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Writing a dissertation or a thesis is often considered a taxing job among students. Yes, dissertation writing, no doubt, is one of the difficult assignments a student might face during his/her academic journey. It is an exhaustive and occupying task but it is equally rewarding if accomplished perfectly. And this is the dilemma that most students face – how to write a perfect dissertation. Writing any dissertation or thesis is a tricky path to tread. A student has to maintain a perfect balance between dispersing information and keeping the document interesting enough at the same time. Accomplishing an impeccable dissertation therefore is a work of art, which requires absolute knowledge and overall expertise.

Dissertation writing is a multi-dimensional task. Most of the time, students limit their approach to writing a dissertation to just imparting information. However, writing a dissertation or a thesis is much more than that. It is a multi-pronged process that requires relevant information and correct technique. Apart from the main text of the document, a dissertation has various other aspects like formatting and structuring. Structuring of a dissertation involves the correct order of features that should appear in a dissertation. Meanwhile formatting is more of a technical aspect and deals with features like font of the document, type of paper sheets to be used, language of the text, spacing, page layout, et al.

For a dissertation to be perfect, right structuring and formatting are as crucial as the main text of the document. A dissertation has other important features like the title page, acknowledge page, table of content, list of abbreviations, glossary, introduction, preface of the dissertation, and many more. Though there is not a set rule to include such pages in a dissertation but the absence of these pages may result in low grades. Thus it is highly advised to create a dissertation having all these features as it will definitely oomph up the scores.

Here, we will discuss in detail one such feature of dissertation-writing – Preface to the dissertation. Though it is not a mandatory feature but adding one to the dissertation certainly adds up to the final scores.

What is a Preface of the Dissertation?

A preface is a completely optional feature in the process of dissertation writing. It completely depends upon the wish of a writer whether to include a preface of the dissertation or not. But if you include one, it gives the whole document a sense of belonging and also reflects the passion and zeal with which the document is created. Therefore, in simple terms, a preface is somewhat a personal account of the writer, describing about oneself and the journey of writing the respective document.

A preface includes the information about the writer like the background of the person, the intention behind choosing a particular topic and writing about it, the challenges and lessons that the served as motivation to the writer, and the concluding part involves the acknowledgement of the people that have played a crucial role in accomplishing the dissertation successfully.

How to Write a Perfect Preface of the Dissertation?

As discussed above, there are no hard and fast rules that necessitate the inclusion of a preface in the dissertation, but if one chooses to go with it, then make sure to get it right. A well-written preface will definitely supplement one’s dissertation or thesis. It gives the document a personalized touch from the writer. It may even act an emotional bridge between the writer and the potential readers. We have carefully created a list of important points to be considered while writing a preface for any dissertation or thesis:

  • Begin the preface by introducing yourself. Keep the introduction brief and relevant to the document. Ensure that you write the preface after completing the entire dissertation. Tell the readers about your background and how that has played a role in coming up with this piece of work. Also, mention about the inspiration that might have motivated you to go with a particular subject matter. Also state the outcome which you intend to achieve by writing this dissertation.
  • After the brief introduction, write about the main theme of the dissertation. Give some heads up to the readers as what they must expect in the coming pages. But be careful to not give away too much information. Drop some interesting hints and facts that might interest a reader to dig in further.
  • After describing the theme of the document, come straight away to the journey or your experience in accomplishing the entire dissertation. Mention about the hardships or challenges that you might have faced while researching or writing the dissertation. Write about the lessons that you learnt from these challenges and how they helped to improve and modify your piece of work. You may also give some suggestive measures or tips to the aspiring students looking forward to write a dissertation or thesis.
  • Share your experience regarding any research that you might have conducted to accomplish the dissertation. Write about any particular person or incidence that might have come across during the course of writing this piece and the kind of influence that they might have added to the document. Share interesting anecdotes or stories from your journey that are inspiring and may thus interest the reader in reading further.
  • Next comes the conclusion. Conclude the preface by citing your intention to achieve the purpose by writing the dissertation. Mention about the points or changes that you wish to bring about by writing on the particular subject matter. You may even direct the reader on how to perceive a particular topic, if written for any specific purpose or audience.
  • Bring your preface to end by acknowledging the people that have directly and indirectly influenced the dissertation. Mention about the contribution of people you referred to while writing. Acknowledge the support of your friends, colleagues, acquaintances and family that have played a crucial role in making the dissertation a possibility.

The above points are suggestive in nature and do not adhere to any specified notion. You are free and even encouraged to bring fresh changes and add personal touches to the respective preface. Always remember that you own this dissertation and it is a product of your own creativity. Take charge of it and make it as authentic and original as possible.

Features Similar to a Preface of the Dissertation

The most common mistake that many students often commit is to confuse different features involved in writing a dissertation or a thesis. We have curated a list of some features that might look similar but serve completely different and unique purposes. The following might help one in distinguishing different features and thus use them appropriately:

  • Acknowledgments: Though it might appear similar to the preface but it is quite different. It serves the basic purpose of acknowledging all the important resources or people referred to in the entire dissertation. It is one of the most important contents of your dissertation. To start with, you must acknowledge the guidance of the faculty and your mentor (if any). Then you must proceed by acknowledging people for their support in completion of your project in whichever possible way they contributed. Acknowledge the people you referred to during your dissertation-writing. Finally, you can conclude by thanking your family and friends for being there for your constant support. You may even include special mentions, if any. One might exclude an acknowledgment page if all the acknowledgements have been included in the preface itself.
  • Introduction: Introduction is a reflection of your entire write-up. Introduce in such a manner that it explains your thought process. Keep it simple and sum up your entire project and keep dropping a few hints here and there such that the reader remains engaged and prepared for what is coming up. It acts as a heads up to the reader and make them aware about what they must expect in the upcoming sections. It is an overall brief of the main theme of the dissertation.
  • Conclusion: Many students confuse the preface with the conclusion of the dissertation. Always be clear that these two are distinct in nature and serve completely different purposes. A conclusion is the wrapping up of the entire dissertation. It includes the writer’s opinion and his/her insights on the entire piece of document. A good conclusion could cover up your earlier flaws. Do not hesitate to share your opinions as it adds value to your project. Keep in mind that your conclusion should not be ambiguous. It should be clear and should not reflect any contradictions.

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