ segment. Here, analyze all the possible obstacles and challenges that the firm faces in the line of business. Cite some anecdotes of the past challenges that the company might have faced and how it overcame it.

Then after cumulatively analyzing all the points, highlight the crucial problematic areas and suggest respective solutions to those problems. Make sure the solutions must resonate with the set of problems and have a wider applicability.

  • Analysis of ERP followed by Rolls Royce:

Apart from choosing the entire firm as a subject matter, many students follow the analysis of a particular segment holistically while writing a case study. This applies to our subject as well. You may analyze Rolls Royce from a particular dimension, and that aspect could be the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), followed by Rolls Royce. An ERP could be defined as a culmination of all the core areas that make any firm function, such as Manufacturing, Finance, Human Resource Management, Services, Supply Chain., etc. ERP brings together all these components in to a single incorporated database and thus helps the company to run smoothly and efficiently. An ERP helps the firm in the following ways:

  • It helps the company to boost its productivity.
  • With enhanced productivity, comes efficiency and an efficient organization becomes agile in targeting the coming opportunities.
  • It helps in achieving a smooth working process in the firm.
  • An ERP is a technology helps the organization to get better insights of its domains and thus helps the firm to focus on problematic areas.

The importance of ERP is reflective in its above mentioned usages. Therefore an efficient Enterprise Resource Planning is a crucial tool to ensure smooth functioning of the company. Hence, analyzing the ERP followed by Rolls Royce constitutes to be an important aspect. Analyze the procedures followed by Rolls Royce in their respective ERP. Also mention various types of software used to implement ERP and analyze the one which the company in concern resorts to. Also analyze how the ERP thus followed by Rolls Royce helps it function efficiently. Describe in detail the various aspects covered under the ERP and how ERP is helping the firm to achieve the desired results in those domains.

After a thorough analysis, highlight the crucial areas that you may find to be problematic. Mention the details that are making those areas inefficient. Then subtly drift towards the conclusion as how to use an ERP more efficiently. With the changing technology, mention how a company must evolve itself in the ERP by using more Artificial Intelligence (AI) based software. Suggest some of the trusted and more effective ways to improve the ERP followed by Rolls Royce that will help the company to keep a step ahead in their business.

  • Analyzing Rolls Royce on Innovation:

‘Innovation’ is the key to survive in today’s business world. Every sphere of human life has been digitized and the one which lags behind is often the one to become obsolete. Therefore it becomes of utmost importance to any business entity to innovate and evolve itself with the respective demands and requirements. And a constant innovation spree is one of the key reasons behind the ever-lasting success of Rolls Royce. Hence analyzing the innovation policies and strategies adopted and followed by the company becomes the center of attraction and they are every worth deserving to become a central theme of a case study.

While pursuing with this aspect a candidate needs to trace the entire journey of the organization and highlight the process of its evolution. Begin by giving some history of the company. Then analyze how the company has kept itself up to date with every changing technology and how it has been holding the ground firmly. Also analyze the policies and strategies it follows to remain ahead in the innovation game.

Also, mention about the environmental issues that pose a challenge for the company. Mention how with changing environmental regulation, the companies are also turning towards green initiative. Mention about the initiatives followed by Rolls Royce in improving its carbon footprint and heading towards manufacturing more e-vehicles. Compare the policies followed by Rolls Royce to the policies followed by its competitors. Highlight the contrasts between the two policies and highlight the areas where Rolls Royce needs improvement. Mention more ways for the firm to evolve and innovate. They must be coherent with the requirements of the company.

  • Defining Leadership for Rolls Royce:

Analyzing a firm from the point of view of leadership is another territory to explore. For any firm to grow, leadership is the most important factor that provides impetus to that growth. The success story of Rolls Royce is the right subject matter to base one’s analysis on the crucial role that leadership plays. Under this dimension, one might talk about leadership policies followed in Rolls Royce that has helped it to reach to the zenith of success. Under it, one might start with briefly defining leadership. Mention about the important traits observed in a great leadership such as – intelligence, vision and foresight, objectivity, maturity, responsibility, and others.

Describe the above theories in brief. Analyze all the theories with the leadership practices followed by Rolls Royce. Highlight the theory(s) that might come near to the model followed by Rolls Royce. Also throw some light on the leadership styles that are mostly followed around the world. The main leadership styles involve- Participative, Supportive, Achievement-oriented, and Directive. Briefly discuss about all the styles separately.  Draw a comparison between these styles and the leadership style observed in Rolls Royce.

The point of analyzing in depth is to assess the organization holistically on one front, in this case, it is leadership. Conclude the study by mentioning all the major insights that you have discovered while dealing with the subject. Also, highlight the areas which require better policies and suggest the corresponding modifications that will help the organization to become more efficient.

