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PTE Guide

PTE Guide

PTE Guide

Foreign countries are not only developed in the case of manufacturing but in studies too. The study criteria of foreign are as attractive as beneficial for students. They offer the most comprehensive range of facilities to the students. Nowadays, it is the dream of every third teenager to spend the rest of their life in foreign. Maximum students go to foreign countries to study, but they do not know What is PTE? However, before planning to visit foreign countries, it is mandatory to know about the education system of your favourite country. What kind of test will you have to clear before applying for the VISA of any country? These basic things are helpful for students.

It is mandatory for non-students- native English speakers to qualify one of the English eligibility tests to get admission in a foreign university. You will choose your international university based on English test scores. You will get a long list of English eligibility tests when you search for it. Among all the tests, students prefer to do PTE as compared to other tests. Now the person who searched for the PTE had the first question strike in his mind: What is PTE?  If you are planning to go abroad, then the below information is fruitful for you.

What is PTE?

The PTE term stands for the Pearson Test of English. If one can compare the IELTS with PTE, then there is the one significant difference between both of them. PTE is a computer-based online exam while IELTS is the pen paper-based exam. Most of the students who wish to go abroad or want to enhance their English skill attempt this test. It is divided into four parts writing, listening, reading, and speaking. PTE demands worthy concentration, hearing power as well as a right hand in English. Apart from it, this test decides your future.

Purpose of PTE exam

A thing without the motive is like the fish without water. The primary purpose of the PTE test is to check the English language proficiency. According to the students, the second name of PTE is high-level English. It checks your flow of English rather than senior English. If you are a regular English user, then you need to enhance the vocabulary that is enough for you.

What is the exam format of PTE?

Now the curiosity of students shifted from What is PTE to the exam pattern. It is the three hours test that is conducted on the same day. As it is mentioned earlier, it is the online computer-based exam that is taken via headset and computer. It will check your reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills. You will need to explain the maps, summaries the passage and many more things are the part of this test. You will need to complete your test within the three hours. No extra time will be given to you. The exam of PTE consists of twenty numerous questions of each section.

Speaking and Writing

  • Personal Introduction (what is your right name? From where are you?)
  • Read aloud
  • Repeat the sentence
  • Describing the image (image is either related to map animal factory or many more things)
  • Retell the lecture
  • Answer the questions. (questions are related to general knowledge or day to day life)
  • Summarize the written text
  • Essay writing (You will have to complete the essay in 250-300 words.)


  • Objective questions, single answer questions, multiple questions
  • Multiple answers (there are more than one answer to the problem)
  • Jumble paragraphs
  • Fill ups (fill in the blanks)


  • Sum up spoken text
  • Multiple choice questions, multiple answers
  • Fill in the blanks
  • Highlight correct or accurate summary
  • Multiple choice questions but the single answer.
  • Choose the missing words of the given paragraph.
  • Highlight the incorrect words
  • Dictation

If you want to take the break from the exam, then you can take the crack of ten minutes. It is up to you. The current exam fee of PTE academic is eleven thousand two hundred seventy-one in India. However, with eighteen percentile GST, it is thirteen thousand three hundred. The fee varies from country to country. 

How to fill the PTE exam? 

The initial step you need to take for the preparation of the PTE exam to create an account. Candidate establishes a report on the website of Pearson. After creating the account, you will get the login id with password on your email. By logging in, the schedule of the exam is displayed on the computer screen. You will need to choose one of the dates. After selecting the date, you will have to pay an exam fee.

By which ways candidates prepare for the PTE exam?

At the present time, candidates have various options for the preparations of the PTE exam. Therefore, after gathering the information about what is PTE look for the preparation method. There are numerous PTE institutes. You can enrol one of those institutes for the exam. Apart from it, one can also prepare for this exam by taking online coaching. Online coaching enhances your knowledge. In addition to it, revision of sample papers as well as making the mock test increases the chances of clearing the exam. The mock test is usually conducted on Saturday. Mock test is like the PTE exam. You will experience the environment of the PTE exam on mock tests. Aspirants can prepare the exam at home.      

What is the minimum score requirement in the PTE exam?

Particularly, the score of PTE varies from country to country. Every country has different requirements for the score. For example, if you want to go to Australia, then a minimum 65 score in each module (reading, writing, speaking, and listening) is required. It is equal to the seven bands of IELTS. Therefore, candidates should try to achieve more than 65 in the PTE exam. So that you can apply for any country in which PTE is acceptable you can. Even, foreign universities will give you a scholarship if you achieve an excellent score in this exam. Apart from it, the rating also varies from course to course. For instance, if you apply for a postgraduate degree, then there is different score requirements.        

Eligibility: Most of the pupils are confused about the eligibility of PTE. Here is the list of points that covers all the point related eligibility.

  • Firstly is the age limit. Candidates should be a minimum of sixteen years old. The candidate who is below eighteen, he or she needs to fill the consent form under the sign of parents or guardians.
  • A student who completed his 12th or graduation can take this exam.

Apart from these requirements, there are no specific requirements for the students or candidate.  

What are the advantages of taking the PTE exam?

What is PTE and what are the benefits of it, are the common questions. Moreover, it is human nature, that he does the work after knowing the benefits of the work. Hence here is the list of pros of taking the PTE exam. Apart from it, after reading all the benefits, you will get a clear vision of the PTE exam.

  • Quick exam result- The primary benefit of taking the PTE exam, you will get the results within five working days. You do not need to wait for thirteen-day for the exam result. The score will remain for two years on the official website of PTE.
  • Test date- You will not get any problem while choosing the test date. It has around 150 centres. So that you can book your exam easily.
  • The software gives the marking system- Scores to the candidates. It is automatic software that uses guidelines for the score. It gives the score without any error or partiality.

Apart from these benefits, the PTE exam is accepted by around 80% well renowned as well as reputed universities.

In the end, if you have clear as well as accurate knowledge, then you can explain all the things either to your parents or friends about what is PTE?  The first step of clearing any exam is precise knowledge. The information mentioned above is fruitful for you. Apart from it, confidence, dedication, hard work, and determination are the primary keys to achieve any success. The PTE exam demands these keys as well as the right hand in English. Therefore, while preparing, if you find you lack in any of the modules, then work on it. Usually, students delay that work, but it is not the solution. So, work hard as well as smartly. For your PTE exams, you can take the help of LiveWebTutors.

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