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All you need to know about the part-time work permit in Australia

Are you planning to pursue your higher education in Australia? Are you wondering how will you manage the expenses while studying in Australia? Are you planning to take up a part-time job along with your studies in Australia? Do you want to know more about the job culture in Australia? Are you curious to understand the application process for a part-time job in Australia? Well, if you've answered 'Yes' to any of these questions, we have got your back.

Part-time jobs in Australia can allow a student to earn a fairly good amount of pocket money that can cover his living expenses as well as the cost for leisure activities. This article will help you with all the information and tips that will help to lead a smooth education journey in Australia.

Break Out of Part-Time Job Permit in Australia

Working hours permitted on a student visa

You can keep the following conditions in mind while planning to work and study in Australia on your student visa

  • You cannot start working for a part-time or freelancing job before the commencement of your degree program.
  • When your course is in session, you're permitted to work for a maximum of forty hours in a fortnight starting from Monday and ending on the Sunday of the following week.
  • During the scheduled breaks, you can work for unlimited hours at your job.

Remember that you're supposed to strictly follow the mention standards of working while pursuing your education as one mistake or risk can get your student visa cancelled.

Minimum wage standards in Australia

According to the official Fair Work website of the Australian government, the national minimum wage for a worker in Australia is set at $17.70 for one hour. If you want to know more about the employee entitlements or any other general information related to employees you can visit the Fair Work website and get the required details.

Are international students entitled to pay taxes in Australia?

Yes, as an international student you're required to pay taxes to the Australian government. The tax amount is determined on the basis of the money you earn and is deducted automatically from your salary at each pay cycle. You can apply for a TFN (Tax File Number) online after you get a proper residential address in Australia. You can claim the return of your tax by filing a tax return at the end of the financial year in Australia, i.e. in June.

What do you understand by the Tax File Number?

A Tax File Number is like an individual's personal identification number. It ensures that you are being taxed fairly. Many a time almost half of a student's hard-earned salary is withheld if he doesn't provide a TFN to the employer and the bank. When working under the TFN, a student or worker will be entitled to paid annual leaves, sick leaves, and pension scheme according to the position withheld by him.

Get familiar with the concept of 'cash in hand'

While working on part-time jobs or freelancing jobs many employers might prefer to pay you in cash. This is not an issue unless and until you have provided your TFN to the employer and the necessary taxes are being deducted from your earrings. However, in most of the cases, 'cash in hand' refers to payments from which the taxes haven't been deducted by the employer. This is an illegal process and it is highly recommended to avoid working for companies or employers who function under this system.

How to carry out your studies and work simultaneously?

Managing your higher education along with professional work can be quite intimidating and challenging. It can often lead a student to overburden himself and face an unexpected down low at both sides. Thus, it is advised to avoid over-committing yourself and practically define the days/ hours you can work for and the hours or days you will dedicate to your studies. It is very common for an international student to take up part time, freelancing, or casual job along with his studies in order to cope with the high living costs in Australia.

On the student visa, an individual is allowed to work for 40 hours in two weeks while the course in on and for unlimited hours during the seasonal breaks.

Can you find a part-time job easily in Australia?

Australia is a country that boasts about its lowest unemployment rates, high salary packages, and relaxed lifestyle. The students pursuing their education from the country can expect a wealth of opportunities to come their way if they plan to work in Australia. Students need to utilize their free time wisely to enjoy the offerings of the most liveable country in the world. Apart from the beautiful beaches, the country is also a hub for multiple job prospects for aspiring candidates.

There is always a cultural or international sports event being hosted at someplace in the country which provides the students with an opportunity to undertake plenty of seasonal or casual jobs to benefit their future.

Your ability to land a job depends on various factors like the prior work experience (if any), the type of job you want, and most essentially on your English language skills.

The most common areas where students can find part-time or casual job opportunities are mentioned below.

  • Hospitality Sector: The scenario of the food industry in Australia is amazing with numerous restaurants, cafes, bars, and diners scattered throughout the country and its suburbs. A student can start looking for a job in the hospitality field while exploring the lanes of the city. There is a fair chance that you'll find vacancies in restaurants for roles like waitress/ waiter, kitchen assistant, bartender, or a hostess. With the huge demand for coffee in the country, you can easily land up a job of a barista in a cafe by demonstrating your expert coffee-making skills.

It is important for you to be aware of the fact that an RSA certificate is required to serve alcohol to the customers.

  • Retail Industry: Many superstores or grocery markets allow the students to work as a cashier, sales assistant, stocker, etc. There are a large number of jobs and commercial centres all around the country of Australia which means there are a large number of opportunities for the interested students. You can also check the openings at the websites of large and popular retailers.
  • Working as a Nanny: Many families in Australia are often looking for a trustworthy help to babysit their children, therefore international students can get an opportunity to find work with them as well. Many families also provide board and lodging facilities to make it convenient for the babysitter. Opting to work as a nanny or babysitter can help an international student to experience the culture of an Aussie family life. You can find babysitting jobs at various websites as well to start with the process. It is important for any interested candidate to know that you might need to pass a working with children check to qualify for the role of a nanny or babysitter.
  • Work as a food delivery executive: There are many companies in today's fast-food era that are looking for casual workers who can bring their food to the customers at their home or workplaces. If you have your own bike in Australia you can definitely work as a food delivery executive.
  • Cleaning duties: If you do not speak English at all you can start by working as a cleaner at private houses or companies.

If you're well versed with the Australian English language, you can consider working as a private tutor, office receptionist, office administrator, or a tele-calling executive.

Where can you search for part-time jobs in Australia?

You can find the vacancies for various part-time or casual jobs at multiple online or offline channels. There are various Australian job portals that can ease up your efforts of looking for the right part-time job. The newspaper classifieds, community boards, or the general signs at the restaurants or shop windows can be the places where you can find the best suitable opportunity for yourself.

How can you apply for a part-time job in Australia?

If you're applying online, you'll need to submit a resume along with a cover letter to the job portal or the website of the company to showcase why you're a good fit for a particular role or position. Some of the companies might formulate a specific question for the candidates to answer as a part of the selection criteria. You might need to provide copies of your school certificates or the like as it will be required by the potential employers in Australia.

If you want to apply at a company or organisation in person, you can print multiple copies of your resume and deliver them to the manager of the applying organisation or company after introducing yourself. You can explain your qualifications and ask if they have an opening suitable for you. If lucky, you might get an on the spot interview as well and take the process ahead.

Now that you have all the information related to the part-time job permit in Australia, you're all set to enjoy a new learning adventure.

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