Common Errors to avoid while writing a Case Study:

“To err is human”, true but not applicable to all situations and similarly errors are prohibited in a scholarly document like a case study. Many students in spite of delivering a compelling case study, does not find much appreciation and it is mainly a result of the silly and careless mistakes that we all commit while writing a case study. The main objective for any student must be produce a document that is excellent, authentic and error-proof.

Making a document with zero errors is a complicated task but it certainly can be achieved with right guidance. Hence we bring to you a carefully curated list that could help you in avoiding all the possible mistakes and achieve a near perfect cases study:

  • The most common error that students commit is to treat a case study in a similar way as any regular assignment. The main point to remember while dealing with a case study is its distinct and unique nature. What a case study demands is completely different from any other college assignment. It is not an absolutely informative piece of document like an essay or a thesis. Instead it is a unique task that requires the candidate to utilize the information in analyzing a given situation and finding its solutions. Therefore, whenever assigned with a case study, always try to stick to its objective and produce a case study that is both useful and compelling.
  • Another mistake that many students commit is they avoid structuring the case study. Remember that structuring and formatting are essential and crucial requirements of a case study. Apart from the main text of the body, give your case study some shape and dimension by including aspects like a Title Page, an Acknowledgements Page, a Table of Contents, Conclusion, Reference List, and Glossary. This is not a mandatory list but these elements are some of the basic and essential components of the case study. Structure your case study in an appealing manner as a better presentation of a document compels the reader to proceed with it.
  • Avoiding the use of relevant media is another mistake that hampers the case study. Remember that the job of a writer is not only restricted to give words to a document but it is the sole responsibility of the writer to make the document engaging and appealing. Hence, use of appropriate media like relevant pictures, graphs, data, interviews, etc. are encouraged to be included in the case study. The media thus used not only beautifies the document but it also helps the writer to ascertain any point more emphatically and makes the document more engaging and engrossing. Therefore, use the media as and when required and do not restrict yourself with only providing the factual inputs in to the document.
  • Another crucial area where many students fail is the use of simple language. Most of the students believe in the infamy that a document requires the use of heavy and complicated vocabulary and language in order to prove its worth. However this notion does not hold ground in reality. Instead doing the contrary serves the purpose. The use of simple and fluid language is not only appreciated but highly encouraged in order to pursue any document. Therefore, use simple language that clearly delivers the writer’s message to the audience. The use of complicated language makes the words heavy for eyes and thus makes the document difficult for the reader to comprehend.

Why Choose LiveWebtutuors as the guiding partner?

We, at Livewebtutors, realize how crucial an academic assignment is to a student. Therefore we put in a lot of effort and the expertise of our respective domain experts into creating every scholarly piece. We believe in delivering a high quality end result that not only helps our students score well but would also make Livewebtutors their trusted-partner in this academic journey. We strive very hard to retain our existing customers and value their trust instilled in us by delivering par excellence results every time.

While assigned a task to accomplish any case study, our writers follow the below mentioned analysis types:

  1. SWOT Analysis: This is the most commonly followed yet a very strong type of analysis. SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. This analysis basically provides for a macro look at the target. It deals with general areas of concern that are crucial for the growth of the company. A student dealing with a case study on any organization may anytime resort to this analysis. It covers all the broad areas that play a crucial role in the existence of an organization. To make things better understandable, our writers curate a step by step detailed list of important aspects of SWOT Analysis.
  2. PESTLE Analysis: This analysis is more comprehensive as it deals with all the major areas that affect the working of an organization. PESTLE Analysis, also known as PEST Analysis, stands for Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal, and Environmental. The name itself is suggestive of the broad spectrum that the analysis covers. The multi-dimensional nature of this analysis many a times creates a confusion among the students. The students struggle with various aspects involved in the PESTLE Analysis and how to go about them. Therefore, to ease the task out for you, our writers describe all the aspects of this analysis in detail.

Livewebtutors is designed as a one-stop solution to every problem that a student might incur during his/her academic journey. We are capable enough to tackle and take any challenge hands on as and when required. We deal with a number of services related to the academic field. The most common types of services which we are availed for includes - Dissertation Writing, Essay Writing, Term Paper, Coursework, Literature Review, Book Reports. Though we do not limit ourselves to only afore mentioned services. As said above, we provide all the services that a student or professional might deem crucial to his/her academic course.We work to ensure the completion of assigned task well in the given time frame.

Our team of expert writers work relentlessly to make sure you get a comprehensive and unique piece of work every time. To ensure last mile assistance, we have a set of well-equipped and trained executives who remain available round the clock to cater to any queries raised by the customers. And the most important part is that we provide all these services at a very competitive pricing in order to reach out to every student who want to seek help.

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